Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I confess that I don't have much for you today. I've been taking steps to stimulate my brain and get my fingers moving on the keyboard again. I found this little gem on the internet, and it seems appropriate today.

Have you ever stopped writing because it all felt terrible afterward??? Perhaps, this will prod you into action!

It's not too late to vote on Battle of the Bands. Just go back one post!


  1. After a month of music, you'll get back into the writing.

  2. This says so much. I'm thankful for my blogging otherwise I might not be doing any writing at all and blogging has been a great inspiration for me.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. I know I mentioned this on Michele's post, but the message is very much the same :)

    My dad used to say "It's better to aim for the stars and miss than to shoot at nothing and hit"

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I am missing the 'challenge' of running to your blog almost as soon as it went live to pick a good song for your theme. Your idea for the challenge was absolute brilliance.

    #AtoZChallenge Reflections and #IWSG

  4. I always feel like my rough drafts are terrible. I've really had to push myself to keep going on my current one. My insecurity keeps telling me it's a stupid story, but my CPs love it. They are the reason I keep writing.

  5. Interesting quote, but something to be very careful of, at least for this dumb blonde. My problem is writing things that are not writing and being totally distracted.

  6. Hey Robin!

    Very inspirational quote. At the moment, I'm struggling to write, but hopefully the resistance will go away now.

  7. The meme is true, which is why I keep writing. I might get better.

    Also, happy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!

  8. Very true. One can at least write a short story. Then numerous short stories can be pieced together into a large story.

    May 2016 IWSG Co-Host
    May the 4th Be With You
    Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs

  9. Love this quote. And it's so true. I find myself stalled in my writing all the time and instead of just writing SOMETHING, I write nothing at all, waiting for some inspiration. This is a good kick in the pants for me. I need to just start writing, at least a shitty first draft. That's better than nothing...
    Great quote. I needed that!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  10. Plus even writing badly is practice and eventually practice makes pretty good :)

  11. I love that quote and how perfect for the IWSG. You will be able to start writing again...I believe that

  12. Hi Robin, thanks for the inspirational quote. I know that atleast a few hundred words of my 1100 words yesterday for my new WIP will be deleted. They weren't bad, but they did nothing to further the story.

  13. Have I ever... You bet, and I teach writing so shame on me.

  14. Hi Robin,

    I stopped writing in the interim and it has nothing to do with how I looked after any writing after I wrote it. It's been a combination of chronic fatigue and all these different things like the alphabet challenge etc, just get too much for my head.

    You take care and apologies for my um, notable absence. A good weekend to you, my kind friend.

    Gary :)

  15. There's a powerful reminder in that quote.

  16. We all need that reminder at times, Robin. Thank you.

  17. Hope it's not too late to comment here either. Because I'm just getting around to doing my commenting. Sorry it's been so long. Some times it's good to rest, sometimes it's good to do nothing but write. I think it's now time for me to work on my writing.


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