Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going In Circles.

This is just a quick post to let you know that I haven't died. Some of you know that already as I have left some blog comments. I just haven't felt up to the task of posting an actual blog. I am doing the alphabet soup thing and am up to the letter "L." Honestly, can't even come up with subject matter for the letter "L," which is indicative of my state of mind. Or lack thereof. I am doing really well if I am putting together a coherent comment on your blogs.

We did get spanked with that cold front, so we got snow and sleet. Georgians are simply not equipped to handle snow and sleet. It shut everything down. My doctor's office called and cancelled my appt yesterday, which was a good thing, because there was a solid sheet of ice on the roads, so we would have to cancel. Like I said, the state is simply not prepared for these sorts of conditions. And my migraine has been through the roof. The change in barometric pressure with a storm front like that always rockets me into outer space. So... blaaaahhhh.

I did read something interesting and am giving it a try. It was noted that people with migraines often have cold hands. So there is a line of thinking among some non-traditional practitioners who practice biofeedback with specific intent to lower the temp of the hands. In other words, if you can consciously learn to lower the temp of the hands, then it will trigger a physical vascular response. With a migraine, a person is experiencing vascular constriction. That constriction causes the pain. I am at a loss for the words I want, but if warming the hands can produce the opposite effect, that is a very good thing. I am not convinced that I can get my doctors to do biofeedback with handwarming as the goal. They are willing to do biofeedback for pain management, but I think that they might think I have a screw loose if I suggest the hand warming thing. Of course, when have I ever let that stop me? Right now, I am wearing knitted gloves with the fingertips cut off. It has only been a couple of days, so I can't tell if there is a noticeable improvement. Plus, my tips remain icy at all times since they are exposed. I think that might impede any real progress. But, it is overall more pleasant than having icy cold hands all of the time.

The only other news I have is that Social Security based their decision on approving denying me for SSDI based upon the reports of four doctors. Two of those doctors were ones that they sent me to for evaluations. The other two were supposed to be my doctors. One of them was. One of them was not. One of them was someone I have never seen in my entire life. That was that the doctor report that they used as my primary care physician. Someone I have never seen. Naturally, that doctor sent back a report saying, "No information on this patient." Of course, he had no information. I had never been inside his office. I would like to think that Social Security just made an error, but I would think that if they got a report like that they would double check the file, and then request information from the correct doctor. They didn't do that. That leads me to believe this was their way of denying my claim. The people handling my claim couldn't even work up steam about this because it "happens all the time." I was outraged. They were resigned. Finally, I realized all of my outrage was only going to crank my migraine into the red zone, so I let it go. We are working within their crappy system. Of course, now we can include their pulling bad information as part of our appeal. I was on the phone with my rep today to put our paperwork together. So, we are off to the races again.

My fellow blogger, JJ, posted something yesterday about the shooting in Arizona. He invited discourse on the subject of violence in society, and threw out some stats. He also said that people were uncomfortable with this sort of topic matter. Actually ~ discussing this sort of topic matter. I said that it wasn't so much feeling uncomfortable about the discussion, but feeling that there were no real solutions. People can talk forever about something, but solving it is a whole different animal. I feel the same way about this Animal that is Social Security. I have talked to a whole bunch of people about them pulling the wrong doctor's records and denying my claim. You know what? I am the only person who is outraged by this information. Even my mother shrugs it off and says we will appeal it. Why isn't anyone mad about this? Why aren't people angry about how rotten the state of Denmark has become? This stinks from the core. Why isn't she angry? Because she doesn't think she can do a thing about it, that's why. When I talked to my allsup rep, I expected them to be all over it. They weren't. We'll file the appeal and include that. The Animal called Social Security is too big. It may be rotten and stinky, but it's huge.

You see why I am not writing posts? My mind just goes in circles.

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  1. I am aghast at the shootings in AZ and even more so at the state of politics in this country that would lead up to it, and, even now, is being played out like theater when people lost lives and are in the hospital. It's just amazing to me.

