Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Art of Allowing and Grace.

It is a little after midnight and I am rethinking my plan for Thursday's post. I was actually going to do a traditional Thursday post later... meaning after I go to bed in a few minutes and wake up on it "tomorrow." However, the response to all of my Here's To You posts wasn't the jump up and down excitement that I was hoping for when I posted them. I think maybe I was Thursday post deprived and threw too many out there all at once. And during the holidays when everyone is soooo busy, no less.

I also didn't account for the fact that people just plain stop reading your blog when you stop writing consistently. So, while I was ready for all of that HERE'S TO YOU love and awesomeness... I think I might have been the only one ready to take on so much at once. Chris hung in for a good bit of it. I am not sure if she watched all of the posts, but she did comment on most of them. (Yay Chris!)

Several bloggers in this ole blogosphere embrace a word or an idea for their New Year's Resolution as opposed to actual resolutions. I did that last year because it made more sense. Of course, mine got blown to bits when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. My whole life just went fizzle. Of course, I have spent days thinking about what I should choose this year and the only thing I can come up with is this: the Art of Allowing. And Grace. They definitely work hand in glove with one another.

The Art of Allowing, as I understand it, is making space for the things you want in your life. There is an art to that. You only have so much space. You do have to allow the good things in. They do not just come. Of course, life is always about lessons, and not all of them are good, and that is when we get to exercise Grace. The Art of Allowing and Grace. These are two things that I will get to use for the rest of my life, but I would like to focus on this year. I would like to become really excellent at Allowing good things into my life, and exercising Grace when a Life Lesson walks through the door instead.

So, in the spirit of Allowing, I will give you time to get caught up on your blog reading and watch my Here's To You Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and New Year Special. Yeah, I think I did four of them. Whew. The New Year One was a departure for me stylistically and I am curious about what you think about it.... If you like it, I will do it again. If not, well I still think you should always try something once! And the Grace part... I think the old me might have taken it personally that people stopped reading my blog, weren't as excited as I was, blah blah blah. Or maybe not. I don't know. I just believe now that we find the things that are meant to touch our lives when we are meant to find them. If we find them too soon, they don't impact us right. There really is a plan. So, perhaps Grace is always at work in its own way and I am just choosing to step outside of myself and see it more clearly.

As for that Thursday post, it is all written down and ready to go. That means dedications and all. So, when you all get back to your regular schedules and are ready for it, be on the lookout. I am thinking maybe next week. Yeah, the news will be old, which will mean you will have to dig a little deeper to figure out what I am referring to, but you can still shoot me an email. I am all about the Grace baby!!!!

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  1. Yes indeed, with going back to work after 2 weeks off and having a lot of other stuff going on I just wasn't able to keep up. I appreciate your excitement though. And it has been so nice to see you posting again.

  2. Beautiful word, "grace." Underappreciated. And you're right - blessings may be bestowed upon us, and lessons may be offered, but we have to allow ourselves the humility to accept them, benefit from them, learn from them. I'm one of those folks who's still way too far behind, but I'm trying!!! And it's so good to see you back ... :)

  3. I think that one where you linked in two videos I watched every single one and got interested in a show I had never heard of...everwood. It was an interesting concept. I hang in here because I like your brain. lol. anywhoozle. I have a video post tonight as well...I think it my be my phrase for the tune in if you feel up to it. I will have it up by 7 western time.

  4. Robin: Nah. Nobody is leaving you. The Holiday season is tough on many people. Some travel. Others get family visits. Still others freak out. Some get depressed, and others overwhelmed. It takes all kinds of people to make a planet, but all those who blog with you love you and your mind. It is great to see you up and around, kicking ass! Happy New Year, my friend.

  5. First... I agree with you totally about the Art of Allowance and Grace. I know I'm not there in so many ways but I'm grateful that I haven't veered off that road too far.

    Second... I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the videos. It may in part be because I've kinda turned into a Youtube junkie myself. But I think it's mostly because I've missed them/you.

    Third... I'm just chuffed to bits to see you posting again. (got temporarily possessed by Hugh Laurie there for a second. Sorry!) I agree with JJ that it's a bit quiet right now due to the holidays and people being super busy with off-line life. I'm noticing that lots of people are barely blogging right now, let alone making the rounds to other people's blogs. My theory? If you blog it, they will come.

    OK... Back to reading and watching more vids!



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