Thursday, May 22, 2014


Before we jump into what is going to be a very different HERE'S TO YOU post, I want to address the outcome of Battle of the Bands. Participation wasn't as high as normal. I don't know if that was because of the song I chose for the battle, the fact that some people aren't blogging right now, or if the moon was too full or not full enough. Whatevs. :) The song was Crazy Train and the contenders were Ozzy Osbourne (the original) versus Pat Boone (the cover). Not surprisingly, Ozzy won this one with 15 votes. Pat Boone only got 4 votes. I think I should have clarified that Pat's version was originally released on his album In A Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy (1997). When The Osbournes (TV show) came on they chose to include Pat's cover on their soundtrack. It wasn't an intro for the TV show or anything of that nature. Pat covered 11 other metal bands on that album including, but not limited to, Judas Priest, Metallica, and AC/DC. I cast my vote for Pat because it makes me smile, not that it makes any difference. Ozzy won it by a mile.

Moving on to HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY...

Normally, this post rolls with a video for Everyone followed by a hodge-podge variety of clips dedicated to those of you who triggered a thought of a song or clip. This week didn't work out that way. Every clip this week will be from my favorite TV show of all time... Joan of Arcadia. Plus, I am going to break my Cardinal Rule and tell you why I chose it before the clip.

Even worse, because I don't know when to just SHUT UP ALREADY, I am going to share with you something about ME and this show. In the year 2005 (the year of my separation, divorce, and immediate recovery from said divorce) I watched the first season of this show at least once (probably two or three times) back to back. Marathon watching. And I cried all the way through it Every.Single.Time. In that same year I bought the first season of the show Everwood and cried all the way through it. One could argue that I was just a drippy mess and a commercial could have set me off. I disagree. Everwood's first season revolved around the primary themes of accepting change and loss. (I was experiencing severe change and severe loss.) Joan of Arcadia revolved around the theme that God has a plan for our lives even if we cannot see it. (I needed to hear that particularly loudly right then since I was Out To Sea.) He always has our best interests and actively works in our lives, whether we choose to accept, believe, or understand it. I cannot tell you the number or times that I felt a message in an episode was meant for me to hear, see for what it was, and process it into MY life so that I could move on.

This first clip I found quite accidentally while trying to find a totally different clip. Yep, this is just part of the amazingness of how this all works. It reminded me of MY LAST POST (Getting It Right and Wrong, AKA The Holy Go) about stubbornness, determination, and standing on your principles even when the majority rejects it. It also reminds of how it feels when you DON'T do that and you can lose yourself. So, if you read that post, you should totally get this:

I was looking for a clip for Al Diaz and thought for half a minute this might be it ("eye of the tiger"), but then realized that it really was meant for Robyn over at Life By Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog AND Yvonne at Writing My Life Away! Why? Because they are both familiar with loss, dusting yourself up as you get off, and the importance of not giving up on relationships:

If you are loving this version of HERE'S TO YOU, you can thank Red Shoes over at Red Shoe's Chronicles. He wrote a lovely blog about his friend, Scooter, and this journey that he has been on since he died. I went looking for a JOA clip for HIM and found all of the other gems along the way. So, Shoes this one is for you:

When I first started watching this one, I kept watching because I thought, "Oh good. This one actually relates to Julie over at Empty Nest Insider and her graduation post." However, in the end, I knew that this clip was actually for Jasmine over at A Yellow Rose of Texas (not to say that Julie won't appreciate it, too). Graduation is about leaving the familiar, embracing the unexpected, and accepting that we don't control everything. But, it can still be GREAT.

Stephen T. McCarthy touched my heart with his last blog bit (Battle of the Bands). The song made him think of a good friend who took his own life many years ago. My original thought was to dedicate Martina McBride's song Good Bye to him. However, when this post took the JOA turn I also had the perfect clip. If you want to listen to the song, you can click on this link...

