Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, fellow bloggers I do have more to report on the SSDI front, but it shall wait until tomorrow. Maybe the next day. If you are not caught up to speed on the old news, then you need to backpedal and read I IS FOR INSURANCE, and I am calling a time out. Those two posts should catch you right up. In the meantime...

Leanne over at From Chaos Comes Happiness chooses a theme word each year instead of doing resolutions. I can get behind that better than resolutions. I think I might have written out resolutions in junior high school once and then quit that. Why? Because I had zero follow through on them. I realized, even then, I was going to do what I was going to do. Period. Aaaaggghhh. However, this embracing a word thing... I do like that. For instance, one of her words from a previous year was create. I thought that was a fine word to wrap yourself around. I like verbs. They are very proactive. This year she chose believe. Another verb. Then she indicated various areas of her life that wanted to push some of that belief into and watch some action happen.

My friend Mary the Food Floozie announced yesterday (quite late, actually) that her word was going to be nurture. I almost fell out until I realized that some of that nurturing was going to be self-directed. She is one of the most nurturing people I know. It is all give give give. So, nurturing your own spirit, in addition to others gets a thumbs up.

Becky over at Farmgirl Paints was talking about how she normally feels bleak during January. In a recent blog post she said that she didn't feel that way this year and that instead of feeling stuck on survive, she had found the thrive button. Thrive. I liked it. I didn't think of it myself, but it was better than anything I was coming up with for myself. The best I had wrangled in was persevere, and that still felt like a lot of work. Whereas with thrive, it feels alive. Growing. Flourishing even. Persevering feels like your neck deep in molasses, but you're going to keep moving anyway. Nothing is going to grow in molasses, let me tell you. Thrive. Much better word.

The definition of thrive:

1: to grow vigorously : flourish
2: to gain in wealth or possessions : prosper
3: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

Ding ding ding. I think we have a winner. So, thrive it is.

To that end, the email campaign is on to get my Big Idea off the ground. The first step is the website and I need all of the help that I can get! I have already emailed everyone in my contacts list. Naturally, as soon as I was finished my mother came in and pointed out that I had made a typing error. Spellcheck didn't catch it, because technically it wasn't wrong. I typed "be" instead of "by" in one instance. Bah. So, there is a sentence that begins, "They do this be," instead of "They do this by." Of course there is. If you have received the aforementioned email and not sent it out yet, please make the adjustment. If you have already sent it as is. Oh well.

I shall be going through all of the blogs that I follow looking for email addresses. You can save me some time by sending me yours. How do you do that?

You can leave your email address in the comments. Or you can email at your email address, and I will send you the corrected version of the email. You need not change a thing. This is me being proactive and thriving. Please copy/paste and send it to everyone you know. The idea is to cast as wide a net as possible. We then want them to send it to everyone they know. It may take five throws for it to get to someone who actually has valuable information for the site. But, it will never reach that person unless everyone continues to cast. So, throw that net.

And for all of you who were worried that Social Security had dealt me the knock out punch, in the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, "No one puts Baby in the corner."

I dedicated this bit of footage to Phoenix on Thursday, but the song is really speaking to me. And I like this video better than the original. I think that we all have the capacity to be heroes. All the right friends in all the right places. When you have that, big things are going down.

Click here to watch it if you missed it the first time.

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  1. YEAH!!! I like it, in fact I love it! "Thrive" is perfect, because it's exactly as you've said -- it's not just mere existing, but it's growing and flourishing ... you, your health, your IDEA, everything. And I've forwarded your email -- let's see what comes back ....

  2. Robin: I caught the error and already corrected it. I was about to e-mail you. It's not a big deal. You did a good job!

  3. Robin... I must have my blonde cap on tonight, because I am confused as to what you are doing with what website?

  4. thrive is a good far my word this year has been starve. lol. I am hungry...and doing all sorts of diety things to get to my goal weight...eating baby carrot sticks and pickles etc.
    good luck with ssdi....the government and mediocrity are practically synonymous..

  5. Morning Robin! I've just been back to your Thurday post and left a comment on it. I must be getting very careless and old as I clearly didn't wait to verify my first comment to you but shot off after writing it. (I think I've done quite a lot of that recently as a few of my comments aren't visible on variuous blogs and they weren't rude!) I am so sorry - you must think I am very impolite especially after you dedicated that very funny clip to my blog. Once again thank you for thinking of me and it really was a very appropriate video.
    I love the word 'thrive'. We had the same idea about a word or theme...we did it last year and it worked well. I posted about it as you know.
    Good luck with everything you do this year and I'll make sure I verify my comments from now onwards. I'll send you my email address if it helps too. Kindest wishes

  6. Thanks for the comments all. Average Girl ~ I just did something in the sidebar with "tags" from posts. If you click on My Idea it should pull up posts that I tagged when I was writing about My Idea. That doesn't mean I might have missed one. But it will at least help fill in the blanks:-)


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