Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BoTB Results and (another) Quick Update

I know I'm a bit late with Battle of the Bands results. The song was Starships and the contenders were Pentatonix and Pitch Perfect. This was one of the best voting sessions I've had on a battle in a while. The vote started out for Pentatonix and then the next vote was for the Pitch Perfect crew. One group would gain ground and then the other would catch up. It was tied several times as we cruised toward the final count. A good many of you liked both videos (as do I) and found the voting difficult. Some of you had NO trouble casting your vote. How did this finish?

Pentatonix: 17 (including my vote)
Pitch Perfect: 13

I appreciated all of you who asked about the migraines and my plan for getting better. There are often so many things going on contributing to the stress we feel (and the migraine that stems from it), so it can be tough to isolate the problems. Other times, it's really clear. If I'm eating "badly" that is a fairly easy adjustment. If the weather is crazy and the barometer keeps dropping, that's not. If my hormones are raging, that's not. If I'm stressing about stuff in my life, that's not easy, but it is fixable. So, I try to focus on what I eat and what I think.

I feel blessed that my doctor referred me to my current therapist. I know I've talked about tapping here several times, but it truly has been the most successful method I've found to release the emotional junk I tend to collect. I fully intend to return to my Soundtrack posts. I also want to write something (which may take a couple of parts) about things I've learned over the summer.


  1. Control what you can control. We all need ways to relieve stress. And it certainly doesn't surprise me that diet plays a huge role in the way you feel.

  2. I like those BOTB contests where the voting seesaws and end fairly close. It's like watching a great horse race.

    Looking forward to your new project about Summer Learnings, GIRL WONDER.

    I hope to get back to my 'SOUNDTRACK' posts again soon, too, but I have a few other blog bits that might squeeze in there first.

    Yak Later, my Friend!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. You're doing everything you possibly can to heal, Robin. I know what that's like. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sending you healing, loving thoughts.

  4. Robin - This was a good battle. I'm glad to be on the winning side this time. Looking forward to more 'Soundtrack,' and your 'summer sessions.' Lots of good news!

    1. Robin, I'm going to post a "Soundtrack" today. It's a bit zany, and probably the only one I'll ever write. I felt the need.

  5. Robin, It sounds like you are approaching this from the right perspective: control the factors that are within your control, follow your doctor's advice on how to counter the factors you can't control.

  6. Yay I won this battle!!
    Take care of you. Prayers for healing and no pain. Wish I could something to make it better for you.

  7. I missed this battle. Meant to get to watching both, but then never did. I will now, just so I know. I too, am sending you healing wishes.

  8. Yes, a one sided battle is never fun. Unless the winner is your personal favourite, then I don't mind. :)
    Hoping you can keep those migraines under control.

  9. Cool BOTB. It was really close.


  10. Great BOTB! That seemed neck and neck. We can only control the things we can and learn how to deal with the crap when we can't (control them). Looking forward to your posts.

  11. That was a nice race to the end. My horse didn't come in first but both renditions were good. Take care and hope you're on the road to wellness.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  12. Take care of yourself. So glad you found something that is working.

    Susan Says

  13. Here's hoping it's a permanent solution and that you're able to function like you should.

  14. I've been away for a while, sorry about your migraines. If they're anything like what my sister went through, I can only imagine. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :)

  15. Thanks everyone for the comments. If you've noticed that I haven't been around... well, migraines. Even when you control the things you can there are those dratted things you can't!!!

    I'm hoping to get back to a semblance of normal soon.


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