Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday with Bullets

I was going to do another alphabet post, but you guys seem to like my bullet post style posts, what I have is mostly mish mash, so it seemed like a better way to go.

*For instance, right now I think Penny Can on Cougar Town is hilarious.
*You don't watch Cougar Town?
*How can this be?
*Oh yeah, you're Chris, and don't own a TV.
*Well, let me help you with some YouTube of Penny Can. This stuff cracks me up. It would be on my Thursday post, if I could work up the fortitude to roll one of those out.
*Roll the penny can footage:

*I love Ellie. She is the one that makes all of the crazy penny can shots. She is da bomb. I want to be Ellie when I grow up.
*H-Girl spent the night last week. It had its good and bad points. It scares me how much she has learned from her father. And I am not talking about the good stuff.
*She basically tricked me into taking her into the mall.
*Yes, I was tricked by a twelve year old.
*Yes, it still stings a bit.
*After she lingered over all of the things she wanted me to buy her... even after I told her before we left the house that I had NO money, we finally ended up at the bookstore.
*We spent over an hour mooning over jewelry. She was hoping I would cave. She never once asked, but she just looked pitiful. And once pointed out the matching necklace (the she didn't have)to the bracelet that she did (and was wearing).
*All of this after raiding my jewelry box at home and getting me to cough up several pieces of jewelry for her... moving on...
*So, after giving up on the jewelry at the mall, we arrive at the bookstore. That place is my personal weakness. I can turn down clothes all day long. Put me in a bookstore and that is like shoving an alcoholic into a bar.
*Naturally, we end up back in the YA section. She starts picking up various books and telling me that specific friends are reading this one and that one. She would like to read this one and that one. Then she says this: "Because I am all about the learning."
*I laughed so hard I nearly fell down and hurt myself.
*She followed it up with, "What? I LIKE to read."
*That only produced more laughter on my part. I started looking around for a chair because I had a kink in my side and it hurt.
*When I was able to speak again, I told her that she should call her dad and tell him just what she told me. I was willing to float her $15 if he would pay me back right away.
*He said he would. He also got a laugh out of that. Unlike me, he seemed to believe her line about being all about the learning.
*I find that interesting. One would think that a person who floats BS all of the time would recognize it in others more quickly. Apparently not. Who knew?
*Back to the trick... she told me that her aunt was going to meet us at the mall. Not true. Not even close. She just wanted to go to the mall and talk me into buying her stuff. Imagine my surprise when I find out that I end up having to take her all the way back to her grandparent's house. It didn't cut my driving at all. That is where her aunt was.
*So, I had H-Girl regale them with the tale of being all about the learning. They all laughed. Apparently, they were all shocked. Her older brother said he was going to read the book and quiz her to make sure she actually read it. Smart kid.
*That one day knocked me out in so many ways. Sooooo tired physically.
*So tired mentally. It really hurts me in the heart that H-Girl does these sorts of things. Her lack of honesty and the way she manipulates people without a second thought really disturbs me.
*As for me, I have been dreaming about sweets. Craving sweets terribly. I know what this means. I am stressed out. Severely stressed out.
*I bought two bags of M&Ms the last time I was at the pharmacy. It did occur to me that my Eminem fascination went from the person to the candy. H-Girl might not be the only "disturbed" individual out there...
*If you received the letter for my future non-profit website via email, please answer me this: did you copy/paste and send it to everyone in your address book, specific people in your address book, or no one in your address book? Whatever your choice, why? You can tell me in the comments or email me. My email is in the sidebar. Thanks.
*I really don't have much dirt. I am thinking about practicing Penny Can. Chris, can I call that exercise? It looks like so much fun to say "Penny Can" when you actually get the penny in the can.
*I really could have been a writer for Seinfeld. It was a show about nothing. I have got an excellent handle on that.


  1. Keep on laughing, Ms. Robin.

  2. okay, penny can is cute. Maybe I should toss a penny every time I cuss...that whole 'stop cussing' thing went smack out the window when I watched my dog throw up on my oriental carpet.
    I said three really good one s ina row...son of a blank...f***Er and b@stard.
    to be fair, I was having a kind of crap week.
    Oh...we got netflicks through the wii.
    so now I have tv.
    used tv....but tv.
    I watched an old episode of quantum leap the other day.
    It was great. That used to be my favorite show.
    I still don't let them have it on during the day...but they are allowed to watch a program at night.
    as for h girl.
    she sounds smart.
    maybe you could channel that manipulative streak to law school.
    lawyers make the big bucks.

  3. Ha! I love Cougar Town and I'm so mad at myself for forgetting to set the DVR!

  4. I sent to only specific people as there are some I never hit up for anything (business reasons, etc.).
    I can tell that you are on your way back to blogger land as a more regular thing...

  5. You know I'm with you on the book thing. I used to spend about $300 a month on books and read the ALL. I cut down a lot but still could drop some cash at the book store!

  6. I HATE book stores... just because when I go into one, I do drop a small fortune!!!!!! Arghh!!!!!

    I apologize for being out of the loop... the semester has kicked my butt, and I'm just now really finding some time to read and write again...

    I hope all is well with you!


  7. My son and I bonded over Cougar Town and the whole "Penny Can" thing! I haven't watched in awhile though. Think it's time to tune in again.

  8. I watched Cougar Town from the beginning, but this season it must have conflicted with something because I never set it up as a series on the DVR. Our cable provider now offers up a "Primetime On Demand" feature which allows you to catch up on missed episodes. I might just have to do a C-Town "marathon day".

    H-Girl may not show it, but as much as she seems like she's not hearing you, I believe she hears you loud and clear. She's just too much of a kid still to admit it. Aside from modeling her dad's behaviors, she's at that age where she's going to buck anything an adult has to say because in her yet to be fully developed brain, "nobody gets her". Especially adults.

    From what I know of the situation, you've been THE most positive influence she's had in her life, Rob. She might act like she doesn't give a sh!t, but trust me; as she comes to different crossroads in the coming years, (all teens find themselves at those crossroads) it's YOUR voice that will guide her and help her make the right choices.

    Her current tough girl/wise a$$ exterior is really a wall. The people in her life that have consistantly disappointed her, built that wall. You're not one of those people, my friend. Just keep on loving her (and her brother too, of course) and hope & pray a lot. Usually, it's the best we can do.

    Hang in ther darlin'.
    ~Mrs B

  9. Welcome back! Laughter is good for your health and for your soul ... :)

  10. Laughter is the best medicine for what ails you. As for Cougar Town, I tried to get into it, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I'm more a "drama" type girl.

  11. Robin, I just stopped to say "hi." I never know what you are talking about. I've never seen Cougar Town but the Penny Can thing was kinda cute. Hope you're well and still putting out those fab (that's a word I use when I'm trying to be hip. Ha) vids.
    Love to you.

  12. Robin, I'm going to answer you here. Truly, I wasn't thinking you were not keeping up with Flamenco... who care about Flamenco? Yes, because there are generations between us, I often don't know what you are referring to but that doesn't keep me from caring about you and checking on you once in a while.
    I understand your concern about your Father and I hope your headaches are staying away.
    As far as you staying away from blogging, I can relate to that too. I'm still with it but some day I know I'll have enough and walk away. Change is always surrounding us. So you take care of yourself and I'll just pop in now and then and see where you are and how you are.
    My love to you...


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