Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands ~ Ho Hey

I'm going to try and keep the "talk" brief. I know many of you are still participating in the A to Z. Are you feeling about half dead right now? If I recall correctly, it was about this time (when I participated in the past) that I began to actively burn out. Melt down. It really wasn't pretty. So, hang in there Alphabet Gang. I'm gonna do you a solid and give you a short song in this Battle of the Bands face-off.

However, I just want to take one minute and tell you I'm going to start posting with a fair amount of regularity (one song per post) The Soundtrack of My Life. If you want to do your own variation I will add a link at the bottom of each so that others can find you. There aren't any rules, and it isn't a "hop." My first post in this series precedes this one.

Now, on to the song. Ho Hey! Yep, that's the name of the song. It was recorded first by The Lumineers, but has been covered more than once. Since I suspect many of you have never heard the version by The Lumineers that should eliminate much of the bias of familiarity. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

The Lumineers singing Ho Hey!:

The Stella Sisters singing Ho Hey!:

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Now, is the critical moment. It is time to vote for your favorite version of this song. I even encourage you to leave me long comment explaining all the ins and outs of why you voted as you did! 


  1. My vote is for the Stella Sisters. I'm not terribly crazy about the song (by anyone) but the first one definitely makes me nervous. It's like a banging repetition but I'm old fashion about song beats so don't listen to me. Haha Good for those young kids to be on the Opry.

  2. Actually I did see the Lumineers perform this on TV somewhere like the Grammies or some PBS show or somewhere. It struck me as a catchy ditty and I liked it, but I can see where it would get kind of old for me pretty fast.

    The girls do a nice clean version of the vocals though I miss the mandolin from the original.

    I'm going with the girls because it's just easier on the ears. And maybe just a tad too many "Ho's" and "heys" shouted in the background.

    I go with the Stella Sisters.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. The Lumineers are local... which means they absolutely beat this song to death on the radio. They still play it constantly, and I always change the station. I liked it at first, but it's a song that I got tired of VERY quickly (and it sounds like I'm not the only one).

    I'm not sure if it's the novelty, or that there's less of the constant 'hey's and 'ho's, or the cleaner vocals, but I vote very, very easily for the Stella Sisters... and now I hope to never have to hear this song again. :)

  4. A-Z is going nicely! Lots of good people, and things experienced.
    Lovely song to do battle! I'm familiar with the song too. Love it!

    The Stella Sister do a very nice version, and I'm such a fan. My vote goes to them.

  5. This is the first Battle of the Bands where I knew both versions, woot! I like both versions a lot, but the first one makes me dance. I'm going with The Lumineers.

  6. I vote for the Lumineers but the Stella Sisters do do the song justice!

  7. When this song came out, I got SO SICK of it. The Stella Sisters are not only so darn cute, they sing it BETTER!!!

  8. The Stella Sisters. The youngest is really cute and what a voice!

  9. The sisters are cute but I much prefer the sound of the Lumineers. Those girls are good.

    I'd never heard (or even heard OF) this song before, so I'm not worn out by it or nuttin' like that.

    That little kid is pretty good... for a little kid. She's probably destined to become the next Taylor Swift. (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I know it means I'll get sick and tired of hearing about her and seeing her name - Lennon or Maisy Stella - whichever one she is.)

    Anyway, in the end, I'm gonna cast my vote for...

    Stella! ...STELLA!

    No, I'm kidding. Actually, I'm voting for The Lumineers (it's punchier and has some life to it), but I just couldn't resist yelling "Stella!"

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  11. I always feel like adding a cutesy kid to the mix is a cheap ploy to win while the Sisters' version was not bad, I'd rather the little one stick to Barney songs.

    I'll go with the Lumineer's original.

  12. Am I allowed to say I think the kid has a better voice than her older sister? Also, without the backup extra's doing the "Ho...Hey" the song title doesn't make much sense. That aside, I'm voting for the Stella Sisters. I preferred their cleaner style.

  13. Lumineers gets my vote, because I get tired of cute. . . I like the guitar strumming in the first version, not so much the vocals or the lyrics. Country music is not my forte, I like very little country music sung by females. I did like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, but. . . I tend to like the male country singers better. I think I got an overdose growing up as both my parents loved country. . .that explains why I like blues and jazz now.

  14. Hi, Robin! Stephen sent me over. The two acts you selected for today's battle are both sensational, making this a very difficult choice for me. I'm new to the game and not sure if I was supposed to watch the performances or simply listen to the songs with eyes closed. Anyway, I couldn't resist watching both clips and it only made it harder for me to pick a favorite. I had a career as a producer and made music videos and therefore the first clip featuring The Lumineers grabbed my attention. It's rousing and uplifting and filled with people in motion. I thoroughly enjoyed it the song and the visual treatment. The Stellas' piece was quite different, captured as they performend the song live at the Opry, a simple, traditional, static execution of the song with no whistles and bells. Yet, those girls won me over. It thrills me to see and hear precocious young singers and musicians who have what it takes to stand before an audience and deliver a flawless performance like the one I just witnessed. It was close, very close, but I am giving my vote to the Stella Sisters.

    Robin, my fellow Floridian, I am now following you and I look forward to voting in your next Battle of the Bands competition.

  15. The Stella Sisters are great, but I have only heard the Lumineers do this song, so they win it for me

  16. I wasn't sure at first, but I thought I knew the song from somewhere. The Stella Sises were pretty good, but I enjoy the power version more.

