Friday, August 15, 2014

Battle of the Bands ~ Chasing Cars

Funny story.

Check that.

This has elements of a funny story... and then we'll get down to business. So... on Monday I was out watering the yard when I was attacked by fire ants. Of course, I was wearing slip-on sandals so my feet and ankles looked very much like dinner. I am happily watering and then I am screaming and jumping around. I kept swiping them with my hand but they kept coming. (I still didn't even see an anthill... It was like an ant apocalypse happened right there in my yard. Nothing and then Bam!) So I have about 20 bites on my feet and they itch like... ::insert inappropriate language and simile here:: And they are 100 times worse than that at night... you know, when I want to sleep.

So, back on Tuesday night I am lying in bed and decide to check my email on my phone, rather than scratch the skin off of my toes. There was a message from Stephen T. McCarthy and he finished it off with something like "I can't believe Battle of the Bands is only a few days away." Yikes. So, I close down mail and open up YouTube. Two hours later I have two song possibilities. I email him this titillating information and the fact that my eyes now burn from staring at a tiny screen for two hours. The next day, I decide on the second song until he sends an email saying I should go with the first. Nah, he has no idea which songs I had in mind, but he made me RETHINK it (again).

And I am going with the first. Stephen, thank you. Everyone else, you're welcome. Rereading this story, not as funny as I first thought.... much like the script of so many movies located in the Comedy genre at the movie store.

And now.. finally... Battle of the Bands!

The song for this battle is Chasing Cars. It was originally sung by Snow Patrol, and remains to-date their best-selling song. It was nominated for Best Rock Song at the 2007 Grammy Awards and Best British Single at the 2007 Brit Awards.

Way back when Umbrella was the song doing battle, Brianne Pagel suggested the cover by a group called The Baseballs. I enjoyed that so much that I have listened to several of their other covers, including Chasing Cars. So, here is The Baseballs with their original take on Chasing Cars.

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Now, is the critical moment. It is time to vote for your favorite version of this song. I even encourage you to leave me long comment explaining all the ins and outs of why you voted as you did! 


  1. I'm not a big Snow Patrol fan. Their version had a smooth sound to it, but... I'm going to go with the second one.

  2. I have always really liked this song by Snow Patrol. The lyrics express sentiments that appeal to my heart in a very personal way. Therefore, I really hate what The Baseballs have done with it. Throw those guys out of the park and give my vote to Snow Patrol.

  3. It is probably my familiarity with the Snow Patrol version, but the Baseballs' version does not convey the same mood as SP....chalk one up for Snow Patrol.

  4. I really like this song. I bought the Snow Patrol CD because I liked the song so well. I think they are a decent group though I can't say they've done much that's memorable beyond this song, but then again I haven't listened to their music that much.

    I'll give The Baseballs some credit for their well done novelty take on this tune. It's clever and kind of fun, but not something I'd want to listen to repeatedly. I won't call it a strike-out, but I'll give them a walk where they never make it home. Besides I'm not the biggest fan of 50's music. The Baseballs are Sha Na Na redux.

    I cast my vote for the beautiful original version by Snow Patrol.

    Tossing It Out

  5. I think The Baseballs' style works better for Umbrella than for Chasing Cars. I like their sound, but something about Chasing Cars just doesn't come out right in that form. I've never been a huge fan of Snow Patrol, but to me it sounds much better as the original.

    One more for Snow Patrol.

  6. Wait -- Are we allowed to do songs from the 21st century in BOTB?!?!

    Well, I guess the Baseballs cover does have that 1950s throwback feel, so maybe that makes this battle OK...

    Still, while the cover is kind of cute and fun in that faux-retro kind of way, I'm going with Snow Patrol for this bout. Their version gives the best mood and serves the song. It's not something I'm going to rush out and buy, and I don't even know if I'd call it "catchy", but it's a solid mix of music and lyrics.

    And by the by: My blog is actually "The Creative Outlet of StratPlayer." Not Strait Player -- I play a Stratocaster guitar ("Strat"), but I make nothing like the music of George Strait.


    1. Chris, Hahahaha. I fixed your name. I did know that it was Strat Player, but I stopped reading what I wrote and didn't notice the error. Too often my fingers experience disconnect from my brain. I could go on and on and on about this phenomena, but I think you get the idea.

    2. No worries, lol! I figured it was just a typo. ;)

  7. THAT'S the song that's been an annoying earworm to me all frickin' week!!!! I'd vote Baseballs out of sheer spite at this point, but you really have got them growing on me.

  8. Got to be the Baseballs for my vote! Hot piano cinched it. The first one was a little too slow for me. Nice contrast, Robin.

    Ain't that just like me to say you should go with your first song idea rather than the second, even though I have NO IDEA what either song is?

    However, there actually was a little madness to my method--- er, that is to say... a little METHOD to my MADNESS. (You know the saying that your first impression is usually the correct one? Well, I've found that to be true most of the time. Therefore, I said go with the first song instead of the second. So I wasn't being QUITE as insane as I sounded.)

    I can tell you PRECISELY how long it took me to decide who was going to get my vote in this BOTB. It took EXACTLY four minutes and thirty-four seconds. 4:27 to listen to the Snow Patrol original, and 7 seconds to listen to The Baseballs' cover. After 7 seconds of that piano intro to the Baseballs' version, this contest was O-OOO-VER, BABY(!) and The Baseballs had won!