Here is the JOA clip for Stephen:

This one is for Liza at Middle Passages. I printed her poem here during the A to Z. And that inspired her to write a post about what happened after... because of it. And that made me think of this clip. See how the circle turns:

Elizabeth Seckman posted about her 77 year old mother moving to Alaska with an 82 year old fella she met online. It is hard to know when to pull the people you love close and when to let them go. Harder still, that choice can be taken from you. You may want to pull them close, but they are ready to go. This was one of those episodes that netted a lot of crying (as mentioned in the intro of this post). For me, divorce wrenched two small children - not biologically mine - out of my life. I tried desperately to hang on and couldn't find any peace in even the idea, much less the reality, of letting go. So, Elizabeth, I feel for you and here's to you:

I mentioned above looking for the perfect clip for Al Diaz over at Dragon On A Mission. He wrote recently of seeing obstacles as challenges. It took a while, but I finally realized that this was the perfect one to address that idea and so many others that he shares on his blog:


  1. I don't know how you manage to pull all this together, Robin. But you certainly do it well. I must have missed the last BoTBs cause I don't remember voting against Pat Boone. Hmm. Have had sick daughter visiting and one moving, so I apologize if I did miss it. A thoughtful post.

  2. Wow! This is fantastic. I never watched Joan of Arcadia but I heard about it. Just never got around to watching it. I may have to remedy that :D Big hello to all who were awarded a "here's to you" video!!


  3. D.G. ~ No worries. There will be another BOTB on the 1st!

    Jennifer ~ I left a comment on your most recent post about the JOA clip that very nearly made its way onto this post for you. I hope you like it...

  4. He always has a plan for us.
    Sorry I can't watch the clips. Internet is down at work and I' making do with my iPad which is very, very slow...

  5. I can't say that I'm glad to see Ozzy take this win, even if I did vote for him. I'm just grateful that the earth did not spin off it's axis, either due to my vote or the overall win.

  6. As I'm about to see my therapist =), this is an appropriate, and very much appreciated, note to take in. I never thought about myself as "never giving up on relationships," - not in a healthy way, at least. But I don' least not until it's clear to me that I'm being self-destructive by doing so. Thanks for making that clear with this post, Robin. It's something for me to feel good about. You're awesome.

  7. Alex ~ Ah... that dratted internet.

    fae ~ hahahaha. the earth spin off its axis..... nope, we are still here.

    Robyn ~ There is a difference between holding onto that which is toxic and keeping the hope that it will all work out one day. And right back at ya with that awesomeness.

  8. Love that you let us in on some of your process this week! And then it was all themed and everything. This Thursday edition was extra great- and I got to be included, yay!
    Out of the chaos comes some pretty great stuff and you do have to trust that it will all work out. That's the kind of trust I can be sure of!

    1. I am glad that getting my process out loud was extra great. When I finished the post and realized how LONG it was, I doubted my choice. It is akin to having a loaded plate of food... sometimes it just looks like lots of chewing.

      I liked this clip for so many reasons. One, the director of the play was God, but not a persona she had seen before. So, even though she and God spoke many times SHE DID NOT KNOW IT WAS HIM. She only finds out when they are crawling on the stage to get her to "the moon" and it clicks. And she says something to indicate she JUST NOW FIGURED IT OUT. And he says, "That's cute. I can still surprise you." Two, while the audience is loving the play (as the set falls down, mistakes happen, the set catches fire) Joan is complaining to the director (God), "This is a disaster. Make it stop." And He says something like, "They love it. It's wonderful." Third, I liked watching Joan's personal switch flip as she went from thinking This Is A Disaster to This Turned Out Pretty Great. Fourth, I like that she is getting better at looking at one experience (the play) and parlaying that out into her current life experience (choosing college) and seeing that it is all interconnected.

      That last one is something that people who have been following you for a while got to watch you sort out in your own mind. As you say, you are a woman who started a blog about a move to Texas and four years later you are moving to SoCal. And it is pretty great.

  9. ROBIN... you really ARE a "GIRL WONDER" ~
    I guess this was just the day that God chose for me (again). There's much I could say, M'Dear, but a lot of it is of a very personal nature - and I'm a bit of a mess today (even before I came here - i.e., NOT your fault!) - so I'm going to keep it kind of short with just a little hinting that neither you nor anyone else will be able to clearly decipher.

    FIRST thing, of course, is that I sincerely thank you for thinking of me - for the video AND the song. (I want to get that 'JOA' episode from NetFlix but I'm not sure I understand the coding. Does "S02 E08" mean that it's the 8th episode of Season 2?)

    From the song (which I'd never heard before...)

    And I remember where I was
    When the word came about you

    Yes, I do. It was 1986. I had just gotten off work and decided to go to my parents' house, probably to watch a Dodger game with them, or an episode of 'The Andy Griffith Show'.

    I walked in, said hello and all that, cracked open a beer and sat down in front of the TV. My Ma and Pa were both in the room and they wore these peculiar solemn expressions. Then my Ma said, "We have some bad news for you".
    I could tell this was going to be way worse than just "bad" news. "What?!" I asked them.

