Monday, January 23, 2017

Magic 8 Ball Rules The Day

I should've known better than to doubt Stephen T. McCarthy's Magic 8 Ball. M8B said that The Foundations would beat Alison Krauss on Baby, Now That I've Found You two to one. And sho 'nuff it's looking pretty much that way. How did it all shake out?

ALISON KRAUSS: 5 (inc. my vote)

Sheboyganboy VI left a comment for the first time at this blog on this battle. He said this:

I rarely get around to visiting BOTBs other than Stephen McCarthy's and Tossing It Out, but I'm glad I stopped by here this time!

Over the years of BOTB, I have occasionally read complaints by other BOTB hosts that sometimes lesser known versions of songs are not given a decent listen by the voters because the “hit" song was just too familiar.  Maybe they are right.  That’s what I think is happening here with “Now That I’ve Found You.”

Like others here, I heard this song over and over again in the mid-sixties.  It brings back memories of laying on the beach at Del Mar and listening to my AM portable transistor radio.  The Foundations do it well, but it feels about a minute too long as originally done.  They built it up a little too much, Buttercup!

Allison Krause, though - I say in dramatic disagreement with some other comments here - makes it interesting.  She makes it her own, and the bluegrassy fiddle solo at around 2:00 was very fun.  Then her vocal stylings and harmonies that follow are just excellent.  I’ve been a fan of her for years, and this take on the song just reinforces my belief.
 A vote for Allison.

I suggest that your readers listen again and see if it grows on them.  I’ll bet it does.  They have a few days to change their votes.

His comment pretty well sums up my own feelings on Alison's cover of this song. The Foundations drag out the ending of this song for what seems like a very long time. No one loves the 80s more than I do, but when I started singing karaoke I realized how lazy writers/singers were when it came to ending the song. Repeating the chorus a hundred times gets really old. Funny that I didn't notice it until I was singing it in front of an audience. And then it became crystal clear. The Foundations seem to have looked into their own magic ball, saw the 80s, and decided to use that formula on the ending of this song. Aside from that, I don't have any complaints with The Foundations and this song.

What I like about Alison's cover is that it truly is a unique cover. She put her on stamp on this song making it very different from the original. 

Even though this wasn't a horse race by anyone's definition, I heartily enjoyed this match up. I hope to put together something for next time that you truly struggle with... now that is the BEST kind of Battle of The Bands. 

Until next time... 


  1. Maybe it does a musician a disservice to compare a more recent version against a long played hit song. I like Alison Krauss and I liked her version, but there was just way, way too much memory and history associated with The Foundations. If we could paint away all emotions and feelings from the past it might be easier to be objective in rating the songs, but unfortunately, (or fortunately) we can't whitewash away what has touched us before...

  2. Now that the Magic 8-Ball has the electrolytes that plants craves, it is NOT to be toyed with!! (After all, it's not a toy, you know, REGARDLESS of what it may say on the Mattel box.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    My new blog is @
    (Link:] Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  3. Sometimes the Magic 8 Ball is right.
    Sorry you can't get around to more people.

  4. I've only ever heard the Alison Krauss version - which I love. Even bought the CD it's on.

  5. No matter who( or is it whom?) I vote for, I always find it fun to see who wins the battle. I do think she has a unique and beautiful voice

  6. although i lost the battle, i stand by my vote. I loved her version!

  7. I'm guilty of often picking the more popular one because I can't always click the video if I'm reading blogs while in public or large groups.

  8. Alison Krauss definitely does a brilliant job with the song and I really like it but the Foundations version just brings back so many memories and I can't overlook that. After all, that's why I listen to music - to feel -- and their version just makes me feel so much!
    That being said, I'd definitely add Alison's version to my music collection for sure.
    Great song Robin. And a cool battle.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. You called this one correctly, Robin. So did I.

    But the Foundations' version does bring back the memories.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. Magic 8 Balls never lie.

    Remember like almost a year ago I did a post about giving away art and you requested something with blues and greens and purples and whimsy? It is finished, if you are still interested.:)

  11. Krauss has a sweet voice but I seems to always look for a beat that is danceable.

    My husband loved cruises because it was getting difficult for him to walk so when we lived less than an hour from the Cape, he was constantly finding cruises that ran from there. There was one country cruise that I was not very excited about plus I always found floating along in a boat very boring.

    I remember Alison K. was one of the entertainers and it must have been early in her career. I don't remember her singing..... but just playing the fiddle. She allways wore sweat shirts and jeans and I thought some rhinestones might add some sparkle to her act, I guess she has come far from that time. lol

  12. I didn't even know it was a remake. I've never heard any version but Alison Krause's. I love that song! I'm curious now though, and going to look for the BOTB post.

    1. What, what, what????? I DID know the original version, but I didn't even realize that was the same song!!! I still love AK, but in a BOTB between the two, I'd have casted my vote with The Foundations. Ha! Surprised myself today... I went over knowing I'd have voted for Alison Krause.


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