Monday, May 14, 2012

Stepping Out

It seems like everything on this blog has been weighty and stressful. One big fat *ugghh* at each reading.

The band Train came out with their new album, California 37, in April. I have been psyched about this ever since it arrived on the scene. I even downloaded it on my IPOD immediately. Every song on it is amazing.

I first discovered Train when I was dragged to one of their concerts by the ex-husband. He wasn't an ex at the time. They were playing right here in our hometown, the concert was outside, and it was fairly inexpensive. That meant we were going. This man was willing to travel several states away to see a concert. So we were going. I didn't even know who Train was at the time. I was less than thrilled. However, as soon as they started playing, I was hooked. And I mean seriously hooked. I bought a T-shirt before we left. He didn't. I still have it. I also made a point of buying their CDs after that. I became a FAN.

So... when this album came out, I got on the computer and looked up the tour schedule. Sure enough, they are on tour. And they will be in the south this fall. I bought tickets. The venue is outdoors, which is much more tolerable for migraine sufferers. And I am hoping by then that I have it better under control. I haven't been excited about a concert in YEARS. Mostly because they are painful. But I am optimistic. And excited.

So, what is the fuss about? Some of you may be scratching your heads. Train who? I don't know whether to enlighten you by way of their old stuff or their new stuff. Heck, it is all awesome. This is a new song, not yet released, that I think is just wonderful. It is live.

This is the new single, obviously the video. Professional job. Very cool. Awesome song.

This is something from the studio sessions for the new album. Gives you some insight into the band.

And this was the song on that first tour standing in the audience when I knew it was love. I can't remember if there were tears running down my face or not. But there probably were. Because that is just who I am.

It's good to have things to be excited about, things to look forward to, etc. And when I talk about Train, it feels really good not for it to be in the context of riding on the Crazy Train... lol. I am learning that people do need these things in their lives. (these positive things to focus on) I think that these are the things that help us get through the days. If all we have are the bad things, the negative things, the scary things, then we have nothing.

It is slowly occurring to me that my life has become so insulated by doctor's appointments and migraines and things that I cannot do because of illness that I don't have positive things to look forward to that are actually substantial. As in real. I have things that I want to happen. Things that I envision happening someday. But not much that is on the books. I need more on the books. I now have a Train concert. To some of you that may not seem like a whole lot. To me that is major progress. It is huge. No one ever made it anywhere without taking that first step. I haven't stepped in a long time. Hello world. This is me stepping.

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  1. Have fun only live live it.

    1. Thank you for clarifying yolo. I would never have puzzled that one out. Yes, it is terribly important to live it. That is what my dad was saying in that dream a while back about creating. Creating, living, doing. It is the point.

  2. I do get it. This is definitely a part of my pattern. I am ALWAYS planning the next trip, party, event, etc. That's just how I operate.
    This is so completely awesome for you. I especially like the fact that you noticed the issues with medical stuff taking over. I call it the medical merry go round and I don't like to ride it much- AT ALL!
    By the way, I too can be affected quite tremendously by music- of all kinds. Love, love, love Drops Of Jupiter- especially Meet Virginia.

  3. Medical merry go round. Yep. Moving all the time and going nowhere. I can see why you call it that. It is exhausting and you don't make any progress... lol.
    Love those songs, too. You should definitely check out their new album, Jasmine. I think you will really like it:-)

  4. I hope you get to that concert and love every bit of it!

  5. No, don't ever let anyone make you think that going to a concert isn't a big deal. It IS a big deal, a huge deal! Personally - I've got to add it, I just cannot resist - I don't like this band, the guy's voice irritates me, but I understand how you must've felt on that song (the song that made you cry, it's actually pretty good, really, even despite his voice, lol) - I know I'd be crying too if I had a chance to hear some of Marilyn Manson's songs live...:)

  6. I know them! I have quite a few of their songs on my iPod! But I don't do concerts. I'm not a people person so a crowded area, outside, in the thanks! LOL I hope you feel wonderful and enjoy every single minute of it!

  7. I am of the firm belief that live concerts restore your soul. :)

    It's great to get out, and there's no substitute for being in a crowd, listening to live music that you absolutely love.

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. We are so alike, you and I. And I hope things continue to get better for you. <3

  8. Guess who's got a few tears rolling down her face right now? Let me just say, Yes. Yes! Amen! and Hallelujah! This concert IS a big deal. Huge. I can't tell you how close my heart was to bustin' right open reading the last paragraph of this post. Yup, you step girl. You just keep on steppin'. Baby steps, major steps. They all matter. If I could, I'd step right there with you... XOXOXOXO

  9. I'm so glad you have something to be excited about again! As you said it is good to have something to be excited about! Enjoy the, I nearly bought a pair of boots/shoes just like that! ~Hugs, xoxo


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