    A slight pause, and then my Ma says, "It's about Kelly."
    That was all she needed to say; I KNEW he was dead.

    My first thought was that he'd had trouble with a parachute, and I asked, "His parachute didn't open?"
    "No, not that. ...I'm afraid he shot himself."

    You can imagine the rest of the scene.

    Robin, I once wrote a little story about the very last time I ever saw Kelly - it was maybe 6 months prior to his death - and I included the story in a review I had written. Maybe later, in a few days or a week or so, I'll send it to you if you're interested in reading it.

    >>... "He [GOD] always has our best interests and actively works in our lives, whether we choose to accept, believe, or understand it."

    That is an ABSOLUTE FACT! Anyone who doesn't believe it either doesn't have their Spiritual Eyes and Ears open, or else they are willfully refusing to accept it for one reason or another.

    Robin, one reason this has hit me hard today is because... I haven't heard DIRECTLY from God in awhile. And out-of-the-blue, completely unexpectedly, He spoke to me as I was just waking up this morning. God rarely, if ever, speaks loudly; He doesn't need to. But when it's His Voice speaking to you, you KNOW IT - there's no way of mistaking it.

    He spoke to me very clearly this morning for the first time in awhile. It was definitely HIM using my own inner voice to express Himself. I don't want to say here what He said because it's very personal and it wasn't exactly praise or a compliment for me.

    But HE definitely has gotten my attention (again!), and... I seriously, Seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt that you deciding to feature me in today's 'HERE'S TO YOU' was a mere coincidence.

    There is something about... THIS day - May 22, 2014. And I had better start listening more attentively to God's Voice and paying more attention to His workings in my life because... that, in a nutshell, is what He warned me about this morning.

    Thanks again, Girl Wonder - your timing was "Wonder-full".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. First, the song. I love that song. I think it was on Martina's Emotion album and the whole thing is good. That might be my favorite. Of course, it was a B-side and most people have never heard it. Anyone who has experience the death of a loved one, but particularly a death by suicide, will "get" this song. And I would love to read the review in which you mention your friend. Isn't it pretty great that he lives on via your words?

      I will answer your question. Yes, that episode is coded as you think. Of course, you can watch just that one... but it won't mean as much to you unless you watch the rest. Ironically, I was *this close* to sending you the first season when I returned your movies. BUT... you indicated that you really only enjoyed comedies, sitcoms, and wanted to laugh. And while this might have some Chuckle Moments it is mostly serious stuff. Plus, as I mentioned this is my favorite TV show ever and I really didn't want you to tell me you didn't like it. Not that it would change anything for me... It just felt like me not listening to you. I could hear you thinking to yourself, "I told her I only watch funny stuff and she sent me something I will have to return that I don't even want to watch."

      I have taken the Long Way Around (again) to tell you that my instincts said you would like this show and it would speak to you in surprising ways. I was all set to surprise you with it. Then, after finding out you really don't like a drama of any kind I doubted myself and didn't sent it at all. And, now, here we are, I should have listened to my gut. Duh.

      The good news is that this isn't a disaster, you can rent it from Netflix. However, I do suggest you start at the beginning. This show only ran two seasons (they always cancel the good ones, so this is just par for the course). It ended on a cliffhanger because the show didn't know it was cancelled until after they shot the last episode. Boo CBS.

      When God whispers so clearly in your ear that you KNOW "these are not my thoughts... this is coming directly from The Source" that is powerful stuff. As for you being featured here... I don't think it is coincidence either. Sometimes we need to get a message from a couple of different places in order for us to fully comprehend it.

    2. ROBIN ~
      Compromise... I added Season 2, Disc 2 to my NetFlix queue and bumped it up to the top. I will watch all 4 episodes on the disc (not just the one you excerpted here) and I'll see if it does anything for me. If so, then maybe I'll collect my $200 and start from "GO".

      I really wasn't even sure if I had ever posted that "Kelly" Review on my blog, but in searching, I found it at 'Stuffs', posted 3 years ago:

      That was a close call. That could have been a disaster that I would NEVER have gotten over. Thank God for forgiveness!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    3. I read your Van Morrison review and the bit on the last meet with Kelly. I didn't comment there because I was afraid I would forget to go back and read your response if there was one.

