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L'il Abner was the musical my senior year of high school.  Like many other senior girls, I so wanted to be Daisy Mae.  The fact that I didn't look anything like Daisy Mae was irrelevant.  The fact that Daisy Mae sang soprano and I sang alto also didn't deter me.  I still wanted it with all my heart.  If I lived in the south, my grandparents would have been saying things like, "Bless Her Heart, " when they heard about this quest that was sure to end in tragedy.  Well, it didn't quite end in tragedy.  I landed the part of Mammy Yokum.  It was a lead.  Mammy didn't really sing.  That was kind of a let-down, but she was fun as all get-out to play.  She got to stomp around, chew on a pipe, and she was full of piss and vinegar.  Who doesn't like to play that sort of character?  She was a hoot.  And the crowds loved her.  I loved her. 

Mammy Yokum in L'il Abner

Even though I had landed a lead my junior year on the main stage, shocking me more than anyone, and I had auditioned for and been accepted into the elite Acting Ensemble my Senior Year,  I was still unprepared for success.  In L'il Abner I discovered that I actually was good at this acting thing.  Truly.  It was a bit overwhelming.  In a totally awesome way.

Fast forward twelve years: I have been there and done that with my publishing job in New York City.  I quit it to be with a man.  I know.  Stupid move.  But, it is now the road behind me.  I am now living in Georgia, and I have a string of awful jobs on my resume accounting for the last six years.  My career has been spinning out ever since I left New York.  My mind will land on what I did well (which you will read about in the "Q" post), and eventually connect back to acting and theatre.

It turns out that theatre literally saved my life in turns of a job.  It helped me to step into a career that I loved, and was successful at, for ten years.  When that ended due to my migraines, and other health issues, I was really devastated.  After I moved to FL in 2007, I did start to feel somewhat better, and got involved in Community Theatre again for a couple of shows.  It was like a salve to my soul that I didn't even know that I needed. 

Thelma in The Trip To Bountiful

Linda in Play It Again Sam

It is my fervent desire to reach a place that I feel good enough to get back on that horse again.   A theatre person longs for the stage.  Mom and I walked into a playhouse to get a schedule of upcoming shows and I felt physical pain when we left.  That one is too far to make rehearsals, etc.  However, I do believe that my body may be saying that it could be getting close to time to try it again.

Theatre: Passion 

Have you ever been in a play?  Did you love it?  Did you try something in high school that you stuck with into your adulthood?  Did you find something that you loved in your youth that ended up influencing your choice of careers?  Have you gotten away from something that you loved doing, and this is a reminder that you might want to put some time back into it?


  1. Robin! You're famous! I know what it's like to find your passion and be "this" close! Hopefully for you that horse will be riding again :)

  2. I didn't realize you'd done so much acting!
    I played in the band in high school and college, and that has come full circle now that I am in a band again. (Fortunately not a marching band though.)

  3. I'm a theater girl too, but no where near as awesome as you!

  4. I can't act. Took drama in high school, and the teacher took pity on me. So pathetic. Good luck to you!

  5. I was in a play. I can't act, but that's how I met my wife. I landed a part as a soldier in Macbeth to get close to one of the witches. I dated and hated the witch, but she had a terific sister, who introduced me to my bride!

  6. You are hiding your light under the old bushel basket. Let it shine. How wonderful you have Been in all those well-known plays. I used to do Little Theater too when I lived in Minneapolis. What a hoot and it's amazing how closely knit all the theater people get. And all ages included. Of course, I was young then.
    This is so interesting that you are sharing all of your accomplishments with us and the awesome pictures. You look like Mamy Yokum was a perfect part to show "Your Stuff."

  7. When I was in grade school, I remember trying out for the lead in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"...and being devastated when I didn't get it.

    Still, though, it didn't stop me from going through a phase where I wanted to be an actor. I knew I didn't have 'leading man' looks, but I'd probably be a good 'bad guy'.

    I never pursued it, but if I had a wish and could do anything I wanted it'd probably be an actor....or a masked wrestler...or a Secret Service Agent :)

    If you really want to, you'll get back there again!

  8. Judy ~ I am not even close to famous!!! However, I do hope to get back on the horse. Thank you for the encouragement:)

    Alex ~ Isn't it fun to get back to those things we love?

    Cassie Mae ~ It is all relative! I am sure you are Super Awesome when you're doing it. You are just working on other stuff right now!

    Carol ~ I do think that finding out what we don't do well is as important as finding out what we do. By crossing acting off your list, it brought you one step closer to writing. Now, look at you lady!!!

    JJ ~ I love how the choices we make bring us to the destinations in our lives. This one was very critical for you! I'd say taking that part was one of the best things you ever did:)

    Manzanita ~ How right you are about the theatre crowd. They are a fun bunch.

    Mark ~ If there is anything I have learned about acting it is not to give up if you love it. Keep on keeping on. There is so much variety out there. There are some wonderful "character" parts that are even better than the Leading Man/Leading Lady roles. When you understand that, you can really have fun with the whole thing. The other great thing about "character parts" is that there is NO SPECIFIC LOOK... you just have to be able to act.

  9. Good for you for going back & doing a past passion! I got back to playing the flute last August.

  10. Hi Robin,

    Wow, L'il Abner, Daisy Mae and you ended up playing the part of Mammy Yokum. Your roles in community theatre intertwine with your passion for writing. I'm sorry to read the health issues stymied your theatre aspirations. Yet in a way, I think of "method acting" rather akin to what I call "method writing".

    Incidentally, my brother is a reasonably well known playwright in Canada.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday, Robin.

    In kindness,


  11. Love, love, love that picture.

  12. Life In A Small Town ~ It is a wonderful to rediscover those old passions and bring them back to life.

    Gary ~ My health issues managed to completely derail my life. However, things are slowly getting better in that area, so I hope to start putting the pieces of everything back together... one at a time. Theatre is just one more piece:)

    Melanie ~ Me too!

  13. Hahaha she was full of piss and vinegar... is that a fact? Yes, you will get back on that horse again. There's no stopping a person with a passion. :))

  14. Acting has always interested me, but sadly I can't act for my life. This is a really nice post!

  15. Wow! That's impressive! Discovering and re-discovering old/new passions are the pulse of our lives, I think. It's what keeps us going. I hope you keep putting the pieces back together!

  16. The Blue Grumpster ~ Mammy Yokum was a fireball. Very true words. Passion is like a fire inside.

    Gina ~ Hopefully this has made you think about what you can do well and AREN'T.

    Yvonne ~ It is what keeps us going. I am working on it, girl.

  17. Fun times. I was in a few plays as a teen that included Guys and Dolls, Juvie, and Treasure Island. Treasure Island was the last one and it was a lot of fun playing pirates, though we had more females than males despite there only being one actual female role, so must of us were playing male characters. Only activity I still do is probably bowling, as my family owns a bowling alley and I grew up doing it, but I haven't since I moved as it takes money and I have to be careful with my back. I do some art stuff at work. It's kind of weird. Of all my college classes, the ones I'm using the most are basic photography and a little of the color studies as I work in photo and cosmetic departments.

    Good post.

    1. You never know when that theatre passion will flare again. I think that we cycle through things. I was out of the theatre for A LONG TIME before the bug hit me again. In the meantime, I tried a lot of other things. So, just enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it!!!


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