Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Picking up where I left off with yesterday's theme of HERE'S TO YOU in a very general sort of way. Let's just get on with it, shall we? And if you missed out on yesterday's fun, it is still there, so check it out!

Click on this link because it won't embed.

image found on facebook.... naturally


  1. Interesting selection. Love is always number one, even though it hurts. Violence is always abhorrent.

    1. Every "violent" film that I chose for both days (Last of the Mohicans, Young Guns, The Outsiders) all had deep and wide themes of love and/or friendship that ran through them, too. Violence for its own sake is never worth reading or watching. But if you love a person or an idea enough to die for it, well that story is one everyone wants to read or watch. That is LIFE on full throttle, wide open, lived at its most honest, most raw, and most compelling.

  2. Definitely enjoyed this posting and the video's. Thanks for sharing those!


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