Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Marshall Mathers,

Dear Marshall Mathers,

It has just occurred to me that I haven't even mentioned you on this blog in a really long time. It has been all migraines, stress, the Rabbit Hole, liars, cheaters, vestibular therapy, what I have been watching on TV, my SSD and my stress about THAT, friendship disappointments, etc. None of that means that I haven't considered blogging about you, because I have. Lots of times. In fact, each time you released a song on video I had a strong urge to do the Breakdown. Yeah, I am talking about Spacebound and Lighters. I am not so crazy about the Bad Vs. Evil stuff. We'll get into that later. Or not.

Anyway, I still think you might be the best lyricist out there. That doesn't mean you couldn't be better. I remain true to my statements of I.Don't.Know.How.Long.Ago and maintain that you could turn the hip hop community on its ear by showing them just how Smart you are. Brilliant, in fact. You have a way with words that most people dream about. Heck, I dream about it. If you took every curse word out of what you are currently writing, and inserted something sharper, imagine what that would do for your lyrics. Then, when you did drop a curse word, it would mean something. It is sort of like the guy who yells all the time. No one listens because is always yelling. But that guy who rarely says anything.... he can talk in a whisper and everyone shuts up just to hear what he says. Your writing is that good. People would all shut up just to hear what you say. Besides, curse words stop meaning anything when you use them over and over. Just like any other word that is used excessively. I know that you know this already, but sometimes we forget stuff.

I read your book. Did I tell you that already? I am not going to go on and on about it. The one thing I will say is this: You said something in there about letting Slim Shady take over because you didn't think anyone cared about what Marshall Mathers had to say. I think I got that right, more or less. I think you're wrong. I think that everyone cares about what Marshall Mathers has to say. The people who get it understand that Marshall Mathers is the only one who is real in this "show" that you've created. So, his is the only voice that matters.

D12 was a good idea. It got you noticed. It got you famous. It got you credibility in the hip hop world. However, you are now free to be you. And that is the thing I think you still don't get. And I say this because of your song Lighters. You are still writing like you are the Underdog. Like no one has your back out here in the Real World. That the fans don't love you. And you are wrong. You are on top. You can make the Rules. You can be you. (Now I am not saying that some of those fans aren't crazy ass lunatics. See how effective that curse word was coming up out of the blue????) But, many of them are in their 40s. Grown ups. People who grew up with your music and are ready to make that leap with you.

I guess all this comes down to cheerleading. Me cheerleading you. You are amazing. You are a wordsmith. However, you can be better. Allow yourself to grow into that space and find out what incredible feels like. I believe in you.



  1. You're a fantastic cheerleader! I like what you had to say about being himself- how many of us are still struggling with that very thing...and at my age. LOL

  2. Loving that you got some words out to Marshall. And loved getting to read them as well. (I can be kind of voyeuristic like that...) I absolutely adore you for being able to treat him as a person, not just a celeb.
    Somehow I think this may get back to him. Stranger things have happened...
    I kind of feel this way about Madonna and her mad entertaining skills. She once was irresistible even to those who found her a bit risque. Now she's just so over the top that it's as if she never matured over the years. My husband says she's actually reverted and gone backwards. How sad. If only she had allowed herself to grow. What we all could have been treated to and what she could have accomplished, who knows?!

  3. I agree, I tried for so long not to like him but he is brilliant and a genius. I think he wants to stay the "underdog" because he doesn't want to identify as a rich celebrity, but that is another tangent. I always say that people remember my words soon they will start charging us for the air we breathe and I wanted to see if anyone had said it before me and of course it was him, sort of, in one of his songs! great post! :)

  4. I have liked him since I heard him. He is honest, and alot of the anger is to cover for when he feels alone or hurt. loved that. Love your blog, love what you had to say here.

  5. You know my love for Eminem! This was a great post. And I agree, I think he is always capable of growing and changing and becoming better at what he does. But growth is scary... I think him getting sober was a huge first step. :)

    I hope you've been well... and that you're letting things go just a little bit more each day...

  6. Hi Robin!!

    Ohhh how I've missed you!!! Hope you are doing well and I have missed reading your posts!! Looking forward to catching up with you!!


  7. He truly is gifted with language - he can say in a few lines what my blathering verbose self takes paragraphs to express. He's right about needing to create the character to get attention; but now that there have been hints of who he really is, he gets far more respect and should be himself a bit more. It's scary, but necessary to be authentic ....


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