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Before I begin this A to Z posting, I would like to let everyone know that I did manage to put together my weekly HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY posting late last night.  It is dedications to approximately six people that I have read over the week, plus one dedication to everyone that I read.  It is just a big shout out to thank all of you for being so darn awesome.  I encourage you to read it.  Many wonderful blogging friendships have been made via the HERE'S TO YOU connection line... or so I'm told.  Plus, it is ever so much fun when one of your bloggy friends is tagged and you so know what that is about.  Hehehehe.  Now, moving on to the "E" post in this series...

If you know what euchre is, you live in the north.  If you don't, you are from the south.  Here I thought the Mason Dixon Line was strictly related to Coors Beer.  Turns out that there is a ban on euchre that is also somehow strictly related to this infamous line.  I don't know about people from the west, since I have never really lived there (aside from one summer in college and that doesn't actually count).  I don't know if people outside the U.S. know what euchre is.  ::scratches head::

Euchre is a card game.

I grew up primarily in Ohio.  I went to college in Michigan.  Folks in Ohio and Michigan are Drop Dead Serious about their euchre.  It could be a sport added to the Olympic Games if they had their vote.

I was very thankful that my parents were avid card players.  Even more thankful that they both played euchre (and were good at it).  These skills came in handy when I went to college.  I went in at the top of my game.  I spent as much time playing euchre as I did studying.  Sssshhh.  Don't anyone tell my mom.  She still thinks I studied A LOT.  And I did, but I offset it with a lot of euchre.  And sometimes euchre with shots.  I don't think that did much for the studying.  Bwahahaha.

To give you an idea of how serious I was about my euchre: I was always a part of the Geek Squad who was playing cards in the middle of some riotous Frat Party.  Usually on the floor.  But possibly at a table.  And sometimes with Frat Boys.  They like euchre, too.  The truth is that beer parties always bored me, so I always carried cards with me.  Euchre anyone?  Pleaaaassseee.   I will take a beer and three for euchre.  I once sat in a Frat House until 6am playing euchre on a Friday night.  Make that Saturday morning.  I was ready for someone to roll me home in a wheelbarrow.

Is euchre the only card game I like?  Heck no.  I was part of a Canasta Club in Georgia for many years.  I also love Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, and would like to learn how to play Bridge.  Of course I play Rummy and Gin.  Blah blah blah.  And the first game my parents taught me was Crazy 8s,  so it has a special place in my heart. 

However, I know how to play euchre with partners, three-handed, and even two-handed.  The only way I haven't figured out how to play it is solo.

Rating: Passion ~ Definitely

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Do you play euchre?  If so, do you play it like an Olympic Event, Pro Sport, or just a hobby?  Do you know how to play three-handed and two-handed?  Can you play *solo*????  Do you play any other card games?  What was the first card game you ever learned to play?  Have you ever played in a card club?  Do you play in one now?


  1. Hi Robin,

    I have never heard of that card game. However, based on what you wrote, you might like to contact the Olympic Committee. Would it be a winter of summer Olympics event, or both? And why not a professional sports league for it.

    I'm lousy at card games. However, I've never lost an egg and spoon race :)

    Happy alphabeting, Robin.

    Gary :)

  2. I'm a military brat, so I'm from all over. It's been many years, but I have played euchre. I would've joined you in a game at one of those parties.

  3. I'm not much of a card game person, but it sounds fun :)

  4. When my mom passed away, my dad - who had been her full time caregiver - was a lost soul. I was trying to find things that would interest him, especially things that would get him out of the house when I noticed that the local senior center held euchre tournaments every week. Dad had never heard of euchre, so I taught him the basics and sent him off to play. I think it saved his life.

  5. This is a funny post! And I've never heard of Euchre!

  6. Ohh..did I spell that wrong? Euchre?

  7. I grew up in Northern Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati, and Euchre was -huge- there. I grew up with my parents and extended family always playing. I never learned three handed, though.

    You're absolutely right about it not being a Southern thing. When I moved down here to Florida, people would look at me like I had two heads when I mentioned the game.

