Monday, January 17, 2011

Timing Is Everything.

Well, I figured out what my post with the "L" should be in my alphabet soup series. Lessons. The trouble there is I can talk about that for a long time. That could be a series of posts all on its own.

I read a post by Corrinne over at Everyday Gyann a week or more ago on lessons. It was actually something she excerpted on lessons. I can't remember it precisely, but the gist of it was that a lesson comes in phases. First is getting that it is a lesson. That still does you really no good if you don't take it further. There was a second point which took it deeper, and I can't remember what that one was, but it still wasn't enough. The only time that you really benefit from the lesson is when you are using the lesson. In other words, you have to apply it in order for the lesson to have benefited you at all. Taking it further yet, you may continue to get the lesson until you apply it. Now, that is fine motivation to get up and start putting it into practice. They call them lessons for a reason: because they are hard. They hurt. They suck. Etc.

Saw the movie Country Strong yesterday. Really good movie. I am always a bit surprised when they cast non-singers in singing roles and it works. Tim McGraw was the only big name country singer, and he didn't sing in the movie. In fact, I looked up the soundtrack and he only sings one duet on there with Gwyneth Paltrow. I was shocked. More on the soundtrack later. For those of you not in the know on this movie. Here is the trailer. Give it a quick watch, so you are up to speed.

Just from watching the trailer, you can already see that the movie is full of potential lessons. One of the best lines going in the trailer: "Don't take someone out of rehab before they're rehabbed." Yep. That would be a lesson. Even a moron can see the potential for disaster there. Fame puts an enormous amount of stress on a person. Pulling someone out of rehab early and immediately throwing them on a tour bus just probably isn't the smartest choice (she says with tongue in cheek).

Here is a short clip from the movie that is one of my favorites and is going to lend itself to where I am going in this blog.

That little clip from the beginning of the movie is how the song Timing Is Everything started to come together. Beau, played by Garrett Hedlund, finished it at the end. Here is the whole song. This is not an official video. Garrett Hedlund doesn't even sing it on the soundtrack. They had Trace Adkins record it for the soundtrack. I suppose that they wanted a "name" for it since it is such a great song. In my opinion, that is a shame, because Garrett Hedlund sings it better. And that is coming from a Trace Adkins fan. Sorry Trace. Here's the video. Listen to the lyrics, because that is the topic for today's yammering.

Timing is everything. "When the stars line up, and you catch a good break, people think you're lucky, but you know it's grace. It can happen so fast or a little bit late. Timing is everything. I know I've had close calls, when it could have been me. I was young when I learned how fragile life can be. I lost friends of mine, I guess it wasn't my time. Timing is everything. And I could have been a child that God took home. And I would have been one more unfinished song. And when it seems the rhyme is hard to find, that's when one comes along just in time. I remember that day when our eyes first met. You ran into the building to get out of the rain, because you were soaking wet. And as I held the door, you wanted to know my name. Timing is everything. And I could have been another minute late. And you never would have crossed my path that day. And when it seems true love is hard to find. That's when love comes along just in time. You can call it fate or destiny. Sometimes it really seems like it's a mystery, because you can be hurt by love or healed by the same. Timing is everything. And it can happen so fast or a little bit late. Timing is everything."

I am one of those people who wants to make things happen once they get the lesson. However, timing is everything. Trying to do too much for me before I really have my migraines under control is akin to pulling someone out of rehab before they are rehabbed. Not smart. However, when you are ready, it can happen so fast... timing is everything. And people will say that you got lucky, but you will know better. But you know it's grace. And timing is everything. You will also know how many hits you took to get to this "lucky place" and are very aware of just how bumpy the ride was, but people don't see that. And the thing that hurt you can be the thing that heals you. Sometimes it really seems like it's a mystery, because you can be hurt by love or healed by the same. Timing is everything. And it can happen so fast or a little bit late. Timing is everything.

