Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another Update

Last night I watched The Shack. Now I MUST read the book. So good if you haven't seen it. I am part of a Ladies Bible Study that meets on Monday nights. Really loved it. We decided to change things up this week and watch that movie. Anyway, while I was driving there it occurred to me that I hadn't written a blog post in a while. Then I began to wonder if I ever posted the vote outcome from May's battle. I was thinking yes, but I wasn't sure. Turns out... no.

I am feeling rather bogged down with life, and it's showing in all kinds of places. This blog is one of them (obviously). I will get into that in a moment. First, I want to let you know how that battle turned out. It was Everlast vs Lifehouse and the song was Broken. Two very different songs. Same name. I suspected Lifehouse would win and by approximately the margin it won, so it wasn't a shock to me. I really like BOTH songs. I am partial to Everlast's song in this case, but only by the slimmest of margins. That brings the final tally to this: Everlast: 6. Lifehouse: 11.

Regarding Battle of the Bands, I don't plan on participating until September. I am going to camp again soon. I am very excited about that! After that, I will be staying in Augusta for a few weeks with my ex's daughter. She's having a baby. Does this make me a grandma? Yes, yes it does. It's a bit much to wrap the brain around.

My mother seems to be in the final leg of her recovery. I just realized what I said: leg. ha! She had that hip replacement in March. A few weeks later she was back in for surgery as it broke her femur. And she is now using a walker to get around. It's been a process. I confess that care-giving saps a person. I don't know how people do it long-term. Those people are genuine angels. I am thankful my mom is improving every day.

I've also been tangling with big decisions regarding what to do with my future (now that it appears I have one). When your health is in the toilet, and you don't have a life, well the decisions are easy... because there are none. I have started a new novel project with a friend, and writer, I very much admire. Lots of excitement about this endeavor! I'm also applying to go back to school (seminary) and will be looking for part-time work in the fall. Big changes. Sometimes staring into the future feels overwhelming (too much to take in), but I keep reminding myself that when God leads you to it, He leads you through it.

I will arrive at camp on July 5. Will be there until the last Saturday of July. If you want to write, the address is:
Robin Richards or Mergan
Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio at Stony Glen
 5300 W. Loveland Rd
 Madison, OH 44057

If you include your return address, I will make every effort to write you back! I will not have easy access to WiFi while there, so don't be surprised if I am more silent than usual during this time!!!


  1. Robin,

    Your attitude is good. What ever God leads you to, He'll certainly lead you through and you're so right. It doesn't always feel like it but that's where blind faith steps into play. Ya gotta let go and trust the Man with a plan. I'm taking time away from BoTB until September, too. I'm keeping things low-key doing various things to break the cycle of feeling like I have to blog. It's a good feeling, too. I'm glad to hear your mom is in the last phase of hip replacement recovery. Enjoy your time at camp. Rejuvenate and get ready for your future. It sounds like you've have some wonderful plans ahead. :)

  2. Hope all goes well with your pursuits, sometimes life can be uncertain but we remain hopeful daily. I wish you great strength for today, tomorrow and always. Best wishes!

  3. I haven't seen the movie either.

    If God's involved, then you know He can handle those changes. Just take it one day at a time.

  4. Robin: I will write to you at camp. I'll update you on my life and how I got through some tough times this past year. We can exchange notes. BTW, grandmas are gorgeous!

  5. A novel project with a partner-that sounds fantastic! Best of luck and enjoy camp AND being a gramma!!!!

  6. You have a lot on your plate and this camp will be just the ticket you need to rejuvenate. It sounds like there are a lot of positives from this camp to your mom healing. You are writing and you are going back to school. It sounds quite good actually.

  7. Goodness, life never lets up, eh? I'm glad your mother is getting the help she needs, and a grandmother? Wow. What a very exciting (confusing) time. I'm wishing you all the best throughout your summer adventures--continued health, success in furthering your education, big things for the future.


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