Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Foul Play (MQW).

On Monday Alex J. Cavanaugh gave me, and a few others, an award.  I think that I thanked him adequately enough, but maybe not.  If not, I just want to take a moment to say that I truly do appreciate his thinking of me when he was passing out the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Quite frankly, I am not sure what he found so inspiring in this little arena of the blogosphere, but I am NOT going to quibble.  I am simply thankful that there is something to find!

As many of you know, Alex also hosts Movie Quote Wednesday.  Last week I did a big ol' spread on When Harry Met Sally for Romantic Comedies.  It turns out that Alex wasn't ready for the event, but I was, and so I just went with it.  Well... Alex caught up to me this week, so everyone else is posting movie quotes from their favorite Romantic Comedy today.  Turns out I can go again.

"I'm sorry. You're right. That was a stupid, glib, chauvinist remark and I apologize. It *is* your ass they're after, and it's my job to see to it that... I get there first."  ~Tony Carlson, Foul Play 

Foul Play: the first Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase pairing in a romantic comedy with suspense served up on the side.  The supporting cast was outstanding.  It included Burgess Meredith, Brian Dennehy, and Dudley Moore.  Foul Play marked Dudley Moore's transition from television to movies.  Even though his role was very "supporting," he was outstanding in every way.  I think this movie really launched his career.  This film also solidified Goldie and Chevy as the acting goldmines that they are.  They are just funny people.  The same is true for Burgess Meredith.  Of course, by this time his place as an acting icon was already assured.

Naturally I trolled YouTube in an attempt to put on this blog "the best" scene from the movie.  And my problem lies in the fact that the entire movie is FANTASTIC.  All of the scenes are great.

This scene with Dudley Moore is hilarious.  If you haven't seen the movie (you really need to get it on Netflix, buy it somewhere, or just watch it on YouTube), Goldie has just foiled some potential kidnappers, and is on the run.  She picks up Stanley (Moore) in a bar.  She is just looking for a safe haven.  But they are totally on different pages about what will happen after they leave the bar.  Hilarious.  Whenever I hear the song Stayin' Alive I think of this scene.

This scene with Burgess Meredith is another favorite.  Honestly, I don't know who is my favorite person to watch: the fighters or Goldie and Chevy watching the fighters.  And that, my peeps, is great acting.  If you are more interesting sitting there doing nothing but WATCHING and still stealing the scene... you are freakin' awesome.  Although, Burgess Meredith rocks, too.  But no one is boring in this one!!!

This might be my favorite scene of the entire movie. Some call it the Infamous San Francisco Car Ride in Foul Play.  My favorite thing is Goldie's expressions...  That and the various passengers, particularly the Japanese couple.  *Kojak.  Bang. Bang.*  Whenever I need a good laugh, I just watch this movie.  By the time I am done with this scene, my sides hurt.

The great thing about Foul Play is that even with all of these "extras," I know I missed tons of great scenes from this movie.  What is your favorite scene in Foul Play?  Do you have a favorite quote from this movie?  Or maybe another movie?  What is your all-time favorite Romantic Comedy Movie Quote?  

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  1. I remember that movie!! Those two always made great films together. Thanks for playing along and I promise to remember next week.

    1. I liked their follow-up movie, Seems Like Old Times, too. Aye aye Captain!

  2. Man, I haven't seen this in years. Back during a time when Chevy Chase was actually....funny..(Community notwithstanding)

    I remember it being a big hit back then, too. I need to check it out again :)

    1. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is hanging out on my very long list for Alex's March Challenge...

  3. Robin,
    I haven't seen this in a while but it was such a funny movie. I totally agree that the scene where she takes shelter in Moore's pad is hysterical and every time I hear hear "Stay'n Alive I can see him opening the doors to his sex toys and dancing around in his shorts.

    And she was always carrying her umbrella and climbing some precarious place in heels.
    I've always thought Goldie H. is one funny gal, way back from her Saturday Nite Live days.

  4. Manzanita suggested we come over and visit. I'm glad I did. I watched the whole Dudley Moore scene from Foul Play. I remember when it came out. Funny...funny.
    I also like your picture at the top of your blog. It's a dogwood, isn't it?

  5. Manzie ~ You are SO right. The umbrella really got a work-out in this film... hahaha. And Goldie has the best laugh. She really is a joy to watch.

    Al ~ I could watch that scene with Dudley Moore over and over again. Did you notice that at the bar when he asked if he could finish his drink he picks up the candle on the table? Hilarious stuff. I bet that was all improv on the part of Moore. He is a funny, funny guy.

    Yeah, that picture gets a lot of attention. Dogwood. Bwahahaha. Definitely.


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