Friday, November 21, 2014

Battle of the Band Results and HERE'S TO YOU FRIDAY

 Before we jump into the HERE'S TO YOU post for today, I need to take a moment and update you on the vote for Battle of the Bands. If you didn't vote in this one, but want to vote in the next one, on December 1 we go another round. I'm planning on Christmas music for  December, and I have seen other participants say the same. So, Battle of the Bands might help you get in the spirit of the holiday.

Now on to the results. The song was When It Comes To You. It was written by Mark Knopfler and performed by Dire Straits (but never released as a single), so the one and only time this song charted was when John Anderson covered it. As some of you indicated in the comments, Mark Knopfler played the guitar in the John Anderson version, suggesting to me that he wholeheartedly supported John Anderson taking this song and making it a hit. I am happy to report that this was a pretty close battle for a long time, but then Dire Straits pulled ahead, winning it. The final tally, without my vote:

John Anderson: 10
Dire Straits: 16

As for me, I already gave my vote away when I posted the battle (if you were paying attention). I love love love the John Anderson version on this song. I'd just moved to Savannah, Georgia, and my radio dial kept slipping to the country station. Honestly, it just didn't seem right to live in the south and not soak up the place, and that included the music. Unlike NYC, my previous residence, Savannah was laid-back and oozed that slow, southern style. Let's just say I adapted fairly quickly. So, I am driving down the road and When It Comes To You comes on the radio. Holy cow! If this was country, I was in. All in. I made it a point to go out and buy that CASSETTE TAPE immediately. The CD still hadn't taken root in my house. ha!

So, my vote goes to John Anderson, but it doesn't change a thang. Dire Straits still wins it. Ah well, such is life.

And now for the "real story:" HERE'S TO YOU. Ta da. I wasn't ready yesterday, but caught up enough today to roll it out. A day late, but just as entertaining.

If you don't know what this HERE'S TO YOU stuff is about, let me explain.  This used to be a weekly event landing typically on Thursdays.  When I read your blogs or you say something in the comments that sparks my imagination (or I hear something and I think of you), chances are good I will click over to YouTube to find footage for you. In the old days you wouldn't have to reach back in your memory bank farther than one week. Now... all bets are off. It could be several weeks ago.

The best (or worst) part is that I am not going to explain why I chose "whatever" footage for each of you. If, you watch your footage and are scratching your head at the end, well that means I didn't do a very good job. However, all is not lost. You can email me at and ask me what I was thinking when I chose that particular piece of footage off of YouTube and connected it to you. And then I will tell you. Then I will start sending up prayers that I haven't offended the crap out of whoever is on the receiving end of that Because, honestly, I will tell you right now... I admire all of you enormously so I really hope that doesn't happen.

Also, this is not an exclusive venture by any means. I hope that you will take the time to watch ALL of the footage because I don't pick bad footage:-) I also hope that you might check out the blog of the person I dedicated the footage to because they are pretty darn awesome. If you haven't figured this out yet... I pick the footage based on something that you've written or something that I've gleaned from your personality. Think on that for a while... If you are having trouble watching the entire video (meaning it is being cut off on one side), click on it a couple of times and it will take you straight over to youtube. If you click on the four squares at the bottom corner of the video, it will enlarge it to fill your screen. The escape key will bring it back to normal size. The back arrow will bring you back to my page.

Now, let's get this PARTY STARTED!!!!

This one is for everyone:

This one is for Shoes at Red Shoe's Chronicles:

This one is for Optimistic Existentialist at Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer:

This one is for DiscConnected at BACK IN THE USSR:

This one is for Stephen T. McCarthy at any of his blogs:
click here (because I know you just don't get this phenomenon... and maybe this will help)

This one is for farawayeyes at The Far Away Series:

This one is for Jasmine at A Yellow Rose of Texas:


  1. Didn't realize Knopfler played on Anderson's version. And sorry, I just can't do country music...

    1. Yeah, I know. Everyone's ears are different:)

  2. I love, love, LOVED that first video. I volunteered at a soup kitchen for many years, and what the people there wanted more than anything was simply to be treated like people... with dignity and respect. How I would have loved to provide them with an experience like in that video!

    1. I think they conveyed the message very well in a short amount of time. I cry every time I watch that video.

  3. Yeah -- I'm with Susan. Great video!

    And this was another "win-win" battle -- both versions were very good, and both versions had Knopfler on the guitar. :)

    I'm just a long-time huge Dire Straits fan and love the groove of their version.

    1. Don't misunderstand me... I like the Dire Straits version of the song... if I didn't I am not sure I'd feel okay about putting it up in BOTB. When both versions are good (and different), then it's ON.

