Sunday, March 1, 2015

Battle of the Bands ~ Baby Got Back

I'm going to be honest. I remembered Battle of the Bands was Sunday (when I was out of town) and thought, "Oh dear, I hope I remember to do this Saturday when I get home." I didn't. I recalled it again this morning on the way to church. I promptly forgot when I got home and only remembered (again) on the way to Bible Study this evening. Can we say "Not on top of things" in unison? Oh good. Now that we're clear....

I actually had two sets of songs in my Favorites as possibilities for today. I listened to them and just wasn't feeling it. I think I needed something more fun. That's when I recalled a fairly recent battle in which Stephen T. McCarthy used a Richard Cheese cover. I'd considered this song before, and discarded it because of the Cheese Factor, but when Stephen did it, I thought "So Can I!"

And I am:)

I'm not sure if your vote in this one will actually be FOR one version or simply a vote AGAINST the other version. So, be sure to elaborate on the Whys of your voting. Yep, I really want to know!!!

The song: Baby Got Back

The original is by Sir Mix A Lot and sounds nothing like Richard Cheese's cover, which is what makes this so much fun!

So, let's begin at the beginning (with the original).

Sir Mix A Lot with Baby Got Back:

I suspect that some of you (not naming any names) want to reach through your computer to give me a good throttling. Ah well. That's the way it rolls around here sometimes... hahahaha. If you're feeling all wonky and out of sorts, maybe Richard Cheese will hit your happier notes. Of course, you will only appreciate the genius of his cover if you listened fully to Sir Mix A Lot.

Richard Cheese with Baby Got Back:

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Now, is the critical moment. It is time to vote for your favorite version of this song. I even encourage you to leave me long comment explaining all the ins and outs of why you voted as you did! 


  1. I did laugh Richard Cheese's cover, but that's the kind of thing that once you hear it once....

    Not that I'm running out to buy a Sir Mix album, but I have to give my vote to him.

    It works as a rap song. Maybe a little on the misogynistic side, but it works.

    Although I am glad it's over.


    1. You're not running out to buy this album... YOU???? I'm shocked.

  2. Well, I appreciate Richard Cheese's music better, but the original by Sir Mix a Lot is almost like a parody to begin with. This makes it a tough choice. I suppose I'd rather listen the the Cheese music if the lyrics were different--I mean I really like the piano and drums and the vocal is pleasant as well.

    That being said, the Sir Mix a Lot version is just too funny. My daughters did a very funny dance interpretation for a video back about 15 years ago or so and the song has amused me since that time. And it is a clever recording that works in the genre it is in.

    So taking all things into account I have to vote for Sir Mix a Lot's version of a song that I never dreamed we'd see in a BOTB post. Daring, different, and funny. Entertaining way to mix a lot of things.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yes, the original is a parody (I think). If you're not laughing as you listen to the original, you're missing the point (IMO).

      If you've never seen a group of thin white girls karaoke this song... well, you're missing the boat. Hilarious stuffs.

      So, I've enjoyed this song as a bit of comedy for a LONG TIME. Then to hear the Cheese version... well, it was like upping the ante on the funny. You can't go wrong with a vote here.

      Glad you got the appropriate chuckle from this one.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love them both! (Am I the only person who DOESN'T consider Richard Cheese a parody musician, but a tribute musician?) Richard Cheese's music and think what he does with popular songs is nothing short of genius - but Sir's original's got my vote :)

    1. Glad you liked them both, Kim, and you enjoyed this one!

  4. Ahem!...

    >>... Stephen T. McCarthy used a Richard Cheese cover... when Stephen did it, I thought "So Can I!"

    That's really a poor excuse, GIRL WONDER.
    You're supposed to rise above me, NOT sink down to my level... and even below it.

    >>... I suspect that some of you (not naming any names) want to reach through your computer to give me a good throttling.

    Stephen T. McCarthy
    (There! I named one of 'em for ya.)

    I had heard OF this song, but I'd never actually heard IT until just now. God willing, I'll never hear it again. That Sir Mix-A-Lot version was actually a HIT SONG on the radio? Curse the devil and pass the ammunition!

    "L.A. Face with an Oakland Booty".
    We all know about San FranCrisco, right? The funny thing is that I've been to 'Crisco several times and no guy ever tried to hit on me. But the one time I was in Oakland... well, I guess I was just in the wrong bar. Barely got my virgin booty outta there! (TMI-TMI!)

    The Dick Cheese version actually made me laugh out loud. There wasn't really anything funny about the "serious" Sir M-A-L version. So give my vote to Dick.

    Of course, you already knew I'd be voting for the Cheese, when you saw that Lee voted for Sir M-A-L, right? There is no more accurate "predicktor" of my votes than Lee's votes. (The reliability of it has begun to really amuse me!)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. How did you know I was thinking of you when I wrote that bit about the throttling???? Oh, Stephen, what would you do without me to bring up to speed on the funny in the world???? This song is supposed to be funny. Even the Mix A Lot version. Maybe if you listen again you'll find it. haha. Just kidding. I know that won't be happening.

      I knew you'd vote for the Cheese. TY for not disappointing me.

  5. Hi Robin.
    Is it me the words church and booty seem... what's the word I want... Ha!
    Truly- a tension-releasing masterpiece. What a battle, and thank you. I'll be laughing for days.

    I know Sir Mixalot's version well - official knight of the round (t)able.

    But(t) my heart is saying, "Save the lounge lizard."
    The big draw is his opening... followed rapidly by his closing.
    I like his band.
    Ah, Robin, this was great fun.