    Funny, though :)

  8. Well I'm from Philly, and I do not know how to play (although the name sounds familiar). I know Hearts (not Spades), and of course, Pinochle.

    I have played canasta, but no longer remember it (we'd play as a family during summer nights at the Jersey shore a loooong time ago....maybe that's why euchre sounds familiar....maybe that was played back then too.

  9. Euchre players seem very dedicated. My Dad plays and he's obsessive about it.

  10. Klahanie ~ Your "E" post could be Egg and Spoon. So glad I could help you out if you were stuck...

    Alex ~ That would have been fun!

    Judy ~ Obviously I like it:P

    LD ~ Thank you for sharing that story about your dad. You just never know what will be "the thing" to bring someone back into the Game of Life. I imagine it was the social aspect as much as the card game. So glad you thought of it!!!

    Liza ~ Well, I might have to readjust my thinking. Perhaps, the New England states are exempt. After I graduated college I lived in New York and the people there were familiar (I think). At least the people I met knew the game. My roommate in college was from upstate New York and she was a euchre card shark. Now I am curious...

    Mark ~ It is so strange. I have lived in GA and FL and all I get are blank looks when I talk about euchre.

    LC ~ I know that they play in PA. I have family in PA. Card sharks all of them.

    Kellie ~ Dedicated. That's a nice word for it. hahahha.

  11. I grew up in Wisconsin, and I remember people talking about euchre, but I never actually played the game. The only card game I've played with any regularity is Slimelicker, also known as Asshole or President. My wife's family plays a lot when we're together.

  12. I used to play euchre when I was young but I've forgotten. Whist was the card game of the upper mid-west. It was a great game to learn when young because it have me an edge on no-trump when I began playing bridge.

  13. I've never heard of Euchre. Hilarious that you played it during frat parties!

  14. I have never played euchre. You have a very nice blog and I love the dog photo on the header, it made me smile.

  15. Tim ~ WI is definitely a euchre state. Can't say that I have had the pleasure of playing Slimelicker. LOLOLOL.

    Manzanita ~ Whist. I have read about that one in historical fiction novels. Am I correct? If so, that means it has been around a LOOOOONG time. Perhaps it was the precursor to bridge???

    Life In A Small Town ~ I didn't think so at the time, but now... yeah.

    Linda ~ That dog makes me smile, too:)

  16. I didn´t know what euchre is but I'm from Mexico so that might be just natural. I'm bad for card games. Never win.

  17. Loved this. How do you pronounce that game? I like card games but don't get to play them anymore. I would LOVE to learn this game. If so many people are crazy about it, I know I'd probably love it. :)

    See you Saturday!
    Waiter, drink please!

  18. We LOVE card games around here. Being southern,I have no idea what this game is of which you speak. But I will find out! And we will play!!! :)

  19. Enjoyed reading your posting and you are right I live below the Mason/Dixon line and I have never heard of that game! :)

  20. Al ~ I think you just answered my question about other countries! Thank you.

    Dana ~ It sounds like long U, then cur (like a dog). U-cur. If you have any transplant friends from OH, IN, PA, WI, MI, IL, KY, MO, MN... they probably know how to play! If not, I am sure you can find it online. You can find EVERYTHING online. I know they offer it in Yahoo's online games. I think that you can practice playing alone before you have to play with other online people. However, once you get the hang of it you can play with real people online.

    EmptyNester ~ I am going to repeat to you what I just said to Dana (who also expressed interest in learning to play). If you can't find a friend IRL who knows the game after asking around, the Internet can help you. I know that Yahoo games has it in their offerings. I think it will allow you to play alone with automated players until you get the hang of it.

    Gossip Girl ~ That dratted Mason/Dixon Line. I am not sure what is up with that, but the euchre stops there.

  21. Never played it but I'd sure like to learn. I'm more of a poker kind of guy myself. :)

  22. Here in Michigan we LOVE Euchre!! I have made so many good friends through Euchre and we have LOTS of laughs when playing! has great materials for having a Euchre party!


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