  4. Hi Robin. I always winked back at the dog too. Cried the whole homeless video -so sweet. Didn't know the Beatles' tune. I can smell snow too!! The Good Wife was thought-provoking. Gary Allan is not one of my favs but the song was okay. Never could understand Tom Petty. Lurve Stephen T McCarthy anything.
    That's a wrap - have a great weekend!

  5. Heh, funny dog sign! I don't know if my dog ever winks at me, she's got too much hair to tell. =)

  6. I always liked Gary Allen and this song, never realized the connection before. Thanks!

    The'Homeless' video was heartwarming. Random acts of kindness warm my heart.

  7. That homeless video would give them something to talk about for a very long time.

    You really pegged Keith with that video. LOL

    1. Yes, I bet they lived on stories of that dinner for a long time to come!

  8. I also thought the homeless video was extremely touching. The last time I helped out at a food kitchen I actually learned a great parmesan crusted tilapia recipe. Everyone was very appreciative, and they even had music. Though nothing compares to the elegant experience in the video.

    Great snow scene from Gilmore Girls!


    1. Parmesan crusted tilapia... you'll have to share that. It sounds divine.

  9. I got teary at the first video! And I didn't even have to watch the Gilmore Girls clip to know which one it was. Clicked over to "Dreamer" and as a result I am going to do my best to embrace the upcoming weather season!

    1. Yeah, me too. I've watched it several times, and I cry each time.

      How did I know you'd know that scene????

      I am so glad I don't live up north. Have you seen the snow in NY???? Aaaccchhh.

    Oh, I see how it is...

    While all the other kids are getting cap pistols and cowboy hats and boots, I get a cardigan sweater.

    While all the other kids are getting Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, I get a pair of socks.

    While all the other kids are getting candy corn, I get a rock.


    That Homeless Shelter / Restaurant video was really great. And I love that Tom Petty song!

    Now, about MY video... oh, wait. That's right - I DIDN'T GET A VIDEO! I just got a link to a lotta stupid words that I had to read and think about and stuffs.

    While all the other kids were getting--


    Hmmm... It feels like the first time, like it's deja vu all over again.

    You know, you never did figure out the "StephenSpeak" from the last time I posted a video link in your Comment Section. Shall I try this again? OK.

    I read the whole article and I'm thinking... I'm thinking... I'm thinking I still ain't falling for the banana in the tailpipe. []

    Do you remember this blog bit?:


    You didn't leave a comment in the Comment Section but I'm almost certain that you read it back in the day.

    Well, when I watch a movie or TV program, you know what I'm looking for first? I'm not looking for a well-told story, well-drawn characters, tremendous acting and clever dialogue.

    I know who it is that ultimately makes decisions about which shows get produced and which get ignored or dumped. So the first thing I'm looking for is the Social Engineering aspect.

    If the show passes the Smell Test (and many of them give off that Social Engineering odor immediately to my nose), then I look deeper and longer and really analyze over a period of time WHAT the show really seems to be saying behind all the sparkles and rainbow ribbons (and you can take those last 4 words in 2 different ways).

    When I think the water is safe, I go into it... IF the show pulls me into it (which is pretty rare).

    BUFFY does not even pass my Smell Test. Don't even need to see a single episode to know that.

    If you have the time and feel like it, you can go back and just skim through that blog bit I linked above and see if you can discern what it is I smell around BUFFY. (And if you want to yak it further but prefer to take it offline, that's fine.)

    Thanks for thinking of me though, Girl Wonder. Really, seriously.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. First, I gave you that because I wanted you to understand why that show would appeal to writer-types. I didn't actually think the article would make you want to WATCH it. Although, it is one of the funniest "dramas" I've ever watched. But, still.. not the point.

      I read your link. I don't think I saw this the first go-round. It didn't ring any bells for me. And I see that I didn't comment. I understood perfectly what you were getting at in that article.... if you take a legitimate position and then add something to it that is so incredibly whackadoodle, it discredits the whole thing, including the legitimate position. It is a brilliant way of conditioning the people to think how you want them to think about the important stuff.

      That said, I don't see how Buffy doesn't pass your smell test without watching the show. (Unless you think that anything sci-fi or fantasy fails simply because it exists outside the rules of what is "real.") In the Buffyverse, there are very real bad supernatural things (inc. demons). Buffy and her friends fight these things, and it doesn't make them crazy or loony or stupid. So, I am afraid you are going to have to tell me what it is about Buffy that makes them fail the Smell Test, because I don't see it. (probably an E would be best:) BTW, I got yours and look forward to your next blog bit.