    My vote goes to Richard, "the lionhearted" Cheese.

    1. It didn't occur to me that I was talking about church and then Bible study and then posting this song.

      Oh dear. It's a good thing God has a sense of humor.

  6. Oh, man. Almost didn't comment...because this song killed me when I heard my daughter and friend singing it when they were in about sixth grade. And so I can't or won't vote. But I can say, hi Robin!

  7. I love Sir Mix A Lot! It will always remind me of Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels when she gets to go up and dance at this black club and all the girls are giving her the evil eye until she starts dancing and she's so awesome they have to give her some love - and they do. It was an awesome scene and Diaz totally shook it. Plus, the original version is so danceable! How can you not want to move?!

  8. I won't throttle you for posting it!
    Couldn't listen to more than a minute of the second one. Sorry, I have to give it up for Sir Mix-A-Lot.

    1. Oh my goodness. Alex voted for a rap song. Next thing we know, it'll be COUNTRY. hahahaha.

  9. Actually, the only way I'd throttle you is if you posted the Nicki Minaj version.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, because I hate this song, but I have to vote for the original. It just... well, it just works as a stupid rap song. As a cheesy lounge song? Not so much.

    1. I wasn't even aware that Nicki recorded a "tribute" song using portions of this one until reading the comments on YouTube. She drives me crazy, so I didn't even go listen to it. So, no worries!

      You hate this song? You? I'm actually surprised.

  10. Interesting choice for the battle.I'll have to go with the original, although I never liked the song. ;)

    1. Never liked this song.... Thanks for voting Chrys!

  11. You're testing me here, aren't ya? Trying to see if I can keep my resolve to be polite and positive, huh?

    OK, let me see.

    I had heard the original Sir Mix A Lot version maybe once or twice, but never really was able to decipher all of the words (thank goodness). Nice that they were up there on the screen, so I could know for sure just exactly what he was saying, YIKES!

    Richard Cheese, no lyrics - thank you very much! (once was more than enough to have those burned into my brain). Interesting that this song works as both 'rap' and 'sleazy lounge act'. Nice piano back up and a very interesting sport coat (although, it looks more like something the first guy would wear - sorry about the profiling slip up there).

    I never knew the name of this song, so I had no idea what I was getting into until the first video started playing. Thank you for THAT. At least now I know to never click on that title AGAIN.

    As I need to make a choice I guess I'll vote for the nice piano in the Richard Cheese version.

    OK, how did I do?

    1. You did well.

      Maybe I should have prefaced this battle with my thoughts on the Mix A Lot version of this song. I really think it is meant to be funny. If that intro doesn't set it up, I don't know what would. I think the guy is laughing at himself.

      And the Cheese version is also meant to be funny.

      The whole thing is meant to be funny.

      I'm glad that even though you didn't find it so that you listened and voted. Bravo.

  12. Robin: While you were out of town, did you fall by any chance? I really want to vote to support the "battle," but it is difficult. The first thing I did was run to the garage to get my shovel. After returning from the garage, I decided to become Swiss. I really wanted sit back and watch the outcome. However, and for you only, I will choose. If I were forced to vote by being tied between two horses facing opposite directions, I would choose Cheese.

    PS: Is there an app for going through the computer and throttling you?

    1. Fortunately, there is NOT an app for that. If there were, I might be dead.

      Thank you for setting aside your desire to strangle me and voting anyway. Even without horses....

      I hope you can appreciate the diversity of the cover... if nothing else.

  13. I laughed so hard at the first song that I had to join in. When my son heard me singing, he said I was doing it all wrong, and couldn't wait to get out of the house! Though I loved Richard Cheese's tiger tux, and whip cracking finish, Sir Mix A lot gets my vote. This was fun!


  14. For some reason, the fact that someone redid that song just cracks me up!!

  15. OK I am just checking my OJ to see if I put some vodka in it. This song is catchy in a women only should be T and a lotta A. It is not supposed to be taken seriously so when I heard the cheese version it cracked me up. Especially that his voice is excellent and so is the arrangement. The second one reminded me of Phil Hartman singing as Troy McClure from the Simpsons and I loved it so I got with Mr. Cheese

  16. I'm going with Richard Cheese here. Sir Mix-A-Lot's the original, but I've heard it too many times. Cheese made me laugh....

    My battle is here:

  17. Creeeak...that's the sound of the door to the closet I've been hiding out in opening up. Let's just say the universe has a sense of humor! Anyway...
    As a native Seattlite you know I must jump in here. Maybe I've been speaking telepathically to you! So I may have mentioned how much the weather is a downer in Seattle. So we need dudes like Sir-Mix-A-Lot or Macklemore to lighten things up. It can't all be Nirvana style angst or even more Seattlites would off themselves-seriously! I know it's not funny. But it's true.
    I anyone is interested, I will say it again. Sir is not one hit wonder in Seattle. And if you think this song is funny, you owe it to yourself to take a listen to 'Buttermilk Biscuits'. That's all I have to say about that.
    Oh, and my vote goes to the original. Of course.

  18. Ha! That second one really did have Vegas Cheese written all over it. Made me laugh. :) I vote for Sir Mix a Lot. ;)

  19. My first thought was, I remember the two dudes that used to do this song at karaoke back when we had a work group that went every Thursday, and what a show-stopper it was. Then I clicked onto the competitor, and the first thought was, "Wow, this is kinda interesting." Still, I don't think the lyrics are strong enough to sustain themselves in a song where you actually HAVE to listen to them. So I'll stick with the memories and vote for the original.

  20. My vote is for Cheese it made me laugh!


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