Saturday, May 26, 2012


We are rolling up on another Memorial Day. Funny how they keep coming like clockwork. Just like birthdays. Like Christmas. Time just keeps ticking on.

It is a hard holiday to celebrate. You can spin this one all sorts of ways. You are celebrating death. However, it is the deaths of people who gave their lives in the causes of Freedom. That makes it go down somewhat easier. It just seems sad that the battle seems so never-ending. It started with a Civil War and still rages on today.

They are heroes, to be sure, the men and women who sign up for our military. They know we are not at peace. Heaven forbid people stop signing up and we should have to begin the draft again. That didn't work out well before.

I could say what I think (it is time to start recalling our soldiers home in a safe fashion), but I know that as soon as you start opening your mouth on this sort of topic people immediately get all angry. And want to tell you why you're wrong. And, I say to you who think that all of our soldiers should be off fighting in foreign countries, "You are entitled to your opinion. Just let me have mine."

So, let's take a moment for the real life soldiers who are out there doing their thing. Wish them well. Send a prayer and some positive energy their way.

And now I am going to share with you some clips from one of the best TV shows out there. I love this show because the characters are just so darn good. And they believe in what they are doing. Each episode they fight to get to the truth of the death/murder of someone in our military. Of course, it is about the science, forensics, and all of the details of the murder stuff. But that isn't what makes the show great. It is always the characters that make a show great. And greatness always trickles down. As does moral bankruptcy.

They couldn't have cast this show any better. Mark Harmon plays the leader of this team. Everything about this man has always said strong moral fiber to me. Always. And it still does. Without making you want to throw up in your mouth. He is quiet and unassuming. He just IS. He doesn't have to force people to follow him. They want to follow him. And that is what makes a leader. This clip illustrates Gibbs and his Rules. It is a compilation over many seasons.

Now, this clip is specifically from Season 6. Yes. Season 6. No one really knows where the rules comes from until RIGHT NOW. This episode takes Gibbs back to his hometown and he gets lost in a memory of the first time he talked to Shannon. This is the woman that he would marry. She would always be the love of his life. She, along with his daughter, would be murdered. However, it takes the writers six years to unravel the character of Gibbs enough to let you know that until you understand THIS, you aren't even close to understanding the man. I cry every time I watch this scene because it is just so SWEET.

Now, Gibbs is a man who puts pictures of men he doesn't know on his desk. Cases solved. Justice obtained. It doesn't bring anyone back to life, but it brings closure to the families, and that is the best he can do for them. I like to think that there are real-life Gibbs' out there doing the job. Heroes. Just doing the job. It's not a great job. But, it's something that they can give back at the end of the day for the people who died here at home that served their country.

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  1. Memorial Day is definitely compromised, because so few people remember that it's a commemoration of heroic sacrifice; instead, they're wondering what to bring to the barbecue. July 4th doesn't represent freedom either, only the choice of grilling hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken. I'm not a hugely patriotic person who defends this country blindly without perspective; and I don't come from a military family, although my father served in WWII. But none of these days intended to honor those who give so much seems to have retained any meaning; it's all about the beer and the cakes made to look like American flags ....

  2. Robin: I agree with you. I also agree with Mary that we have tainted the holiday, but that is not a poor reflection upon those who served so we might remain free.

    Also, I want a tattoo of Ziva David!

  3. @ yenta mary..if you want to see a real commemoration head to a military base on the will reaffirm your faith that not everyone has forgotten..especially not the people who are doing the fighting and dying.


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