Sunday, June 22, 2014

Battle of The Bands Result, Migraines, and High vs Low Maintenance

Hello friends. I meant to post the results from Battle of the Bands along with whatever my Thoughts Of The Day happened to be yesterday, but instead of thoughts I had a migraine. A relentless one. I didn't even turn my computer on yesterday. I went to bed at 7pm and had difficulty getting up for church at 8:30 this morning. That is just Crazy.

Anyone who monitored the comments from Battle of the Bands is keenly aware that Dire Straits won this one easily. Dire Straits garnered 21 votes while The Indigo Girls only took 6 votes from you.  Since this was not a big Dire Straits song, the first time I heard it was on an Indigo Girls record. As is so often the case, I had NO IDEA it was a cover until I heard Edwin McCain's version. That caused me to investigate. That said, I was predisposed to prefer The Indigo Girls version (familiarity might breed contempt, but I have found with these battles that it also breeds fondness). After hearing Dire Straits, I still liked The Indigo Girls version better. Some of you thought it was angry and I get that. Their take on the song was passionate (How can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals?) and they sing the lyrics with all of that bottled-up emotion that spills out when you feel like someone said "they'd love you til they died" and then say, "Ah, yeah, Romeo I used to have a scene with him." That smarts more than a little bit. (Adding my vote to the total only brings The Indigo Girls up to 7 votes. Still a huge win for Dire Straits.) Edwin McCain recorded it on his album as a love song. Very different from both of these versions and it is probably my favorite (though YouTube doesn't have a good version of it...  period). So, if ever I come across a good version I might very well bring this one back against Dire Straits (your choice) and see who you choose.

Now that we have that business done, I have a question for you. My mom asked me this morning about the difference between high and low maintenance people. What makes a person high maintenance? What makes a person low maintenance? I reminded her of of the clip from When Harry Met Sally, which is where I think this idea sprouted from, but has it exceeded its origins?

If you didn't see When Harry Met Sally...

What do the terms High Maintenance and Low Maintenance mean to you ?


  1. I think that scene captures the high/low maintenance discussion perfectly!

    One of my favorite exchanges in film.

    In general, I think most people are somewhat high maintenance if you look, it's just that we gravitate towards people where it doesn't feel like maintenance, or where it may feel like it but we don't care.

    Of course, all people think they are low maintenance.

    I think your mom she needs to start acting high maintenance with these online men.

    Quite frankly, it's a way to weed out the scammers, and for everyone else, if they're not willing to put forth a little effort, she's better off without them.

    She should let them court her, and enjoy it.

    My unsolicited $0.02.


  2. She's high maintenance.
    To me, the more emotion and drama, the higher the maintenance.
    No surprise Dire Straits won. But it is about what is familiar to you. Although I've heard some songs that were later improved by another band. Orgy took New Order's song Blue Monday and made it much better.

  3. My three boys say that high maintenance means someone who is money driven, has to drive the most expensive cars, live in high rent places or want to live in million dollar homes, wear the most expensive clothes etc... and they tell me it is why they are now divorced.

  4. I think high maintenance is someone who needs a lot of attention. They have to be the center of conversation and dominate social situations making them all about them. My stepson was married to a high maintenance woman. She was even jealous of attention paid to their daughter.

  5. LC ~ I tend to agree with you. We are all High Maintenance in some area. And we all think we are Low Maintenance. Well, there might be a few people out there who acknowledge that they are High Maintenance! I agree about mom and I am happy to say that she is getting better at recognizing a scammer on sight!

    Alex ~ Yeah, I tend to like what I know. However, there are covers of songs that do impress me so much that I end up liking them as much, if not more, than the first version I heard. I think one of the things that makes Battle of the Bands so great is that we all listen to different genres of music, so it is always a new experience for me. I can get on board with drama equating to High Maintenance.

    GG ~ This has been an interesting Q & A. LC said it could be Anything. Alex said drama. And you, or your sons, say money. I agree with all of you!

    Susan ~ Attention. I never thought of someone who needs to be in the Limelight as High Maintenance, but I can totally see that. Wow. Poor kid. I can't imagine having a parent who was jealous of everyone else getting attention, including me. I see Therapy in that kid's future.

  6. Ha! not surprised by the outcome on BOTB. When I said Indigo Girls were an 'angry girls band' I meant it in general not particular to this song. The 'Angry girl Band' was kind of a genre all it's own.