      I find it amazing how God works. You were given a gift that day, as was Kelly. You both walked away knowing that you were "good again." That made it possible for you to accept his death without punishing yourself and you know that you, in no way, factored into his choice. Forgiveness all the way around. That is such a blessing. Yes, thank God for forgiveness.

  10. God has a plan for our lives even if we cannot see it

    I've never found that thought to be a comfort...when my sister died of cancer, that was what everyone said to cheer me up, and it basically ticked me off.

    I always struggle with the concept of a "plan" and free will...

    There's a song by an old Philly rocker, John Eddie, that sums up how I think God looks on us:

    Well God don't get cable
    He don't need TV
    He puts His feet on the table
    and He turns on me

    I shoulda gone to church
    I shoulda said my prayers
    I'm a source of entertainment
    to the Man upstairs

    Not that I think God is necessarily watching us for entertainment (although we must make for some funny viewing), but I think he watched us carefully make plans and our bad choices and probably shakes his head.


    1. When someone dies as a young person, be if from cancer or a horrible accident, it feels wrong. And words that are meant to give comfort do not. Mostly because there aren't any words that will give comfort. I struggled with my dad's death for a LONG time and that was even after he came very clearly to me in dreams several times and we had amazing conversations and I KNEW he was okay. Better than okay. Ultimately, accepting that made it easier. I have more family on The Other Side than this one and it makes me feel better to know that they are always around me even when I don't see them. They are rooting for me all of the time.

      I think that Jesus came here with many BIG messages. But one of the biggest was to change the way people saw God. Before Jesus, the church had built God up to be the God of vengeance. The church used God as a weapon to tithe people beyond their capacity. God was to be feared. And they set themselves up as God's "hand." Jesus said, "No" to all of it. God is NOT that. God is the Father. We are His children. God loves us like a Father loves his children. God wants your best and celebrates in your victories and cries with you in your sorrow... just as your own father would do.

      I don't think God does a lot of head shaking. I think that people are far more judgmental than God is. He is the purest form of love. And your sister gets to experience that love in the purest form possible. I think that all of the people who are in heaven have it much better than anyone down here.

      Just a thought... I already suggested that StMc watch this show. Why don't you give it a whirl? The worst that can happen is that it doesn't speak to you at all and you gave a few hours to something that doesn't turn your crank.

  11. Be who you are, Joan. Be who you are Liza. I'm 55 years old, and I'm still working on that...but you helped me get closer to it. Thanks again, Robin. I'll be watching all these clips over the weekend. Glad this show was there for you when you needed it.

    1. I thought that this one might hit you on a few levels. When you have a big change of circumstance we get lost sometimes. Who are we? Yes, so you got that one. We also spend some time figuratively rooting around in the garbage just trying to find some purpose. Meaning. And then there was the poem at the end. What if your poem was somehow captured forever, but you, the writer, got lost somewhere in the future. Would it make your poem any less? No. Sometimes we forget that it is the essence of the thing that matters. Notre Dame isn't any less because the artist's name has been lost as time has flowed on.

  12. Your page locked my computer up for about 20 minutes so I did some reading waiting for it to start moving again. Didn't attempt watching any of the videos. I recall watching Joan of Arcadia--that must have been in the 90's wasn't it? It was among the few shows I ever watched back then.

    Seems like you got a decent enough voting on your BOTB. I had 22 votes which was a bit higher for me I think.

    Tossing It Out

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I'm going to have to try to watch these later when I have more time and am not drawing Music Alphabet. But I read the post, at least.

  15. I love your "Heres to you' clips. It makes the blog ( or any blog) so much more personal.

  16. I haven't seen Joan of Arcadia, but you've got me curious. I'm glad you found what you needed, when you needed it. I was driving the highway home from work one day, same highway I always took, nothing different, and a song came on the radio that got me so emotional (out of the blue and out of the ordinary) that I had to pull over. I didn't know I needed it (a big loss in our family), but it worked like a charm for me (because I sure did need to cry I guess, or let it go, whatever it was). I'm glad things find us when we need them (or vice versa).

  17. Hi there, dear Robin... all you do with this is so amazing...

    Thank you for acknowledging 'Scattering Scooter'... I've never scattered ashes before... this was a new experience...

    I just don't see how you remain so focused in order to do all of this!

    Thank you so much...


  18. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this show. Nice selection of clips.

  19. I'm sorry that you went through such a horrible divorce, but I'm glad that you were comforted by your favorite TV shows. It's amazing how we form strong bonds with some of our favorite TV characters! Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett really got me through some tough teenage years! Thanks for including me in the Joan of Arcadia clip. I also enjoyed the clips for Robyn, and Liza!


