Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Is In The Air ~ Castle In Space

You know what I hate most about Valentine's Day? Shopping for marked down Christmas stuff and not being able to find it because the retailers are already putting up Valentine's Day junk. So, retailers is the correct answer. Romance shouldn't be promoted. It can't be bought and sold. The truth is that it happens all year long. No one just gets romantic on February 14 out of the blue.

You know what I love? A fantastic romantic moment. I like them best when they happen in my own life, but since that seems to be non-existent at present... I will let you know when that changes... for now, I must content myself with romantic moments from my favorite movies and TV shows.
Did you participate in the Love Is In The Air bloghop? Read the entries? It took place last week and Charity Bradford, one of the contributors to the blog Unicorn Bell, posted THIS asking for people to contribute their favorite romantic scenes from movies and TV. You simply shouldn't challenge a YouTube junkie to come up with this sort of stuff. I spent the next few HOURS looking for footage. Yes, you read that right. Hours.

I am tagging all of these Love Is In The Air (even though the hop is over) and the following is a list of all the posts with links, so that you can watch any of your favorites that you missed.

Back at the beginning of this thing I asked YOU to share what you think are the most romantic moments on the big and small screen. I posted four of them over the weekend. I will still post them if you share in the comments!

Speaking of comments, some of your comments crack me up! Over the weekend I ran all movies and several of you indicated you'd never seen those TV shows. Hahahaha. I realize I must be more clear about what I am posting, since I am doing both.

This is from a TV show.

That show will actually come on tonight at 10:00pm Eastern Time on ABC. It's called Castle. It stars Nathan Fillian, whom some of you may remember from Firefly and Serenity, and Stana Katic. There is also an excellent supporting cast. I really like this show and even wrote a blog about it HERE way back when.

Roll the footage, please:

The witty repartee is one of the things that makes this show so much FUN to watch. It kinda reminds me of Moonlighting in some of the best ways.

Another one of the things that this show does (occasionally) that I just ADORE is give the nod to another wonderful, now-defunct show, called FIREFLY.  You may have heard of it. They ended it with a movie at the box office called SERENITY.

Last week the show ended with this clip. Start it just before the 2:00 minute mark. The scene is cute even if you never watched Firefly. It's even better if you did.

Roll the footage, please:

As a YouTube junkie, I couldn't just leave it there. I searched YouTube for Firefly references on Castle. There were several compilations.  There aren't any romantic moments, unless you still get swoony when you think about/watch Firefly. If you were a Firefly fan and are not watching Castle... this might inspire you! For the record, Cowboys In Space (at the end) is my favorite:)

Roll the footage, please:

And that's all folks!


  1. Castle is a great show.
    Dug the last clip. They are always making references to Firefly on Castle.

  2. I started watching Castle just because I missed Firefly but it captured my interest and held me. Like Firefly it mixes humor with seriousness and has great characters. But no cowboys in space.

  3. You know, I don't believe I've ever watched that show.

  4. Love Firefly, but I have yet to see an episode of Castle. I'm pretty sure I'd like it, though. That scene paying homage to Firefly was awesome!

  5. Alex ~ I wondered if you watched this one... now I know!

    Susan ~ Yes. It is a great combo. All writers and grammar phobes get the kick out of Castle's character (since he is a writer and a bit of a grammar phobe).

    Diane ~ Since the MC is a novelist you might like it!

    Cathrina ~ Yes:)

    Liza ~ It is.

    Jay ~ I think you would!

  6. My favorite part of Valentine's Day is after it's over and the candy goes on sale. The boxes of chocolate can go down to as much as 70% off. Yeah, I'm romantic.

    Don't watch much of any TV either and Castle is just another show I haven't seen.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  7. Okay, I didn't watch your videos this time because I've just started watching Castle for the first time, from scratch. I don't want any spoilers.. ;)
    (I LOVED Firefly and Serenity. So so awesome. HUGE fan!)

  8. Arlee ~ You're right. After Valentine's Day Sales are the best part of the entire holiday!!!

    Lynda ~ No problemo. I wouldn't watch them either if I just started the show at the beginning. I am pretty sure you are going to LOVE IT....

  9. I LOVE Castle! The only reason I gave it a try in the beginning was because I loved Nathan in Firefly. During the episode he came out in his "halloween" costume I was bouncing in my seat!

    Castle is great on it's own merits and I loved the tension between Kate and Castle. The other thing I love is all the metafiction (references to other fictional worlds such as Firefly).

  10. Castle is currently my top favourite, loved Firefly and Serenity too.


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