Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do You Speak Your Truth?

Knock. Knock. Who's there? Me. Again.

Are you shocked?

I know. Me too.

Posting back to back is downright a-mazing.

Here's the deal, peeps. It just smacked me right upside the head that my long awaited concert is next Friday. As in less than a week away. Yes, Train is coming to Atlanta next Friday night. I am so totally and completely psyched. I got out my IPod this afternoon, put California 37 on shuffle, and soaked it in... again. Man, I love that album.

While I was listening, I said to myself, "Robin, you have seriously got to share the deliciousness that is this album with your blog friends. So many people are still in the dark about how awesome Train is. If you start today and post at least one song off the album every day, you can cover a good many songs before C-Day (Concert Day)." So, I decided to go for it.

Then, I had to decide what to choose and why. These are always the hardest choices. Every song on this album is so revealing about Train in different ways. Stylistically, they are all a bit different, which I totally love. Don't you hate listening to a singer or band and come away thinking that every song sounds exactly the same? No chance of that with this band. They really dug deep and found their sound, which is totally unique, but not remotely the same as any other song on the album. I love that.

The other thought that kept running through my head was how honest Pat was in so many of these songs. Pat is the lead singer and does a lot of the writing, for those of you not in the know. Some of that honesty was so raw that it reminded me of another favorite singer (can I bring up Marshall Mathers and not have this become an MM post????). When you live in the spotlight and decide to write about your life, it means writing about other people. Period. And the people who were crappy to you end up not looking so good. If those people are your exes and still wield some power over you because you share kids, you have to decide whether or not you or going to live in fear of them or not. Or are you going to tell your story with fearless truth and courage? And then let the chips fall as they may. I have to say that I respect someone who steps up and lets it fly.

Anyway, this is not the first cut off the album. It isn't even a particularly long song, but I feel taps the attitude of the album very well, so I think it is a good place to BEGIN.

Knock knock, who's there?
2012 is a brand new year

Cleaning house, singing songs
Shedding light and righting wrongs

Ding dong the witch ain't dead
She's still trying to take my bread
Four more years 'til my girls all grown
Then the b*tch gotta have to leave me alone
It's all good 'cause I'm as happy as a flea
On a mountain of dogs you see

A little music cured all the hurt and put hate in six feet of dirt

I was looking for some heaven
There's no need to look no more
California 37
Took me right to heaven's door
Knock knock, woah oh
Rock and Roll
California 37 took me right to heaven's door

Here's to those who didn't think Train could ever roll again
You were the fuel that I used when inspiration hit a dead end
San Francisco got it done 415 took the 911
Thank you all for believin' in
We won't let you down again

Truth is, it was attitude
Replaced greed with gratitude

Then replaced a pretty key dude
It's all truth not being rude
Making love now, not mistakes
Working hard instead of looking for breaks

Came all the way from the eighth Great Lake
And found 37 reasons to stay

I was looking for some heaven
There's no need to look no more
California 37
Took me right to heaven's door
Knock knock, woah oh
Rock and Roll
California 37 took me right to heaven's door

I was looking for some heaven
There's no need to look no more
California 37
Took me right to heaven's door

Okay, I just had me a time with the italics, large, larger, and largest functions. For those of you not in the know, Pat is divorced with two kids. He remarried in 2004 or 2005. And he had two kids with his new wife and they are very happy. Obviously, that first marriage not so much. And they are still not getting along. However, I have seen pics of him and his two oldest kids and they are great with their dad. He doesn't talk much about they whys and wherefores of it all, but clearly it is not good! See the italicized portions for clarification.

There was speculation that Train would not bounce back. Pat talks about this in a Studio Session that I will post in a later blog. When you have discord in a band about your "sound," you have discord. They needed unity about who they were. Apparently in order to get that unity they had to pare down the band. Well, core values and goals are a must. If your destination isn't the same you will always be tugging at each other and spinning your wheels. It is a strange sort of marriage. I love the part about how they turned it around: replaced greed with gratitude and then working hard instead of looking for breaks. They realized it wasn't working at the root, which explained the lack of success on their last two albums prior to Save Me, San Francisco, which had the hit Hey Soul Sister on it. However, something had to give. And that was it. They had to strive for gratitude and hard work. And when they did, it turned everything around. They made something incredible.

Let's look at one more song for fun. This is their current single. It even has a video. As you will soon see, it is stylistically very different from everything else on the album. I love the lyrics. I love the beat. Actually, I love everything about this song. Just LOVE it.

Isn't that hilarious? I freakin' love the video, too.

They just put this T-shirt up for sale on Train's Official Website, due to fan outcry, after Pat wore it on a morning talk show. It was previously only available at the concert. Now you can buy it on their website. I wish it came in purple...

Stay tuned for more Train and some cool 3-4 minute Studio Sessions with Train to see how the new record came together. I think you tend to like a band better when you feel like you have a better sense of who the people actually are. And they are always just people. It's when they let you in and get to know them a little bit, you can see that they are really COOL people.

Stay away from those crappy Purple Scions everyone. They can be killers... lol.

all images except the T-shirt found on facebook, of course
where the crazy people live

you can find the T-shirt on Train's official website


  1. Jeremy goes through changes in his band as others develop other priorities, as people are unreliable, as they don't share the vision he has (and, despite my best efforts, my only child has an only child temperament when it comes to his music!) ... but you've gotta get people in sync, otherwise it's a lead singer and back-up rather than a BAND. Jeremy and I talk about U2 a lot, how they've put friendship and fairness above everything else, which allows the music to shine and has let them stay together for so many decades. We all need to learn our lessons in our own way and in our own time; if we can share some of that wisdom publicly to help others along their path, all the better ....

  2. Great video's and post! Love your statement "found on facebook, of course where the crazy people live" teehee...that's priceless! Big hugs to ya!

  3. In the vein of 50 ways, you would love Jerod Neiman's 'I'll pray for you'!
    Thanks for sharing some good stuff. :)

  4. @Mary - Holding up U2 is an excellent example for Jeremy of a band with a cohesive vision. And we do all have to learn our lessons in our own time. That can be frustrating to watch...

    @Mitzi - It does sometimes feel like the all the crazy people do live there... lol.

    @Jasmine - I love the song I'll Pray For You. Cracks me up every time!!!!

  5. After meeting you in person, this post becomes even more interesting to me than your usual posts.


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