Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grammys and Marshall Mathers Should Have Won Best Album. Just Sayin'.

Okay, I know that you have all been on pins and needles awaiting my Grammy Award breakdown. No, I didn't have a breakdown of any sort after the show. I am referring to my critique of the event. You guys are so silly. Since you seemed to like the bullet points, perhaps we shall gave that another go.

*Once again, they only presented awards to the folks who showed. That is getting annoying. That means entire categories get left out. They also just didn't present some awards to folks who did show, but announced before they performed that they had won awards. Now, that is even suckier. What awards?
*In the case of my man Marshall, they announced his two award wins before he even won the second one. Idiots. Of course, since they run that thing so crazily, and he was up for ten awards, how was he to know?
*Another clue if you are going to win: are you performing? If so, chances are good that you are a winner. Ding ding ding.
*A lovely surprise of the evening was the first announced award. Train won Pop Duo or Group for Hey Soul Sister. I love Train. I am glad to see them getting back on track. Pun totally intended.
*Miranda Lambert winning The House That Built Me didn't shock me at all after she had just performed the song. Personally, very happy to see Miranda get some Grammy love. Now, she was not favored to win in this category, but I think of the Grammys in much the same way I do the ACM awards.
*How's that, say you?
*The most unlikely people win those awards. Let's say someone has a huge year. They give the award to someone that has just popped out of the woodwork and has maybe two songs under their belt. That is just how they roll. It leaves everyone rolling their eyes and saying, "WTF" at the watercooler the next day.
*Apparently the Grammy voters lunch with the ACM voters and discuss the "proper" way to do these things.
*Batshit crazy. That's how. Moving on.
*Now, I am not saying that they always get it wrong. I am just saying that they often pull things right out of their a$$. That's all.
*For instance, Lady Antebellum picking up all of the country awards is not surprising. They are freaking awesome and deserve them. I have posted several of their songs on here. Love them. However, I have not posted Need You Now. So, here it is.

*I loved David Letterman's list of ten things. I have to agree with him on one major point. What is the difference between Best Record and Best Song? Near as I can tell, it is nothing. They are both nominations for songs. And it appeared that most of the noms were the same. In this case, Lady Antebellum won them both for the same song.
*Isn't that redundant?
*Or is it just me and David on this one?
*Lady Gaga winning best Pop Vocal Album was totally expected.
*Lady Gaga arriving in an egg was a huge surprise.
*While I will never count myself a Justin Bieber fan, I can't count myself a Justin Bieber hater either. You gotta admire someone who is willing to fight for a career as a singer at 13. Usher told him something like, "If we meet again, we'll see." And he kept coming. At 13, that would have been enough to send me home.
*I would have been crying and saying, "He wouldn't even listen to me sing." That is the difference, you see, between someone who knows that they have the magic "it" and someone who just wants to be a rockstar.
*I still want to be a rockstar, but I know I don't have the magic "it."
*Every now and then I can sing a good tune.
*Back to the awards show...
*So, anyway, this kid can actually sing. And then Will and Jada Smith's kid comes out and raps with him. And OMG, that was the cutest. He is a cute kid. But what was the cutest was the look on Will and Jada's faces. They were not celebrities. They were parents who were all about their kid.
*Priceless moment at the Grammys.
*Back to me and what I am doing while the show is on. I found this site on yahoo. It has each category with the nominees, Expert Pick, and the percentages of people who voted for each person. In other words, it should be a good indicator of how the general public feels about who should win in each category.
*Now, you see what I mean about how the head scratching over the choosing of the winners. And why it reminds me of the ACMs.
*Now, that we have talked about everything non-Marshall Mathers, let's get down to it.
*I know from having read his book that he would really like to win an award that is not specifically a rap award. He did win the video award for Without Me, but that is it.
*I really thought with 10 noms that this would be his year. He would get Album of the Year, Record of Year, or Song of the Year. Nope. Lady Antebellum snatched Record and Song and Arcade Fire grabbed Album. Frankly, I think that he should have won best Record and Best Album. I am perfectly happy letting Lady Antebellum keep Best Song.
*As I said, they are the same thing. Different voters. Dumb. Moving on...
*That it is not what happened. And it hurt. A lot. It was painful for me. I can't imagine what it was like for Marshall. It had to sting.
*With that in mind, I went through the old winners and rap just doesn't win much outside of its own category. Outkast won a couple of years ago, but that is about it.
*I am going to throw up some more live footage. One is MM performing with Rihanna and Dr. Dre. It has some breaks in it, but it is the best going on youtube. The song is Love The Way You Lie Part 2 (modified) and I Need A Doctor (modified). I am also throwing up Marshall accepting his Grammy for Best Rap album. Then I am throwing up both original songs with lyrics. They make more sense that way. You might want to watch those first and then the live performance.

image found at www.weheartit.com


  1. I am absolutely with you on MM -- he shoulda won best album, absolutely. I would've given best song or best record (one is for the song, one for producing but I can never remember which is which) to Cee-Lo, whose song I adore! I'm not into those other folks who won, and was sorely disappointed ... and I'm not even someone who watches or follows any of it! They disappointed someone who didn't care, how sad is that?!?!? MM shoulda had best album, I am so with you on that one ....

  2. I loved the look on Will and Jada's face too. They were beaming!


  3. I love eminem...he is fantastic and underrated. I am sorry...I like beiber, he's a nice kid...but there is a difference between a parrot and an artist. Just sayin'.

  4. I don't ever watch these things although I did catch the part when the ladies were singing Aretha Franklin songs...two of them should not have even been on stage.

  5. Just catching up on your posts. I have to say Lady Gaga surprised me with her arrival in the egg...Hubby was struck dumb and made me change channels after seeing that so I've spent all morning trying to get glimpses of the awards on the internet. Thanks for filling me in.
    I think I might actually be liking Eminem too much...I am, after all far too old to enjoy this sort of thing.

  6. Gaga's performance was SO amazing! Very often she sounds better when performing live than how she sounds on record. I also really liked her acceptance speech, she seemed so genuinely moved. As for Justin Bieber, I'm not really surprised that he didn't win Best New Artist Grammy - that Esperanza girl's really talented and Justin ~yeah, he CAN sing~ is just another product: totally replaceable

  7. I'm just sayin... You're right. Eminem deserved it.

    Also basing it on whether or not they can show up is LAME! I think they should make an effort to be there, it's part of their job-but if they can't make it the award should still be based on whoever earned it-not just who showed. blah

  8. You already know how much I adore Eminem. And I love "Love the Way You Lie, Part 2" so much that I'm totally obsessed with it. (I've already played it twice off your page.)

    Em was totally robbed, but I like to think that while a few years ago he would've pulled a Kanye and interrupted someone's speech and been a jerk about it, now he's just too damn classy. Who says people can't change? :)


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