    I'm sorry that Social Security denied your claim (bastards), especially since it seems to only be because they are incompetent. What a broken system, indeed. So sad.

    Maybe your mother has hope; maybe because she's not having migraines she's more equipped to deal with the frustrations of the system; maybe she's just checked out. I tend to come from a place where I judge people if they don't react the same way I do, but lately I've been feeling that maybe other people who don't react as much are on to something, as they do seem to have more peace of mind than I do.

    At any rate: I hope the appeal goes through, I'm pissed on your behalf, and above all, I hope you feel better soon. Keep those hands warm and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it helps.

  2. Robin: You have a right to be outraged. We all feel the same way, but we are not doing the suffering. Screw the doctors. Do you have a lawyer?

  3. Allsup is representing me. If they deny me at the second stage (where we are now), then the third appeal is before a judge and they provide a lawyer to represent me. Allsup has a very high success rate with their cases. Across the board, they have a 98% win rate b/c they only accept cases that they think they can win. I think that they are simply used to the incompetence of the system.

  4. the shooting in arizona had nothing to do with politics until all the big mouths on the news made it that way. The dude was INSANE.
    As far as I know...insanity is not a political party...but give it time I guess.

    As for me, I am outraged about the doctors report. and the people who did it should be kicked in the head repeatedly. well maybe not kicked in the head...Not really, but it felt good typing it.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear about the claim. I know it's tough. I hope things work out. As for the shootings, I'm actually as pissed off at the politics as the shooting itself. Keep your head up!

    That hand warming idea sounds interesting. Let us know how it works. As for Arizona :-( - peace!

    US social security sounds like its run by a bunch of wankers... at times like this I'm glad to live in almost bankrupt Greece where you don't get money just cause there is none.

    Take care,

  7. I'm probably gonna' just tick off a bunch of people, but bloggers tend to be more understanding so here goes: This whole AZ thing... I really do believe in being thankful that this is such a rare event. However, I also know that the attempt to politicize the whole darn thing is nothing new. Here on the 'left' coast it pretty much goes that if you are left of center, you are free to express yourself. If you are even a wee bit right of center, no way. Keep your mouth shut, don't even let anyone know how you might feel because not only does your opinion not matter at all, it counts as hate speech. Period, no matter what. I am so darn tired of being squelched in this way. Can't wait to leave ASAP and get to a place where I can actually feel free. What a breath of fresh air that will be...
    So enough about me, sorry Robin for temporarily taking over this here blog of yours.
    As for SSDI, they just suck. They give benefits in a seemingly random way. You are way more qualified for this than others I have seen who are actually already getting benefits.
    Keep your chin up and keep the fight up. Just like me keeping my mouth shut here on the left coast. Play the game, but don't lose yourself to it.

  8. Boo, I'm sorry about the SSI denial. They SUCK. I do hope you will be able to appeal and hopefully have a diffferent outcome. Chin up Robin!

  9. I'm originally from South Africa and we dont have social security like you do but one of our biggest bureaucratic swindles involves getting a driver's license. It is just a known fact that a learner will NEVER be passed on the first time of either the written or the driving test. Cha-ching go the Govt cash registers!
    I'm not sure what SSDI means for you but am assuming it is to do with receiving money from these Social Security folk. So rather than being seemingly clueless maybe they too know EXACTLY what they are doing by selecting that arbitrary Doctor's report? One has to wonder how many others who also receive such news just accept it and walk away...which is just what the SS people want...yes?
    Luckily for you you are not lackadaisical - how's that for an L word :)
    It sounds like you have the right people handling your appeal; 98% is a good indication.
    I'm sure this is just a speed bump for you and all will be resolved. Strength to you!!

  10. Sorry about you getting caught up in the red tape that is Social Security. I started the process and keep staring at all the paperwork and ask myself . . . do I really want to do this to myself?

    I agree that insanity is not a political party . . . after watching the news channel just about all day long, the crap talk is really making me sick.