    When I think of someone who is 'high maintenance' I don't think of money or emotion, but rather someone who knows what they are worth and conveys that to others. I'm pretty high maintenance in that regard, and I know it (I admit that I don't always act it). I also drink Bombay gin, if that falls in line with more than one persons definition. According to my definition; I don't think it's a bad thing, but then of course, I wouldn't

  7. Robin, first of all.....I am SO sorry you had such a bad migraine. I don't know if we knew that about each other, but I get them, too. Not nearly as often as when I was younger, but when I get a BAD one, it is definitely BAD. I also have a prescription for them and if I take it soon enough, it usually takes care of it. Are you a "When Harry Met Sally" fan? I am . I just love that movie!

  8. Hi maintenance is someone who wants you to curtail your life to the extent that it becomes a burden to co exist with them. They talk about how you eat, what you you spend your time..they want to dictate everything and contribute to nothing. They are the joy suckers. That is high maintenance. Sally is not high maintenance...she just wants her food in a particular way. If she were telling HIM how to eat his food....that would be high maintenance.

  9. I hope you are feeling better. I think of high maintenance exactly how I first learned it in this film, which I love, by the way. She wants what she could call it picky, or you could call it "selective." I'll call it "strong-willed."

  10. FAE ~ Your definition is more in line with the Sally definition. She wants things the way she wants them. I don't think it is a bad thing, either, but it has taken on all sorts of other meanings depending upon who you talk to... which makes it one of those terms we should probably use with care, since it means different things to different people. I have fairly strong opinions about things and not speaking up for those things had a catastrophic result on my life. So, keep it up!

    Becky ~ Ah, migraines. I keep hoping that I will get a recess. I am not even sure what I am so stressed about these days that is keeping me in the stratosphere. I am glad that yours have improved.

    Christine ~ Interesting. Foisting your wants onto another person = High Maintenance. I suppose the folks who said that people who have to have The Best of Everything, but expect YOU to pay for it would fall into this category, too, by your definition. I like it.

    Liza ~ Nothing wrong with wanting it the way you want it!

  11. I only get migraines about twice a year, but when I do, my day is just completely lost. So I'm sorry to hear you got hit by one, but I'm hoping you're feeling better by now.

    When I think high maintenance, I think of someone who's always asking something of you because they can't do it themselves. Low maintenance is someone who's more independent and can either do it themselves or wants to do it with you.

    So to me it's not "I want a particular food a certain way", it's "I don't want to go out, will you go pick up the food? And on your way back will you stop and get me that new book I wanted? And before you leave can you toss in a load of my laundry?"

  12. I have a high maintenance person in my family. If all she wanted was her salad dressing on the side, I'd be ecstatic. The "her way or the highway" wears thin. Very thin.

  13. Those are the cutest Panda cupcakes! I need to make them.

    High maintenance? Those are the people who need constant attention, or they're not happy.

    Low maintenance? They go with the flow and are content to hang by themselves and keep themselves occupied.

  14. ABFTS ~ I wish that I could get to a place where I only had a couple a year. That would be awesome! Of course, none would be best, BUT still... High Maintenance = Demanding. That can wear thin if it is constant.

    clee ~ It is rough when you live with (or can't escape from) a demanding person. I am a big believer in distancing yourself from toxic people. Your definition of High Maintenance sounds toxic to me.

    Sherry ~ I don't do exotic cooking, but I love pictures of cute or pretty food. Strange, eh? High Maintenance = Need for Attention. Yeah, I can see that.

  15. Cute scene. I'm going to make a sexist comment, but on in men's favor here: more women are high maintenance than men, it seems. If I decide to meet for coffee with a friend, chances are the guy friend will show up at the agreed upon place and time. Female friend, however, will text or call me in advance...she's running late. Can we reschedule? Oh never mind, just save a table and she'll be there in 10. Make that twenty...oops gotta a call. I'll get right back to ya, etc. etc.

  16. PS I meant "one in men's favor." I'm so sorry migraines slammed you down. I hope today is much better. Hang in and take care of yourself.

  17. Hi Robin,

    I hope you will continue to rest up. It's much more important than getting a posting up. Kudos to you, however, for posting.

    No surprise in regards to Dire Straits.

    I'm low maintenance. All I need is a clean home and some peace and quiet. My ex wife was rather high maintenance. She would be extravagant and live beyond our means. A bit of a diva, actually.

    Gary, who insists you take care of YOU! :)

  18. High Maintenance: Inflexible

    Low Maintenance: Roll with the punches

  19. I haven't seen the movie, though I have seen a clip or two. That one made me laugh.
    I don't know what makes a person high/low maintenance. I suspect parenting has a small role in it. It seems adults who were given their way always (as children) turn out high maintenance more than those who had consistent boundaries.

    I'm sorry about your migraine. :(

  20. I'm sorry about the migraine. My mother used to get those all the time.

    My husband says I'm a Sally because that's how I also order my food. Although mostly it's a complete removal rather than on the side. (The joys of being vegan.)


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