I think about starting this blog and all of the people that I have met. Some of you are healthy as horses. Some of you live with chronic pain. Some of you are living your dreams. Some of you are still aspiring to get where you want to go. So, you keep practicing. You have a golden lasso and you keep throwing it out there until you rope in the moon. And it can happen so fast or a little bit late. Timing is everything. Some of you are wanting to meet that someone special. Some of you already have. Some of you have huge goals and have met them. Some of you are in the process of meeting them. Some of you just like to write and this is your personal space to do it. When I started this blog, it was just to keep my sanity. It is still that. But I also got to make a bunch of wonderful friends. And I could have been another minute late. And you never would have crossed my path that day. Timing is everything.

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  1. love this....luck is preparation meeting opportunity (grace) good one. love this post. And gwyneths vocals are surprisingly strong in this movie. I didn't even know she could sing.

  2. I'm glad you were here for me to find. For some reason we just connected, maybe it was just meant to be ... I believe so. I agree timing is everything.


  3. Timing is, indeed, everything. I don't even remember how we met, which of us found the other first; but what if we hadn't checked the options that day and branched out? What if we hadn't sent each other a key comment that prompted conversation, or written the piece that had prompted the comment? What if you'd written that momentous piece on a day I was on the train and had no email access??? Timing is everything, and we always want to control it. You'd think we/I would have learned by now to just go with the universe and trust ITS timing ....

  4. Timing IS everything....
    Wonderful post, Robin. I want to see this movie. I was surprised at how well Gwyneth sings too but this might be my favorite part for her. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and for commenting. It's always nice to hear from you. Have a great week, Candace

  5. I loved this! Especially this lines: "You have a golden lasso and you keep throwing it out there until you rope in the moon."

    Timing IS everything!

  6. Nice post, Robin. Mulling things over to finish my thoughts from a previous post and try to complete them in my next one. We'll see...
    You're not kidding about how nobody sees the work, etc. behind what one might accomplish. (I secretly like it that way.) Love the whole timing thing. Have you ever read a book about people whose lives match up in a weird parallel way? I forget its name or author. Really enjoyed it, reminds me of the life journeys of my husband and I... who have been married 14 years today.

  7. Robin: Timing is everything. However, it is nothing without patience. What I have really enjoyed about blogging with you is the fact that under all those words is a deep thinker. You are definitely a deep thinker. I am very happy I came across your blog. The timing was just right.

  8. Dear Robin,
    You are right, the timing was right. You and i were on the same wave with our posts.
    I like your L is for Lessons. I raised 4 kids, mostly by myself but years ago. There are always soooo many circumstances that arise that can become a lesson for your kids. You have to grab at the timing and make it a lesson. It's hard on the kids but harder on the parent. I chose the tough love lessons because those are the ones they remember. It paid off. Years later, each one of my kids thanked me for the lessons and how it helped them BUT I know at the time they sure weren't feeling grateful to me!!!! WOW.... is that hard. I have no idea why this came to mind when you mentioned lessons but thanks for a memory.
    Great post and I enjoyed the movie clips.

  9. Hey! Thanx so much for visiting and commenting on my blog - I'm glad you found my troubles with the Chainsaws of the Sky amusing! Thanx also for an inspirational post - maybe finding each others' blogs is an example of the timing!!

    Happy travels!!

  10. Can't wait to see the movie.

    Timing is everything. I believe you need to be in the right place at a right time, but you have to be ready for it, know what you want and grab it.

  11. I have been 'singing' the timing song since the day our first daughter was born. Two of them listened. And one of the two is NOT Hubs. LOL

  12. Wise words, my dear. Timing is everything, and not always on our schedule!

    I really need to see this movie!

  13. Timing is absolutely everything. What they don't say is that if you show up, every single day, your odds at being in the right place at the right time increase substantially. So that's what I would add to this: Make your own luck, and be your own grace. Bring your full heart into every situation, as much as you can, and you will catch that train, meet that person, get that lottery ticket, and grab someone out of the way of an oncoming car.

    Show up everyday and the timing gets a lot easier.



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