Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doing More and Defiance

I have been doing some thinking and re-thinking about how to do more writing. As in blogging. As in more often. I actually have several ideas on this subject. Now that my vestibular therapy has been put on hold that I am not going twice a week my doctor appt load feels much lighter. For a while there, I was just so tired from going to a doctor of some kind every day. As in literally every day.

When I think about that it sounds ridiculous. I used to work every day. Once upon a time. Now, doctors appts four days a week just takes it out of me. I am completely wiped. And that may be just one appt or stacked appts. It doesn't matter. However, I used to fit those things in around my work day. It is nuts.

Anyway, I am back to thinking that I need to try and blog more often. So, even though it might not seem like it from where you are reading, I am actively working on ideas. For instance, one of those ideas is reworking the letter meme that I did a while back. The 30 Day Letters. Remember those? I have been tossing around ideas about starting another blog entirely calling it "The Letters I Only Write In My Head." Believe it or not, there are TONS of those. And I can date them, more or less, back to when I wrote them... the significant ones anyway. And then there are the ones I am still writing... lol. Or not writing. Since they are in my head. Or I could just turn it into a 30 Day meme adjusting it around the one I already did changing the recipients. I could leave some the same since the letters would now be different. Strange how that works... You can give me whatever feedback you have on this. I will probably go with my gut, but I am interested in your opinion anyway.

Well, that is just one of my ideas. I have others. I just wanted you to know I was actively thinking about it and not just SAYING I was.

In other news, for those of you who like Young Adult books, CJ Redwine is giving away two copies of her newest book before it hits the shelves. The book is called DEFIANCE and she has set it up that you have to come up with your own review blurb based upon the synopsis of the storyline. She kindly gave us some of the blurbs already out there. Some of them were very funny. This is my contribution as a blurb:

"Any girl who deftly wields a sword has my undivided attention. The fact that she also kicks butt in hand-to-hand combat only seals the deal. This book is a must read." ~Your Daily Dose

I think that they did a nice job with the cover. Makes me want to dig out all of my episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and start over again. Although, I am fairly certain there are no vampires in this book. Just a lot of fighting with swords and stuff like that. Still pretty awesome.

In totally non-related news, since my botox injection procedure for my migraines I have had one day that my migraine was mild enough that I took absolutely no pain medication. That is a first in ten years. It actually made me wonder what a no headache day would feel like, AND to think it might be within my grasp. That thought made me so happy that I thought I might actually burst with it. The truth is that I haven't had a no headache day in so long that I have forgotten what that feels like. I really look forward to remembering.


  1. Your letter idea sounds quite intriguing actually. I'd certainly read your blog like that! I can't imagine having to live with a headache every day of my life. I'm so glad you had a little relief! Hope it gets better every day!

  2. I hope your headaches fade away my dear. Glad to see you pondering more writing!

  3. Robin: May you never have another headache! I am really happy you plan to write more. Your blog is a must to so many of us.

    I have now finished my mysterious absence from blogland. In fact, I tend to write about the happenings in my life shortly. In any event, I will be sure to join in any of your writing ideas. I am a fan!

  4. OMG, I had to re-read that sentence several times - "I have had one day that my migraine was mild enough that I took absolutely no pain medication." In as long as I've known you, you've had wretchedly bad days and want-to-place-your-neck-in-a-guillotine days. I am so excited for you!!! Health, vibrance, not spending your days at appointments, realizing those dreams ... it's within reach, it really is!!! And I'd love to see you write the letters - those were excellent post. Well, they're all good! But those stood out ....

  5. Nice posting I like the idea of the 30 days of letters. :)

  6. I too loved the letters. It was fun to actually read the type of things that run through my head as well.
    More importantly, for you to have any relief from the headache pain whatsoever is miraculous by definition! And you already know how I feel about the medical merry-go-round, so I hope you get some more relief from the whole lot of this stuff very soon!!!

  7. Sweet Robin, I always love popping over to your blog to see what you have on your mind for the day. I'm so glad you are getting back into writing. I was here this morning, then got side-tracked. I'm glad to hear your pup is doing better (referencing your previous post) I love the letters...I think this is a concept you could pull off quite well here, though I've always been a fan and would read just about anything you write. The book sounds interesting. May have to place it on my must read list! ~Big hugs to you, xoxo

  8. i'M SO happy for you Robin. I hope that you have that no headache day soon. I am glad you never gave up on trying. And I will get to that post soon. I think I am b ack to blogging...I had a lot of stuff to sort out.


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