Friday, December 30, 2011


I promised with yesterday's HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY post that I would continue to bring the love. And so I will. Once again, I am not sending these out directed at anyone in particular, but I do suspect you might feel more attachment to some than others. I know that I did think of some of you while watching them. However, the only real requirement to make this list is that they be inspiring in some way. Hope. Laughter. Inspiration. Joy.

With that in mind, we shall begin with Joy... People, this is all for YOU!!!! Soak it up!!!

This one wouldn't embed, but you really should watch them in order... sorry!

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  1. Great quote Robin! I won't have time for a bit to check out the videos, but I will, because I know how good you are at linking to ones I love. Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy and Healthy (I'd underline that if I could) New Year. Liza

  2. I've got to come back later and watch all of the vids from this post and yesterday's too, but I just wanted you to know that I'm super happy that you're posting and majorly thrilled that you're digging in on something as special as your "Here's to You" posts. I know how much time you spend making them just right. I think it always helps when we have something that really matters to us to focus on.

    Honestly... No pressure here, but Welcome Back!


  3. I never caught Knight and Day... the trailer makes it looks incredibly cute, though :) And I love Jem's video, it's one of my favorite songs of hers and I've never seen the video before!! Thanks for sharing some amazing videos once again Robin :)

  4. My husband is absolutely shocked that anybody is critical of Christina Aguilera's body shape whatsoever. I have to say, I am too. Thank God for me who see a range of beauty all around them!
    This all makes me think about how empty life would be without music.
    And yes, I am daring to dream up goals that I never would have considered in the past.


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