Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Battle of the Band Results and Mini-Update

The results for Battle of the Bands weren't as balanced as I'd like. The vast majority of you voted for Santa Claus Is Watchin' You. Even though Bad Little Boy was sure to get some gifts from Grandpa, he didn't get much from you guys!

Final tally looked like this:

Santa Claus Is Watchin' You: 16
Bad Little Boy: 6 (including my vote)

I first heard Ray Stevens' Bad Little Boy on the radio a long time ago. I always loved it when that song came on. Particularly the bit about the cat and the rocket ship. BUT, I didn't know who sang the song AND YouTube wasn't an option. I think I'm giving something away about how long I've liked this song...

Stephen T. McCarthy pointed out that it was similar (a "knockoff" was the word I think he used) of Nuttin' For Christmas. I think that's right, though I haven't consulted Wikipedia for their guess truth. I considered for two seconds puttin' those two against one another and decided that Ray Stevens would get his handed back on a plate. I almost went with a non-Ray Stevens novelty song of a completely different flavor, but decided against that, too. Anyway, even though this battle didn't work out as well as I'd like, I wanted you to know that despite a raging migraine I did put some effort into it. ALSO, thank you for all of the kind words and well wishes. I'm renewing my efforts on getting this under control.

I have yet to put together my battle for the 15th. What is YOUR favorite Christmas song???


  1. It was a fun Battle for the Season. I've got some novelty song Battles lingering in the wings--some have been there for over a year. Someday I might get around to doing them.

    Hope those migraines go away for the holidays. Have you considered STMcC's suggestion about your diet? (At least I think I read a comment about that somewhere.) One of my daughters was having very bad migraine problems that even landed her in the ER a few times. She's been addressing dietary issues and has told me that her health has gotten much better. I hope so since she's so sweet and really has a lot on her plate dealing with her mother and her sister's family all living with her. She gets so stressed by so much.

    Have a nice holiday season.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

    I'm sorry your Battle was so one-sided (this time, mine was too), but I still think it was a great little idea to use two novelty songs by the same performer. No matter what, Ray Stevens was sure to be victorious over himself (unless he had tied with himself).

    My favorite Christmas song is definitely the original instrumental version of 'SLEIGH RIDE' by Leroy Anderson. After that, there are just so many that I love. I start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and that's usually ALL I LISTEN TO until December 26th. I love it so much - both the sacred and the secular.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Not sure who I voted for...
    Hope your head stops hurting. And don't panic about the next battle - you have a week.

  4. Robin, my battle looks like this too! In a way, I was surprised, but I had lots of fun with it. I wanted some joy and that's what I got (smile).

    I had to cheat, and watch the video you warned us, 'not to watch.' I didn't even know there was a video to the song: "Santa Claus is watching You."

    Favorite Christmas songs: 1-"Silent Night," by Mannheim Steamroller and 2- "Where Are you Christmas?" by Taylor Momsen. ( The Grinch movie).

    I am often amazed that you can focus for the battles with a migraine hanging around. I continue to pray for a healing for you. Be well, my friend. Thank you for the sweet comment at my battle.

    Here's to Dec. 15th.!
    Hugs and love, your way.

  5. Hi Robin,

    I really wish you would just take care of yourself and not pressurise your good self. I do hope your headaches subside.

    My favourite Christmas song? Bob & Doug McKenzie's 12 Days of Christmas!

    Take care, Robin.

    Gary :)

  6. My favorite Christmas songs are New York City Christmas by Rob Thomas, that spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles , little drummer boy with Bing Crosby and David Bowie, o holy night by Tracy Chapman and silent night by Stevie nicks. I Could listen to all of those on repeat. I pray for relief from your migraines.

  7. Sometimes the battles go this way and one never knows for sure until the votes come in. There is a song by Ivan Rebroff "Schnell Die Dar Wind" It's a snow song and I love it. I love his singing because he can hit the lowest notes and the highest. I also love Carol of the Bells and O' Bambino. One of my favourite albums is the Bonanza Christmas album-they all sing! The whole album is a Christmas Eve with the Cartwrights and all the villagers who come to help trim the tree. My dad bought the album, I think, back in 1962 or 1963. It is very dear to me

  8. For me it would be Silver bells or one of the hymns.

  9. O Holy Night--my daughter and I used to sing it together all the time. She visited for Christmas a few years ago. Every time we started to sing it, we got the giggles because we sound so much alike it's as if one voice is coming out of two people.


  10. Wikipedia's truth... Now, there's a notion, Robin.

  11. I don't know which is my favorite song, but "I'll Be Home for Christmas' can nearly always make me cry. I still miss my big family Christmas from my childhood and now my own children are grown and aren't around for the day as much as before. If I could make a wish, it would be for everyone to be home for Christmas everywhere.

  12. I think everyone was afraid if they didn't vote for the Santa Claus is watching, that creepy peeper would come watch them too.
    Favourite Christmas song? How about, 'The Night Santa Went Crazy'. Does that qualify?
    Wishing for more migraine free days ahead.

  13. Isn't it funny how sometimes something seems like such a good idea and when you present it to others...not so much. I hate when that happens and it happens to me a lot.

    We all have those BATTLES that don't quite turn out the way we thought (more often than not). I think both of your choices made a respectable showing, so that's not so bad.l

    My favorite Christmas song...Ha, ha, ha! there are so many, but I guess I could narrow it down to 'O Holy Night, Silent Night, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day'. OK forget about narrowing it down, I have about a dozen more in mind and no time to list them. I love Christmas music! I just plain love Christmas!

  14. Hope you're feeling better. I don't have one favorite Christmas song. There are just too many to chose from. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  15. I apologize blog friends. It's been a bad week. I really hope this upcoming week improves. Plan to be here tomorrow for Battle of the Bands AND to be better at reading/commenting on all or your blogs! Please bear with me.


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