Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feel The Love Bullet Style

Today is supposed to be Inspirational Music post Sunday. Or something like that. Honestly, with the Grammy Awards tonight, I am totally jazzed about music. However, I am exhausted and kinda migrainey. I really don't have a music post in me. So, I was thinking about a Bullet Point post instead. It might help me stay focused, since we all know I have a tendency to wander around. And you all get the junk. Good deal, right? Besides, I haven't done one of these in a while and they are fun.

*Turns out that while my ex was out of town a couple of weeks ago, the kids' bio mom sent H-Girl a text on Yahoo Instant Messenger. Apparently, H-Girl has had enough of bio-mom's not calling on birthdays, Christmas, and all that for the last ten years that one text wasn't going to be enough to mend the fence with her. And she let her have it.
*Bio-mom copied this instant message conversation and emailed it to my ex because she couldn't believe that H-Girl would actually say that she didn't want to talk to her.
*H-Girl confirmed that it was her and she didn't want to talk to her.
*Now, C-Man is bending over backwards to make up for H-Girl's lack and bio-mom is using it. Apparently, she is NOW calling C-Man all of the time hoping that this will somehow make a difference with H-Girl.
*It isn't working.
*However, H-Girl did have her belated birthday bowling party yesterday. That was interesting. When I arrived there were only two other people there. One was a cousin of H-Girl's that I knew and one was a woman and little girl that I did not.
*Turns out that the woman was someone my ex dated over the summer and is friends with his sister. Apparently, she is maintaining a relationship with the kids.
*She sure knew who I was.
*She went on and on about how she was going to pick up H-Girl after school one day so that they could have some girl time. She had called to see what she wanted and it was a comforter for her bed. Now they could get it together. Wasn't that wonderful? I wanted to puke.
*This doesn't make me a wretched person, does it?
*I tried to buy H-Girl said comforter for Christmas, but she kept spending her Christmas money on other stuff until it was all gone. Each time she bought something, I kept saying, "You won't be able to buy the comforter if you buy that." Each time she said, "But I want this MORE." And there you go.
*So, H-Girl arrives and sees the aforementioned ex-girlfriend sitting there with her toddler and walks over to her. The ex pulls H-Girl in close and tells her this plan of taking her shopping for the comforter. Her back is to me but I can see her nodding and can only assume she is happy with this gift. Again, I am feeling pukey. And somewhat guilt-ridden for feeling pukey, because this is a nice thing after all.
*Then, H-Girl turns around, sees me, and her face lights up like a Christmas tree. BEST GIFT EVER. She did not light up when seeing Miss Comforter Giver. Score One for Mom. Finally.
*H-Girl runs over and actually gives me HUGE hug.
*C-Man waves from the counter area and says, "Hi Mommy." Okay, this was less than stellar, but you can't win them all.
*I did mention to the ex that perhaps now that H-Girl was releasing all of her vindictiveness on to bio mom she might actually be nicer to all of the other women in her life who love her.
*Ex said he never thought of that.
*I had lovely conversations with the ex's aunt and his father. His dad is a really nice man. He actually is a supervisor at the water department (maintenance) and when I sold maintenance stuff I worked with some of the foreman who worked for him. So, I have known him for quite a while. Like I said, super guy.
*H-Girl won her bowling game.
*The ex won his.
*C-Man came in second place on his team.
*And I got H-Girl a book that is the second in a series. I got her the first one for Christmas.
*People, she was actually excited about it. I kid you not. I quote, "Is this the second one after the one got me for Christmas?"
*I didn't think it was possible, but I think I might have found the reader in that kid.
*I almost cried.
*Meanwhile, I brought a friend of mine with me to this thing and my ex was talking his ear off the WHOLE TIME during cake and presents.
*He was about ready to cry, too.
*By the time we were ready to leave, C-Man was full of hugs and "love yous." H-Girl was still loving mom. She was thrilled that I had watched her bowl her game. So, I was good for several hugs, lots of love yous, and she was even excited about a sleepover.
*Magic is alive.
*I asked my friend when we got in his truck what my ex had to say and he said, "I really couldn't tell you, but he is full of more bs than anyone I have ever met."
*That sounds about right.
*It was exhausting being married to the man, but that is another blog, which I probably won't write.
*It was then pizza and karaoke.
*It took over an hour for our food to arrive. That has never happened before. I was seriously hungry.
*I totally rocked Elton John's Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny).
*I was so tired when I got home that I didn't even have time for my usual insomnia. Can you believe that?
*I spent most of today lying around feeling exhausted, but not sleeping. And migrainey.
*Yah, today is much more typical of my regular life.
*Oh, and thinking about Marshall Mathers and the Grammys.
*He is up for 10 Awards. I hope you guys are cheering him on.
*I hope he wears something nice. No sweatpants or athletic pants at the Grammys.
*And a smile would be nice.
*Just sayin'.

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  1. Thinking about you as the Grammy's are on. I like the Red Carpet stuff. The women's eyes dart to see that they're being watched. A lot of short short skirts. Lady Gaga has little extended bums to her bum. Hope you're enjoying it.

    Also hope your valelntines day is filled with love and things that are red and may your headache have vanished.
    Love and peace

  2. it's exhausting dealing with all the drama created by ex's & their ex's & other extended family-ish folks, isn't it?
    sounds like your girlie had a good birthday though & hey, at least your kid gets a comforter & you can spend your money to buy her something else.

  3. lady gaga arrived in an do you top that, really?! I am rooting for Marshall his new album and for some reason, rooting for him feels like I am rooting for detroit.
    Glad you got some long awaited love from the kids (I think they are starting to see who cares and who is fronting) and I am glad you had a date with a functioning bullshit meter.
    feel better, enjoy the grammys.

  4. I watched Marshall tonight and all I could think about was how happy you must be. Let the whole thing with the ex isn't worth it!

    Happy Valentines Day Girlfriend!


  5. Yes, definitely thinking of you during the Grammy awards. We Eminem lovers gotta' stick together. He just embodies so much of what I remember from the kids of my mothers friends who ended up in gangs and really messed up. But he is what they could have been if they had channeled all that angst and energy. Anyway, good to know I'm not the only one with crazy family drama. Good to know things went relatively well, too.

  6. OK... I tuned in late but I know our boy Marshall got Rap Solo and Rap Album. Ya-freakin'-hoo! YES!!

    I had a big lump in my throat when he accepted the Rap Album award. Well, it actually started with the look on his face when they called his name. I am so happy for him!

    I never would have imagined that I would feel the way I do about MM until I started seeing (and hearing) him through your eyes and ears. Thanks Rob! You must be sooooo happy! I know I am.

    Also, way to go with H-Girl and C-Man! I'm really glad the party went the way it did. I think you've known in your heart how they feel about you, but this just had to have validated it for you, eh my friend?

    God is good!

    Blessings and Love,

  7. You should always (or at least more often) write your posts like this! You certainly have the gift for that! Have you seen Gaga's Grammys performance??Amazing!

  8. I was thinking about you and MM, and I'm anxiously awaiting hearing you go off on the Grammy voters for not giving him his due respect! But this post was even better -- I'm smiling, I'm laughing, I'm teary-eyed. You are, indeed, "Mom" ... :)

  9. Have a great Valentine's Day

  10. I'm so glad Eminem won himself some Grammy's! Yay!!

    and what an awesome story. It's been a while since interacting with C-Man and H-Girl have gone this well. I am smiling from ear to ear for you. :)


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