    Thanks for following my blog . . . I'm following your blog too . . . love your honesty and your writing style!

    Have an awesome Wednesday . . . Gina

  11. Hi R, I'm so sorry they denied u, from the experience I had I was told they ALWAYS DENY 1ST & 2ND and go to the review before the judge. I had hope you wouldn't b/c of your Migraine situation and what the Allsup attorney had told me that if you have 3 migraines a month that is a automatic shoo-in. BUT again, your age plays a huge part, they know if they approve u now they may be paying you for many years to come, and then the DR situation is probably what they are using to deny u now, maybe you can get that all straightened out NOW instead of later. I really thought with your constant migraines that you'd be approved on the first application. Don't let go of hope that possibly the 2nd time may actually go thru, but like you said, Allsup is so used to those denials - I think it's how SS works period unless your terminally now that you were denied, I'm very disappointed for you - that it is everyday job for Allsup. Though the people I had were very understanding and nice, I hope the ones you get in the future will be more understanding about it. Maybe your mom doesn't want to be disappointed in that you don't get approved at all so she's set herself up for failure and then if you get approved she will be over-joyed. It's hard to tell why people react to stuff the way they do. Of course I don't know her so it's hard to make assumptions about why...

    The shooting in AZ is terrible and I do believe it is a - stuggling for the right word here - where it's one on top of another on top of another, oh they did it here so let me do it here and get my glory type of thing. People in that state of mind to me are very lost and it is very bad that they slip by without anyone close noticing, (I haven't been able to watch it much on the news to know alot about it), but surely someone who knew him must have noticed his behavior, esp. the parents though I don't blame them b/c I don't know the situation, just that he lived there I believe. It's also just like the Army Psychologist in Fort Hood TX who went on a rampage. He was giving away his stuff to people and telling them he wouldn't need it anymore, that's a red flag these days that there MIGHT be a problem and better safe than sorry to call authorities.

    Hang in there and don't let this discourage you too much, get the frustration out of your mind with whatever works best for you! I'd ask Allsup if they want they're money now or later!!!

  12. I forgot to mention, very interesting about migraines and the cold/warm hands. I just got some mittens from Fossil that cover the fingers, theres a top that comes down over the tops of your fingers and buttons so you can still use your fingers or you can have the top over your fingers to keep them extra snug. I was tired of driving with gloves and trying to do everything LOL!

  13. Really hope warming your hands helps with migraines... I know it's little consolation, but the 'autorities' who decide your benefits entitlement sound about as left-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-right-hand-is-doing as those in the UK... Hope you get it sorted out - and quickly...

  14. Damn! I'm so sorry about the SSDI. If it's any consolation, I'm most definitely outraged on your behalf. I'm not surprised, but only because of what I went through myself with SS. Antiquated systems and staffed by people who I am convinced have to have a freakin' Master's in apathy to get hired. Jackholes!

    I only have a minute right now, but have lots to tell you and definitely want to catch up more with what is going on with you too. (So much has happened and yes, I did get your message when we got home the other night - sorry it's taken so long to get back) Will you be home over the weekend??? I'll check back here in the next couple of days.

    Hang in there my friend. I'm here (finally!) if you need anything. I'll chat with you soon.

    Be well,

  15. Some of this sounds like the kind of rigmorole we have to go through here to get anything done. We're currently in battle with the council to repair the road outside our house as the heavy goods vehicles are keeping us awake night after night but like you we keep having set backs. Health though is paramount and I'm sorry you are still having so much hassle. I don't know if it will help but I found Reiki and sports massages on my neck helped with my migraines sometimes. Reiki should be offered free by someone who is a true practitioner of it so maybe someone can help/volunteer. I would but I'm a bit a of a car journey away.
    Kindest thoughts and hope things settle more positively soon for you.

  16. so sorry they denied you, did you get a lawyer yet I got denied the first time then got a lawyer had to wait a year and got on disability its a screwed up system for sure..good luck..


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