  11. Oh my gosh, Robin. That first video. I'll share it when I stop bawling, geez. lol What a fun way to make people feel happy.

  12. OK, let's try this first try at commenting disappeared into the abyss argh!
    I can smell rain, but not snow. I dream of that and then wake up to it, more often than not. For real. The snow, I mean.
    My video is awesome, especially the lyrics about no sun and being stuck in the rain for days- that part of being a Seattleite truly sucked no matter how I tried to spin it. And we are super excited to jump into our new life. We really did have to chase it down. And no, I never did hear that song before.

    1. Oh dear. That means I am going to start copy/pasting comments again. Blogger has probably been tweaking something, which results in lost comments.

      Why does that not surprise me about you and the snow???

      I am so glad you loved your video and SHOCKED that you've never heard this song. It is on Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever album, which I had on cassette tape (and now CD). I wore out the tape on it because of so many listens. hahahaha.

  13. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here-I saw I had a video (thanks!) while at work Friday and Friday was hectic, and then I spaced it yesterday.

    I like this fact, it kind of surprised me. I've never seen the show, so I am not sure how this fits into the context of the recurring character, but the lack of venom for either party's belief is encouraging from Hollywood.

    Another show that I am binge-watching* , Blue Bloods, actually speaks about the faith of the family the show is centered around....they show them....(gasp) praying on TV!!

    What's the world coming to?


    * I feel like I invented the idea of "binge watching"- back when season 1 of 24 was released on DVD-I bought it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and watched the whole thing in about 36 hours

    1. LC, I am struggling, too. Migraines, Not work, but still.

      I think you might like this show. Maybe give it a whirl on Netflix? The characters are all interesting. Most of them are never "always right." Alicia is an atheist, but her daughter, Grace, is a Christian. I like that Alicia respects, but doesn't understand, this belief. And Grace responds by just loving her mother. The best witness a person can give is just doing their best to live as Jesus would have. Alicia's position as an atheist is only being called into question because she is running for political office. Her campaign manager says the people won't elect an atheist, hence the scene we just saw. I do thin it's possible for Christians and atheists to communicate with one another without bashing each other. Unfortunately, it is outrageous blog sites (like the one you mentioned) that feature the extremists. They never help build bridges, but are excellent at burning them.

      Binge watching. I know it well. I binge watched the first few seasons of Smallville until I caught up to the show. I really need to watch those first few seasons again because I gulped them at about the same rate you watched 24.

      24... I binge-watched the first few seasons of that one, too. Holy crap. It was like watching a 24 hour movie. I couldn't stop. Once I caught up to the show on TV, I quit doing it, BUT I think I liked it better all at one time. I never lost the thread of what was going on, so it truly felt like Real Time to me. Did you watch the newest 24 (last summer). I must say it was really good to have Jack back.

  14. Glad Dire Straits won(sorry:)) The homeless video is so moving and gave them a sense of dignity they feel they lack due to their circumstances and other people's way of not looking at them. They need dignity like everyone does, in fact, more so. It is so cool, always, to see how you find great videos to showcase people on the blog-the snow one got to me

    1. No need to apologize. I like their version, too.

      Notice how many folks reacted positively to the first video. I think it was eye-opening in a great way for everyone:)

  15. A great list of videos, but I especially dig that first one. In a world where YouTube channels full of lame "social experiments" aka really stupid, unfunny pranks run rampant, I like that whole prank it forward thing.

    1. I haven't watched their other vids, but this one... fantastic!

  16. That's cute about the dog winks :) I really liked the first video! :)

  17. My dad used to be a HUGE John Anderson fan. I hope you have a beautiful Monday :)

  18. I used to love Dire Straits back in the day.

    The first video was absolutely great food for my soul and anyone who watches it. Just beautiful. And, what a kind thing to do for others.

    1. We all need a bit of soul inspiration now and then!

  19. One of my clients got me into Gilmore Girls. That was a fun blurb, and perfect for Keith.

    Be well, and have a great Thanksgiving week, dear friend. xo

    1. I miss Gilmore Girls... sigh.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too:)

  20. Hi there, Ms Robin...

    Happy Thanksgiving... I hope you had a most wonderful Turkey~Day Feast...

    Thank you for the 'Dedication'... I love The BeaTles... and I love that song... I am starting to experience some anger with some of the nonsense and bullshit that has been going on at work.

    I have some somewhat good news about the health stuff... some may not be quite as bad as first thought... but some things aren't 'right' either.

    Thank for you for thinking of me. You are always so kind in that regard...




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