    I remember when you used them in that earlier BOTB installment. I really liked them and I voted for them that time, too.

    The Snow Patrol original... Gah! Slow, boring as hell, nuttin' much going on musically and the singing sounds like a syllable-by-syllable recitation. TERRIBLE! Most boring song I've heard in a long time.

    The Baseballs, however, give it life, give it energy, give it... RHYTHM! ...There's no damn rhythm at all in the Snow Patrol original, just that damnable "tinkling" sound that won't stop! It was horrible, Horrible, HORRIBLE! (If that's "music" then I'm Mozart!)

    I really dig that Baseballs' '50s sound and style. And I totally disagree with Arlee Bird who called it "Sha Na Na redux". No, no... Sha-Na-Na really was just a 1950s copycat kind of group that did nothing original vocally or musically. The Baseballs most definitely have that '50s vibe (and I LIKE that), but they're bringing a lot more energy and original flourishes to their sound. There's really no comparison between Sha-Na-Na and The Baseballs in my opinion. (How unusual that I find myself disagreeing with my friend Boidman in a BOTB contest. That only seems to happen about 97.85% of the time. Ha!)

    Anyway, this makes 2 out of 2 times that The Baseballs have gotten my vote in your BOTBs.

    And, hey, is it just me, or does that first "Baseball player" (holding the blow-dryer) not look a bit like Beer Boy Bryan? (I can't believe Bryan didn't even vote for his own group!)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. You mean that second one's a song? All I heard was the high pitched drone of a blow dryer... this changes everything!

  10. Maybe it's my mood, but I'm going with Baseballs. I loved the era sound, the piano and the breathy lead. I couldn't get behind the slow-paced version of the Snow Patrol. Also I hated the trailer with the sing along lyrics popping up.

  11. First up, OUCH! Your poor feet! I sympathize totally with you. This reminds me of being attacked by a Yellowjacket several years ago. In total panic I kept whacking him and he kept biting me. My toes were so itchy and swollen.

    Snow Patrol's version is the one I'm familiar with...the one I have enjoyed off and on over since first hearing it. I love the pace of the lyrics and how it makes me feel. The original version is completely opposite of the remake and although it's nice it just doesn't move me the same as Snow Patrol. So, I vote Snow Patrol!

    It's nice to meet you on BOTB and I'm now following you. ;)

  12. What a difference a re-make makes! The second made me want to jump up and dance, so it gets my vote.

    Take care of your feet, and you.

  13. The 2nd one wouldn't play. Maybe it's my old computer BUT the first one played. I have an idea I'd vote for the 2nd one. Does that count?

    Here's a tip for bug bites and it really works for any kind of bite, minor infections, It sooths and stops itching. The old Fels Naptha Soap in a bar. Just wet it and rub it on and leave it. I found some of the soap recently at Walmart and it's on Amazon.

    I had an oozzy infection on my foot, prob from a bug bite. It just kept getting worse and I went to doctors, etc for creams and expensive salves....but nothing worked. I was fighting that most of the summer and my relatives still refer to the summer I was hobbling around with that terrible infection on my foot. Someone said, "Why don't you try Fels Naptha Soap?" I did and bingo, within a few days it was gone. Keep some on hand..... it works great on bee stings too.

  14. Sorry about your feet. Hope you're starting to feel better. I like the original Snow Patrol version better. The Baseballs sound a little over-caffeinated to me.


  15. Ugh! My daughter is in LA with her daddy and she told me the other day she got bit by fire ants. Thankfully, she's not allergic like I am. I hope you're healing and they aren't still driving you insane. Those things suck!

  16. Fire ants are awful! I once sat near a fire ant hill and ended up getting them all over my feet! Ugh! I hope they heal soon!!

    While I love Snow Patrol's song "Chasing Cars" the Baseballs version is a lot of fun! I would have never put that song to rockin' fifties style music. Argh...tough decision but I'm going to have to go with the original. It's just more dreamy and melancholy. Cheers and feel better soon!


  17. I never knew that song was a remake. I have to go with Snow Patrol since I have that on my iTunes.

  18. Gotta go with Snow Patrol for this one. I don't like it fast, probably because I'm familiar with the slower version.

  19. While I really loved the Baseball's version because the music style is very fun, I think for this specific song, I have to go with the original by Snow Patrol. Only because it's such a haunting song for me and the cover is too poppy and fun for the lyrics. Having said that, I will definitely be checking out their over covers because I really liked their sound.

  20. Aw, geez. First off, sorry about the fire ants. I HATE those miserable so-and-sos, and know firsthand how insanely they itch.

    Now, for the battle. Here's yet another song I didn't know, so no preconceived notions. I thought the first version was kinda blah. White bread and mayo kinda blah. Not for me. The second version immediately started out with that '50s piano-banging sound I love. I'm still not a big fan of the song, but the Baseballs at least knocked a little blooper and made it to first base. One vote for the second version.

  21. Omigoodness - The Baseballs are really into some old school rock n roll! I'm now going to check out some of their other stuff, too. But I just love the dreamy, melancholy sound of the Snow Patrol version.

  22. This is not my music. I would prefer to get bitten by fire ants. In any event, the background music in the first one is a good cure for an aspirin. The second version makes me wish they never invented the Victrola phonograph. Since I must choose, I'll go with the first one, Snow Patrol, turn down the sound, and read the words.


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