  17. Oh this is tough-Yes the A to Z-commenting and reading all-which is so interesting but my butt is sore:) The song choice is a tough one. I like the crescendo and strength building in the song of the Lumineers. I like the instruments as well. I vote for them. That being said the Sisters are very sweet and both have great voices

  18. This is amazing; I almost cheated and didn't listen. I love the Lumineers!

    But then I thought, "You know...I usually agree with Robin's musical tastes. There has to be a reason she put them up again the Stella Sisters."

    WOW. I love them!! I've gotta give them the vote. The Stella Sisters voices are beautiful; she reminds me a little of Alison Krause and Emmy Lou Harris' love children. These two went under my radar, but no more. I'm going to google the stew out of this topic.

    I owe ya on this one, Robin!! Absolutely awesome battle. Truly.

  19. Okay. I loved the Lumineers version so much - I don't normally listen to this kind of music, so I didn't hear it for the first time until it was featured in Hart of Dixie, which I watched religiously before its (probably) series finale this year.

    However? These sisters are so amazing and talented! And at such young ages. Can you imagine what they'll grow up to do? Give the sisters my vote!

    About the Google Follow button - I will definitely try to get one on my blog, but I guess I will need your help. The last time I tried to do that, it tried to force me to change to my Google + Profile, and I just couldn't do that. I *LOATHE* Google + Profiles. But I will give it another shot if you think it can be done another way, without having to have my comments to Google +.

  20. Not fair. I'm VERY familiar with, and love, the Lumineers song. So I listened to it and thought, nobody beats them. Then I heard that sweet young girl and her voice in harmony with the older Sis, and it has a much richer sound. Plus the girl's a cutie. They get my vote.

  21. Ahhh, you play dirty, Robin! I figured I would pick the Lumineers on this one, but those cute sweetheart sisters are a fabulous duo. They did a great job on Ho Hey. Give my vote to the incredible Stella Sisters!! Nice job!

  22. Still hear this one on the radio a lot. :)

  23. When I first saw your BOTB (early yesterday morning) my first thought was EASY PEASY! I DO like this song and I really like the Lumineers. I appreciate their rowdy video and their Ed Norton/Art Carney (if you don't get that, google it) fashion sense. I think they're great.

    When I scrolled down and saw those two cute little girls; I thought Oh, oh - Lithuanian Folk Group, (which is my rude way of saying obscure vocalists that you dug up on YouTube so you could use this song). Anyway, it wasn't until later in the day that I opened up the computer and got to listen (and I DID listen, because I really try to be fair in these BOTB, even when I think - Lithuanian Folk Group).

    Holy Carp, these two cute little girls can really sing. They're harmonies are beautiful. I had to google them just to see exactly who they are. I don't watch much TV, but I actually have seen 'Nashville' twice and both of those episodes features these girls. They really are pretty good.

    All that said, I still have to vote for The Lumineers. Rowdiness and Ed Norton style get me every time.

    Good BATTLE. I had to come back and listen three time to finally decide.

  24. I fell in love the moment the younger Stella Sister started singing. They get my vote.

    My battle is here

    I saw where you said you didn't really care for the Van Morrison & Them song 'HERE COMES THE NIGHT' on John Holton's BOTB blog bit. I feel the same way about their studio recording. But have you heard the version from Van's live album [Link:] 'IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW'? I think it's a totally different animal, and a thousand times better.

    In fact, I think that's the best live Rock album I've ever heard. That band Van had on stage with him was... HOKEY-SMOKIN'! The bassist, David Hayes, has said, "When I speak to Van about that album he still talks about it as having marked the peak of his career. He really feels he was on to something very special."

    Musically, the only live concert album I would even mention in the same breath with 'IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW' is 'THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET AT CARNEGIE HALL'.

    Only the song 'Listen To The Lion' fails to best its studio counterpart, because Van NAILED that song in the studio and could never have done it better.

    That set opener, 'AIN'T NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO', just gives you an inkling of the fantastic musicianship and passion you're going to hear throughout that album.

    If you click the album title link I provided above, it will take you to a page at YouTube where the entire album is uploaded. At YT, click "SEE MORE" and it will show you every song title and "time" links to where they begin on the album. You can click on the "time" and be taken to each individual track. 'HERE COMES THE NIGHT' is track # 15.

    When you have a chance, please give a listen and tell me if you think this live version is sufficiently different to make you change your mind about the song.

    Also, FYI, my favorite song (amongst the many great ones) is # 6 'I'VE BEEN WORKING'. That song... Hoo-Wee! Hoo-Wee! That rhythm, that drive, that band...! For me, trying to listen to 'I've Been Working' just once is like me trying to eat one peanut or one potato chip - it can't be done!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I just listened to two tracks: Here Comes The Night and I've Been Working.

      I much prefer Van's Here Comes The Night. Had it been in the voting, no question it would've won (dare I say stolen the vote?). I really liked I've Been Working, though I didn't listen to it on Repeat like some people;)

      Thanks for sharing this link. As I have time (????) I'll get back over there. Maybe I can let it play in the background while I do other things. So hard to find time for Everything. Thanks for taking the trouble to write all this and provide links.

      If you see this before the Thursday post, I dedicated something to ya.

  26. Okay, girl. I got a "Join This Site" gadget like you have. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know if it's what you were telling me about :)

  27. Love the song, but I think because the radio played it so much it was refreshing to hear another version. I am going with the girls.


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