Thursday, January 6, 2011

People's Choice Awards Breakdown and a Shoutout to Marshall Mathers

Okay, here is the deal. I totally don't have a HERE'S TO YOU DAY post ready for today. If I hadn't had a doctor's appointment, followed by several errands with mom, I probably could have put one together. But.... I did. So, I am thinking it is going to be tomorrow. I have all of one idea written down. I know. I suck. Sometimes, the ideas for these things don't just come to me like bolts out of the sky. Sometimes they do. Sometimes I get three or four in a day. Sometimes I get nada. This week it has been a lot of nada.

So, instead of a Here's to you post, let's chat about the People's Choice Awards. Did you vote? If you did, you probably know that you could have voted repeatedly. There was no limit to the number of times you could go through the cycle of voting for all of the categories. I ran the gamut about six times. I then became so bored that I was about to nod off. I decided that six was plenty and quit. I am sure that there were some die-hard fans out there who spent days doing nothing but voting. On the one hand, I applaud their tenacity. On the other hand, I am really frightened of these people. Moving on...

I actually watched the awards show. I was hoping to see you know who, though I had a feeling that he wasn't going to be there. I was right. He was not there. We shall get around to the unnamed later. Let's talk about some of the stuff that actually happened.

Johnny Depp was named Favorite Male Actor again this year. Thumbs Up on that one. I can always get behind that vote. In fact, I think I cast that vote. Johnny Depp is not only uber-hot, but a very fine actor. I couldn't have been more pleased with this choice. America, you rocked that vote!

Glee won lots of stuff. Don't watch Glee, but it has made me curious. And I was in choirs in high school. If this show keeps music programs alive in high schools, I am all for it. Or if it makes people just spontaneously break out into song AND people think it is cool instead of nerdy, I can also get behind that. So, while I didn't vote for it, I can dig it.

Adam Sandler won funniest male actor. I really like Adam Sandler, so that was cool. I can't remember who I voted for, because my memory sucks. I don't think it was him, but I am still okay with how it all turned out.

House won lots of awards, but the only one that was broadcast was Lisa Edelstein getting her award. Now, I don't watch House, and I didn't vote for Lisa Edelstein. However, I think she may have had the funniest acceptance speech of the show. She whipped out a list of her favorite voters and read them off. It was hilarious. I have seen Lisa in other things and liked her. Glad she has found a show that has hit home with the viewers (even if I am not one of them). So, yay Lisa!

I learned something about this awards show business. They totally know who has won before this show starts. The only exceptions were two awards: New Drama and New Comedy, which they were still accepting votes on. Everything else had been closed out. The winners had been notified and the losers didn't even show up at the ceremony. How lame is that? They had all the winners in the front row. No one was surprised. Now that gets a thumbs down. What gets a thumbs up is that Hawaii Five-O won Best New Drama. Maybe, just maybe, Alex O'Loughlin can finally get with a show that sticks. That man is pure deliciousness and I am tired of following him from one show to another. It would have been fantastic had Moonlight not been cancelled, but it was. Then he went to Three Rivers. I would have been delighted if that had not been cancelled, but it was. Okay, now we have Hawaii Five-O. It has a tight cast and Hawaii. Mostly it has Alex O'Loughlin. CBS if you cancel this show, I might have to send you some hate mail. I really don't want to go there. The people agree with me. They have spoken. It got the vote!

The giveaway on the above was the viral video. They made a trip pre-awards show to the family who won the video and gave them an award made out of chex (or some other snack food) to keep until the show when they could get the real thing (made out of Waterford Crystal). This was one category I didn't vote in because I didn't know the subject matter. I treated it like any other voting situation. If you don't know what it is, don't vote and leave it to people who know something. Turned out to be a good decision because the winning vid was adorable. However, I wonder how many DAYS before the awards show they got their award???? Here is this hilarious winning video:

The most curious situation was the Twilight Saga. I thought that Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattinson were a couple. In real life. I don't know... maybe I am out of the loop on this one. The deal was this: Kristin, Rob, and Taylor Lautner were flown in from their location shooting for this awards show. Obviously, they won an award (or two). Turns out Kristin won Favorite Female Actor. Taylor is dressed to the nines in a tux. Kristin is in a dress that is way too short and heels that are way too high. (If that dress were any shorter, we would have been looking at her vajajay folks. That is something I really did NOT want to see.) And Rob looked like he came in from lumberjacking. WTH? When her name gets called, Taylor jumps up and escorts her to the stage. Well, he was dressed for it. Rob looks like crap. Kristin looks unprepared for this award (which I have figured out by now is BS, because she should already know she won it) and is all over the place. She has zero composure. When Twilight Eclipse wins, Rob talks first. Then Taylor. Kristin barely. She hurries as fast as possible to hang all over Taylor. Again, who is the couple here? From the dialogue, one might think it is Taylor and Rob. From the body language it appears to be Taylor and Kristin. But all the tabloids say it is Rob and Kristin. This is the craziest case of spin the couple I have ever seen.

Let's talk performances. As in actual performances. Selena Gomez was amazing. I was really pleasantly surprised. Such a young kid with a huge voice. I was really looking forward to Kid Rock. He is one of the few musicians who really has tried on just about every musical genre. I think that is pretty darn awesome. When I was married, my husband loved Kid Rock. Naturally, I had to take an opposing viewpoint and instantly loathed him... just because. When we got divorced, it was easier to give him a fair listen. I still think that song he did with Sheryl Crow has a good beat, but the lyrics are stupid. When he joined Big & Rich's Muzik Mafia, he went up a major notch. So, I have listened to my share of Kid Rock. So, what happened last night? Wait. I know the answer to this one. When you sing, you have to breathe from your diaphragm or your sound has no real substance behind it and it sounds tinny. As in not substantial or full. Huh. When you're recording in the studio and forget to do this, the person in the booth can stop you. When you are singing live... well, it just sounds like bad music. I was disappointed.