  20. I wonder which rock I was living under, as I am not sure I remember this show.

  21. Robin, thank you so much! That clip was perfect on so many levels. Years ago my brother had a step daughter and when he got divorced, we lost all contact with my former sister in law and her little girl. I loved them both and it was heart breaking to never speak to them again. So, the seeds was perfect. I also have a tendency to make everything my problem and get in way over my head and stressed out. My dad used to tease me...there are children starving in China, what are you going to do about it? It was his way of reminding me that I can't fix everything.

    I'm so lucky to have never experienced divorce and I sometimes I need a reminder that some problems are really not problems. My mom is happy; I will be happy for her.

  22. While I've heard of Joan of Arcadia, I've never watched it. I think I need to rectify that. Some very interesting clips.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  23. Well since you thought on me for the first one, and I dont believe in coincidences, I watched it too. So it happens I can make good use of the message about not giving up to relationships. Nobody knows it but I have been struggling with that thought lately like way too much. Way too much. So the lucky me got two messages instead of one. Talking about things you're meant to hear. Thank you, Robin!

  24. Arlee ~ Sorry I locked up your computer. Yes, JOA was on in the early-mid 90s. I don't recall precisely.

    Briane P. ~ Well, okay:)

    Sandra ~ :D

    rosey ~ Thank you for sharing your story. I have heard songs on the radio that have affected me in profound ways. I think that music carries within it the possibility of reaching into your soul. When we are feeling vulnerable we are always more open to being touched. And that sounds like precisely what happened. It was the catalyst so that you could let go of all that painful junk.

    Shoes ~ Is it focused or crazy? I think the jury is still out.

    LD ~ Yeah, I miss it.

    Julie ~ You just can't predict what will be the thing that helps you make it through the tough times. Glad you enjoyed the clips!

    Andrea ~ If I recall correctly, it was on a Friday night on CBS back in the early to mid-90s. Not a great time slot, but it had a solid following. Made me very sad when they pulled the plug.

    Elizabeth ~ Ah, yes, I can relate to that all too well. At the time, I just didn't know what sort of relationship I would have with ex's kids and the seed sewing hit me in just the same way. We have to trust that however it turns out, it is okay. It is enough. You did your best. And the same goes with your mom... as you know...

    Sia ~ I can't say enough good things about this show.

    Al ~ Aha. So maybe that first one was more for you than I thought. I did think of you and am glad now that I said so... or you might not have watched it and missed the message meant JUST FOR YOU.

  25. Hi Robin,

    I always have the same problem as Arlee alludes to. Your site hates my computer when you have all those videos posted up. When I finally move, my priority has to be a computer that actually works. I get tired of winding up the key on this computer! :)

    I have never heard of that show. However, I can understand that it's poignant to you. I do know that you are most intuitive with your video selections. Well, I do know on the rare occasions they load up.

    Take care, dear lady and enjoy your weekend.

    Gary :)

  26. I forgot how much I liked that show. It made me cry many times.

  27. Gary ~ I, too, look forward to the day when you have a computer that loads quickly. My site doesn't hate your computer. It shuts you down with love!

    Susan ~ Preaching to the choir sister. You are preaching to the choir.

  28. These are all great clips, and it's nice to know the reasons behind why you chose them.

  29. Hi, Robin,
    You certainly put a lot of thought into these posts. Of course, I don't know the Crazy Train recording, but the name Pat Book brings back a lot of childhood memories. Enjoy the weekend.

  30. I'm running out of power and my cord is where? So I'll hurry.... I've never seen the show,
    Joan of Arcadia, so I don't know what's going on.
    Hope you are having a memorable Memorial Day.

  31. Is it bad that I've never even heard of this show? I've never been much of a TV watcher... What I saw of these clips I did enjoy, though.

    If God's plan for me is to stream movies in my underwear today, then I'm sure going to make Him proud!

  32. I had always wanted to watch this now that I have seen your vids I am going to have to check this show out.

  33. I so loved that show. I wish it was still on.

  34. Had I voted in the Challenge, I would have voted for Ozzy too. Imagine what Randy Rhodes would have accomplished if he hadn't been taken from us too early in his young life.

    I'm with you, reading Shoe's posts about his friend Scooter have been so touching!

    I'm marathon watching Veep right now. Although, it doesn't make me cry. Not ye anyway. ;)


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