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My theme for A to Z this year is a wildly different, but very exciting, HERE'S TO YOU all month long. 26 posts to be precise. The most difficult part was narrowing down the 26. All of you deserve your own post. What you will find here is a post by the featured blogger, with traveling music chosen by me that complements said post, and two links. One will link back to the original post and the other to the main page. This year's A to Z is all about making new friends!

You don't know who klahanie is? Really? AKA Gary and his steadfast pal, Penny, The Jack Russell Dog and Modest Internet Superstar, are world famous. They're not? Okay, maybe they are just famous TO ME. Penny is Pawsitively daring with the stuff she posts on the blog when Gary leaves the house. But she is a superstar and you know how they horse  cat dog a person with their tenacity. Gary is NOT participating in the A to Z this year, or any year, because he abhors a blog hop. But that doesn't stop me from featuring him right here!

This is Gary:

And this is Penny:

Not surprising that Penny appears to be hiding. That is what superstars are forced to do when folks come by trying to snap their photo.

And now for the traveling music:

You Have Been Here For Me And I Am Here For You. by klahanie

The wind chimes.  The music of nature muffled by the cold night air.  And yet, the chimes do ring of the hope I sense for the world.  There is a warmth in the cold night air.  There is a warmth I sense from you.

I was online most of last Christmas Day.  This year, I'm going to be here again to reach out to others.

I truly understand how difficult and lonely a day Christmas can be.  Thus, if you're struggling to cope, need someone to talk to, I will be here for you.  If you just want a time out from a hectic, social day, I will be here for you.

Be assured, if you do wish to contact me, your anonymity is guaranteed.  Please take into account that my time zone is Greenwich Mean Time and I might not be able to respond immediately.  The following email address is the easiest way to contact me,   
Together, we can make a difference.  Let's take a reflective moment and think.  Think of those whose biggest concern on Christmas Day is whether they'll have something to eat and a roof over their heads.  I know how blessed I am.

As Penny sits snugly looking at the dazzling lights, she wishes you, my son Tristan wishes you and I wish you, a peaceful, hopeful, blessed Christmas.

You have been here for me and I am here for you.

Gary gives so much of himself to this blogging community. If you aren't already counted among his friends, I encourage you to pay him a visit. You will be the better for it.


  1. Gary is just such a giving person. He's been there, done that, and knows how it feels, so he knows how to lift up others.
    Of course no one tops Penny, Modest Internet Superstar!
    And Gary is the best anti-spokesperson the Challenge could ever hope for!

  2. Another great feature - Gary (Klahanie)! I've seen him and Penny around at all the nice blogs. . . That was a lovely card and message. Hope is all it takes sometimes to help a person through a bad time, or a lonely time.

  3. I've seen him posting comments but haven't ever actually gone to look at his blog. Now I will.

  4. I don't know Gary. But it sure seems I should. Heading over.

  5. I know Gary n' Stuff. Penny likes to outsmart her human. Both are kind and real.

  6. Loved that post. Christmas can be so lonely for people. Gary sounds like a great guy.

  7. According to that very nice blog bit,
    it sounds like Gary is "man's best friend".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. Gary sounds like an awesome, awesome guy. I've seen him around - I'm going to go check out his blog. Thanks for sharing all his wonderfulness (and Penny's) with us. :)

  9. Oh, P.S. You won the book on my blog. :)

  10. Robin: I am now following Gary, and I thank you!

  11. Dear Robin,

    You bet I rushed over. I love the irony, my kind friend. Penny and I do our best to avoid blog hops, blog fests and of course, the A to Z. Yet, the irony is that our tongue-in-cheek satire has actually brought further awareness of the A to Z. Sheesh! :)

    Penny and I are most grateful to you for mentioning us in such a warm, caring way. We do stay discreetly in the background. However, Penny and I have noted all the really kind comments and we will be visiting and following those fine folks we don't already know.

    Once again, thank you for featuring Penny and I for the letter "K". We are humbled and flattered. We truly believe in celebrating the all different, all equal diversity that makes the blogging community such an inspirational place for a better world.

    In peace and hope,

    Gary and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  12. Gary is awesome! I'm so glad you included him in your theme!

  13. Penny & her human Gary are among my fave rave bloggers. And like him, I also despise the blog hop thingie, although I have participated in A-Z. Just not this year. :)

  14. They don't come any more honest, kind-hearted, and entertaining than Klahanie (and Penny too)!!

  15. I'm hugging this post!!! Gary is one of the most selfless people I've ever "met." He's such a kind, amazing, strong soul. Can't imagine the bloggy world without him!

  16. Gary and Penny rank right up there as "best bloggers I've just started to follow." Always a kind word and always a smile. Gotta love that in a dog and her guy.

  17. I knew Gary would be your K! As he and Penny should be - the two most awesome bloggers in the sphere! A better more supportive friend you'll never find! Cheers to you for featuring Gary, and Penny and cheers to them for just being!

  18. I will for sure go check out this blog. Cutest dog ever.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  19. Wow, what a nice thing to do. May God bless such people!

  20. Yay for Gary & Penny! Such nice people. =)

  21. Everyone ~ Today has been a "crazy" day. Thanks for all of the kind words for Gary and Penny. I will be back tomorrow to make the rounds!

  22. Everything that can be said has already been said. Gary rocks and I certainly admire him and respect him deeply. And we all adore Penny, of course. Excellent choice!

  23. I'm so glad you featured the lady of the month and her dutiful human. Smiles.


  24. I'm headed over to wave hello to Penny and her human. :)

  25. Awwwww so lovely to see the super duper trooper star Penny and her adorable human Gary here!! They're one of my fave bloggie pals!! And this music is so them! It's lovely!

    Take care

  26. Gary and Penny are both so wonderful.

  27. Gary and penny are top dogs.... Always a sweet and sensitive comment given. Terrific choice!

  28. Thanks for sharing about the dynamic duo. I will go say "howdy"

  29. Gary is such a unique and outstanding individual! He really goes out of his way to make everyone feel special, and has an incredible sense of humor! I'm sure he'll need a vacation after anti-A to Z-ing! Penny has trained him well!


  30. Ironically as the anti-A-to-Z spokesman, Gary has become one of the most active participants.

    Glad you gave Gary the spotlight for letter K. He's been very supportive to many.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  31. I always enjoy Gary's blog. And it's extremely pleasant when he visits my blog too. He is one of those dear friends in blog land, one I really appreciate.

    M. J. Joachim

    A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  32. I love Gary and Penny's blog and I remember this touching blog post at Christmas. The video How to Save a Life is definitely fitting!


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