However, I think that was only the beginning, because the award came for Favorite Female Artist and Katy Perry won (not the disappointing part). She actually got two awards. They never did say what the second award was for, which was a cause for disappointment. What would you be expecting right now? The award for Favorite Male Artist, right? It did not happen. You read that right. In fact, almost none of the music awards happened. Do you want to know why? BECAUSE MARSHALL MATHERS WON FOUR PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS LAST NIGHT. HE SWEPT THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS. HOWEVER, HE DID NOT COME TO THE SHOW, SO THEY DID NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT HE WON ON LIVE TV. Yeah, they gave him No Love. However, I am sending out lots of love. Congratulations Marshall on your HUGE night. The people chose you over and over again. Some of them are really scary people who spend way too much time at their computer. For the record, I only voted for you six times in each category. I think that keeps me still on the sane side of the population. But then I am extremely biased on my own behalf.

Instead, they ended the big night with Best Movie. That was Twilight. I already covered that. I voted for Inception, by the way. Awesome movie.

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  1. someday you and marshall will be together. lol.
    I don't watch tv, didn't vote, but do love that song no love. have it on my walkman.

  2. I always watch the People's Choice Awards and I learned years ago that the winners already know. I'm guessing it's to entice them to go to the show. Not all awards shows are like this though. Problem is, since I knew this about the show, I could figure out who the winners were. I figured Conan would win over Oprah or Ellen because he was sitting in the front row and they were nowhere around. LOL

    My big disappointments were that I love House and while I was thrilled for Lisa Edelstein, I was disappointed that they never said Hugh Laurie won best actor. I'm guessing he wasn't there so they ignored him. I also found out later he won for best TV doc.

    Then I found out another favorite show of mine Lie to Me won two awards that were never mentioned on the air. Why? Did those actors not go to the show? On other shows they announce winners who aren't presented. Besides, since they all know in advance, they could have had the winners pre-tape an acceptance.

    Oh well...the show had some good moments.

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog, I'm now following yours. I love it!

  3. Wow what a post...I like Adam Sandler so I'm happy about that...that and Johnny Depp. I'm a bit lost after that...I really must get up to speed with the modern world. I came to say thank you big time for the advice about Magnesium Citrate...bought it the day you recommended it and last night managed five hours sleep - hurray. Hope your migraine is a bit better today.
    Thanks again

  4. You HAVE to watch Glee-start from the beginning the music is absolutely incredible. I sure have missed you bloggy friend!

  5. Thank you Robin for your very lovely and brave comment on my blog yesterday... I appreciated it so much.

    Tracy xxoo

  6. First of all, Kirsten Stewart ALWAYS looks unprepared for an award, she's also like that during interviews. I suppose she's just a little bit socially awkward. What truly amazes me about Kirsten and Rob is that they're both good actors and yet they SUCK big time in all Twilight movies (which I saw. I've got teenage sister, so I had to). And another thing is that they're both super cool in all the interviews (apart from Kirsten's awkwardness), they really seem cool and smart, but people identify them with Bella and Edward. Which is a tragedy because Bella and Edward are disasters. To put it delicately. As for Taylor, I don't think he's a good actor and he looks, sorry to put it that way, completely retarded with his face all puffed up from all the working out. But I don't blame him. If I was paid as much as he was most probably for Twilight, I'd do the same thing :) And...speaking from European's perspective - I couldn't care less about People's Choice Award. What is this thing anyway? Is this connected to that tabloid-like magazine? I would've voted for Inception, too, haha. And I'm not surprised that Em didn't show up. Artists like him, like a total A-lists, living legends (he kind of IS, isn't he) don't really care about this. And Eminem especially :) But it was his year so I'm not surprised he won. Oh, that's a long comment! And speaking of awards shows, I'm already excited for Oscars! I hope Natalie Portman wins! :)

  7. Hello!

    Found you on a blog hop and am your newest follower - Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.

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  8. I never watch any awards shows. Mostly because someone is always droning on and on and on about this and that--all things I just don't care that much about and, if I want to hear someone drone on and on and on, I'll just listen to Hubs! LOL

    But Johnny Depp-well, he's a winner in anybody's book! Including mine!

    Enjoyed your critique much more than I would have the actual program!

  9. I love the dog in a tree, made me giggle.

    Stopping by for Java's Follow Friday.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I didn't watch, if I ever do it's the red carpet and the beginning 2 see what comedy the host's have etc. 1) Glee, I still haven't watched it but my good friend LOVES it, though she just found out their voices are auto-tuned (whose aren't these days) so that's a little downer!

    2) Twilight starts!!! Kristen Stewart, she is super good in Panic Room with Jodi Foster. She is very socially awkward, she was on Jay Leno and they had a discussion about it. She's fine acting but has trouble with real life talking, etc. She was engaged to Robert Pattison last I heard, but then my mom said something about him being engaged to someone else now (though I don't think she really knows who he is LOL), but they did at least have a relationship IF they don't now. She is also good friends with Dakota Fanning b/c they played in Twilight and the Joan Jett movie together. If I knew what was a good celebrity gossip website I'd look it up. I was disappointed in Bella & Edward from what i read b4 seeing the movies, in my own opinion they just didn't seem to fit the parts, seemed awkward, as well as some of the others.


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